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7th Jul


The 4 Performance We Liked Most at Vida Festival



Flaming Lips concert, picture by Mika Kirsi.

We were very excited to go to this edition of Vida Festival, a tiny indie music festival set in the seaside Catalan town of Vilanova i la Geltrú, and all our expectations were fully met. 

A good quality of the artists, a stunning location and an amazing atmosphere, helped to really enjoy the days of the festival!


These are the four performance that impressed us the most:



No presentation needed for this American band that’s around since 1983 but it’s still kickin’. The frontman Wayne Coyne was in top shape and made an absolutely awesome performance, in a concert full of unicorns, rainbows and so much love. They are now on tour with their new album “Oczy Mlody”, with various dates over the UK and then back in the US, and we really suggest that you go to see them!



Warhaus is the solo project of Maarten Devolder, singer of the Belgian indie rock band Balthazar. Maarten started this new intriguing project with Jinte Deprez in 2016 when members of Balthazar decided to take some time to focus on their own work. Looking them performing live on stage and singing together was an absolute pleasure and quite surprising compared to what you can get just by listening to their debut album called “We Fucked a Flame Into Being”.  They are on tour until the end of 2017 all over Europe and it’s a good opportunity to see them live.



We knew him well before to come to Vida festival and the quality of his performance is not a surprise to us, but we found him on this occasion particularly inspired. Devendra Banhart was born in Houston, Texas, but was raised by his mother in Venezuela, until when he became a teenager and moved to California. He recently released the ninth album, Ape in Pink Marble, and he is currently touring around Europe. If you have ne...

5th Jul


Moritz Festival'Era 2017: Alternative Music in a Unique Location




The Moritz Festval’Era is coming back with its 5th edition in the spectacular location of the Masía Can Gascons, in Llagostera, on Saturday 22th of July 2017,  This is not your usual music festival, but rather a boutique one, where the quality is more important of the quantity.

The Manel, are the headliner of this edition, and they will present their latest album Jo Competeixo. Even if you don’t speak Catalan, you are going to like their songs, believe us.

Along with them you’ll be able to see a band called Triángulo de Amor Bizarro that made what is considered the best album of 2016 in Spain, plus Anímic, presenting their new album Skin, and one of the most popular Spanish band out there at the moment, called Cala Vento, that will also present their new album Fruto Panorama. And these are just those that we like more from the national ones but there will be many others that we are eager to check. 

The festival cartel is enriched by three international artists as well, with Octave One with their electro, the Dark Sky from London and the Amsterdam based, French born, Awir Leon.  

Intrigued by this line-up? Well then imagine it in a renovated XV century Masía, among the idyllic fields and woods of Catalunya, with sheep grazing around you, but close enough and well connected to Girona and Barcelona. Sounds nice, yeah? 

All this comes with no queues or masses of people as the reduced capacity of the venue helps to keep it intimate and facilitates a direct contact among the artists and the public.

The price to attend the festival is €30, with parking, camping, and shuttle bus from the train station to the festival space, that are free for all the attendants. If you haven’t already, you can buy your tickets here!




9th Jun


El Festival: French Coolness at the Poble Espanyol




You love all that glamorous French indie electro pop, right? Cool, because we have El Festival returning with its second edition and a nice line up of some of the best artists from France that’s happening tomorrow, 10th of June 2017, at the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. 


So who are the artists that we are talking about? La Femme, coming from Paris with their psychedelia to headline this festival presenting their new album 'Mystère' (2016),  Breakbot, to make people dancing with their funk vibes, Wax Tailor, with his hip hop lyrics presenting a new album called 'Any Beats Necessary' (2016), the Naive New Beaters again on hip hop but with a touch of electro, and last but not least Cassius, the well-known musical duo that will close the day with a dj set.


Event details: 


Date: 10th June 2017

Time: 17PM to 1AM

Venue: Poble Espanyol, Avenida de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038, Barcelona 

Transport: Metro Espanya (M: L1,L3;FGC)

Tickets: €30 - https://www.weezevent.com/el-festival-2


For further information on the event, you can have a look at El Festival official website: http://www.elfestival.cool/ 





16th May


Music and Some Magic at Vida Festival 2017




You already know Vida festival, right? Ok ok we will not judge if you don’t, but we can assure you that’s really much worth if you read below and learn more about that! 

So what’s the Vida festival all about? It’s an indie music festival, set in the Mediterranean beachside of Vilanova i la Geltrú, just about 40 minutes south of Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Vida Festival 2017 will take place from 29th of June to the 2nd of July. 

