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25th Feb

New Review: The Dirty Words


the dirty words


The Dirty Words are a fresh British group offering a contemporary take on the Indie Rock genre – mixed with a distinct punk influence and not afraid to slow it all down at times.

This punk influence is most discernible in the track entitled Ride. This is initiated first by the drums (Brendan Walsh) and joined by a power-chord based riff, utilising the simple yet effective technique of the genre. A brief halt from the instruments filled by the line “there's always someone better” delivered Pete Doherty-style by James Manning  adequately kicks off the song. Some backing vocals from Andy Clayton help establish the catchy chorus; I envisage this would sound great at festival (or the downstairs of a manky pub!)

Beat is much more of an indie track. Some trendy licks from the rhythm guitar generate a rough texture here, especially in the chorus, which again stands out as a real sing-along. Think The Fratellis or The Kooks on this one, though without disingenuous emulating. A breakdown between the second and final chorus, carried by Tom Nightingale's stylish bass, adds another dimension to the song, taking the tone right down and seizing listeners. Some tasteful lead guitar here also. If it came to releasing a single, this would be my recommendation for the Northampton lads.

Another indie number is Nine Months, though more intimate than Beat. The continuous riff becomes slightly hypnotic underneath Manning's vocals, which embody more feeling than previously mentioned tracks. This riff, with a little distortion is also the chorus, with nothing more than some “uh-uh-uh-oh's” for lyrics. This simplicity and repetition works well and is interrupted only at the end by a melodic guitar solo followed by a heavier outro. Not a sad song, but one for a solo, late night train journey.

The Dirty Words understanding of their genre is clearly conveyed in their well-crafted songs, as is their attitude which seems to be authentic towards music.

Review by Davey Woods. [Twitter - @DaveyWoods89]

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