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3rd Feb

New Interview: Heart-Sick Groans


Heart-Sick Groans


I had the pleasure of speaking to Henric from Heart Sick Groans

Heart Sick Groans are like the cheerful surf hums and the sandy bleak streak hair that beach boys have, with the playful electronic vibes of three gentlemen from the misty Swedish forests. Violins! Vocal harmonies! Killer melodies! FUN!

1. Tell us all about Heart Sick Groans and how you guys started out.

We've been friends since role playing days in our early teens, then our group of friends started making short films, then music. Then everyone left our hometown Sundsvall, and we're the only ones left. That's when we started boiling and frying up these little pop gems. That was back in 2007, we got a sound early on, Johan's enigmatic folk voice, Martin's epic drumming and Henric's philantropic productions made way for our indie pop folk surf tropic style. We're also often blissed with the guest work of bass player Gunnar Carlén and Marcus Brännström.

2. There is obviously some Beach Boys style in your songs what artists inspire yous?

We always read a lot so, on the writer side, Sture Dahlström, Ivar Lo Johansson, Simon Gärdenfors, Jan Fridegård and the likes. Musically, we as a group, basically only agree on the greatness of Edmundo Ros and Lou Christie. Christie used to open up for Rolling Stones in the mid 60's and had some kind of fling with Diana Ross. Martin's favorite band is the Swedish techno group Antiloop, Johan loves Roland Cedermark and Henric is a long time fan club member of the defunct Swedish space opera band Big Money.

3. You guys have a new single coming out soon, tell us about it

YES WE DO! We're back to our folk roots with a poignant electronic production, atmospheric, and brilliant pop, our best song so far! It's number 2 out of 6 in a new batch of singles we'll be releaseing about every fifth week during the spring. It has Johan on vocals, Marcus Brännström on angelic backing vocals and ingenius guitar work. He also wrote the mid-8 with us. It's called "If The Canary Stops Singing", it's a tale we dug up from an old mine legend in our home municipality Medelpad, Sweden.

4. Tell us about your first gig ever and the best gig you have performed?so far.

The first gig we did was August 2008 at Green Field Festival°! We played only old Swedish folk songs and Johan was wearing a suit sewn out of the Finnish flag (no disrespect). The best gig we played was at an afterparty Evolet in Sundsvall 4 am after some clubbing. Someone had let four white rabbits out and there was lots of carrots for everyone.

5. What is your favourite thing about weloveyoursongs.com

Chrissy <3

6. What do you hope to achieve with your music in 2012?

Release our new batch of glimmering 60's flirting, composing songs like it's 2020! We aim to arrange a beach blanket bingo in the summer. Meet you there, stranger!

Interview made by Cooki C, a new London based contributor to our blog.  You can follow her on Twitter @CookichipMusic .

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