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22nd Feb

SF MusicTech Highlights




WeLoveYourSongs attended the 10th SF MusicTech Summit (www.sfmusictech.com) held in San Francisco.  There could not have been a better time for music innovators to get together.  These innovators came from all over world, including musicians, developers, entrepreneurs and some major music labels.  (Yes, Google, Yahoo, and Pandora were there as well.) Very similar to ours, their mission is to help musicians connect better with fans, empower people’s discovery of new music, and change the ways musicians and innovators grow their fanbase and bottom-line.

What are some highlights that musicians can do to grow their fanbase?  Let’s check some of them out:

OneSheet -- allows musicians to set up a web presence in minutes by bringing in content they already have on other websites. Think of this as a one-stop website full of content already posted across the web: music, videos, photos, concert dates, blogs, social streams, mailing list signups, online stores and more.

Bounce Mobile -- creates interactive music-focussed applications accessed via mobile devices. They offer a more fun way to interact with music as the user listens.

The Social Radio -- allows users to listen to their tweets while playing music.  (In private beta)

Mobbase -- allows artists to create, manage, and update their custom mobile app (Android, iPhone) and desktop app.

-- helps connect artists with their fans at events, with social media sharing functions.

Is there one best technology or platform for artists to maximize their fan-base?

Even the biggest labels, like EMI, and marketing/media experts say “NO”.  They all try out new strategies, tools, and techniques depending on who the targeted fans for an artist may be.

Writer:  Hoa Tran
Email:  ht@weloveyoursongs.com

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