It’s not only the music that attracts the visitors here, as it’s comprehensive also of arts and film events, at various amazing locations close to the sea. This year edition has rich lineup, with the Phoenix, the Fleet Foxes the Flaming Lips and Devendra Banhart as headliners. Along with them there also many more emerging artists in the lineup that are definitely worth checking. To get a better idea of it, you can visit the festival's website at this link: http://www.en.vidafestival.com/lineup/

The stunning location and the variety of the artistic proposal make this a unique festival that has growth very nicely in the past few years. Here a nice picture of one of the music stage, taken from the Instagram account of the Vida Festival, to give you an idea of the magic atmosphere.

vida festival 2017 (1)

If you want to attend all the 4 days you can do that by buying a pass for €80. If instead, you are looking just to go for few days, you can simply buy the daily tickets. Thursday costs €30, while Friday and Saturday cost €40 each. You can check all the possibilities and buy your tickets from this page, but hurry up because the 99% of all the 4-day passes have been sold already. There are now less than 500 tickets still available! 

The location is also well connected. If you come from Barcelona by car you should take the highway C-32 to Vilanova i la Geltrú, take the exit 21 and then follow the indications. If you are coming by bus you can take one from ...

5th May


Sonar Barcelona 2017: Tickets, Lineup and More!



This is the time of the year when you need to take your calendar and look at it with great attention because it’s when you need to schedule and plan properly your festival season for the months ahead. From May until September there is a wave of music that is coming all over Europe to cheer us up and bring good vibrations to all. One appointment that you can’t miss, and that we are very much looking forward to, is the 24th edition of the Sónar festival, that will take place in just a bit more than a month time in Barcelona, on June 14-17.

For the few of you that are still not familiar with this legendary festival, Sónar is one of Europe's most well-known music festivals, where electronic and advanced music along with creativity and technology are nicely mixed together. Founded in Barcelona in 1994 by three pioneers as Ricard Robles, Sergi Caballero and Enric Palau, is now more than 20 years that it represents an unmissable appointment for music and art lovers, making Barcelona the center of avant-garde music every year in June. More recently the organizers also added a tech conference called Sónar+D, which is intended to be a congress where technology and creative industries converge, making it also an important festival for tech professionals from around the world.

If the 2016 edition attracted 115,000 attendees from 101 countries, this year you can expect even more people as the lineup looks absolutely fantastic with names such as Masters At Work, Soulwax, DJ Shadow, Nicolas Jaar, Thundercat, Justice, DAWN, Moderat, Nina Kraviz and Robert Hood, just to name a few. To get a better idea you can check below or visit the festival's website.





On the tickets side there is a large range of possibilities for you to choose from. Prices start at €54 for a daily ticket to attend the Sonar by Day and €72 for the Sonar by Night. But if you want to attend...

21st Jul


WeLoveYourSongs joining forces with Kapipal


Today, we've got some big news for #MusicMonday: WeLoveYourSongs is joining forces with Kapipal!

Kapipal is an international crowdfunding platform that allows people to collect money for personal projects, charities, and causes.  The platform has helped people from over 150 countries raise millions of dollars and has over 50,000 unique users a month. 

We want to combine the music discovery platform of WeLoveYourSongs with Kapipal's easy-to-use crowdfunding functions, making it easier than ever for musical artists to find fans and financial support. 

For now, WeLoveYourSongs will continue operating as usual, and Kapipal will begin to offer support to musicians interested in crowdfunding their music careers. In the coming months, we have plans to integrate Kapipal's crowdfunding platform with WeLoveYourSongs.com.

To read the official press release, visit about.kapipal.com/press-release--kapipal-acquires-weloveyoursongs.html.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or by emailing us at support@kapipal.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


20th Mar


Artist Review: Roxx Hoffner & The Straightjackets



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2240

#1 Ranked “Best New Unsigned Band/Artist” of 2012, and there’s lots of advertising happening on this page! We do get to find out the lineup, which is somewhat helpful. And there’s a lot of thanks for the support and opportunity to post music. There is a cool fan comment noted, saying that this kind of a throw back sound to old school rock n’ roll, “a little Dylan and Lennon influence in creating a unique style.” Otherwise, not much on the band, so let’s let the music speak for itself I suppose!

“Sometimes” gets going, and this ain’t no Britney Spears cover here people. The guitars are hard and real right off the bat. The unfortunate thing is that I hear some hints at singing, but can’t make out the words in the least bit. In trying to ignore that fact, I suppose I can appreciate the rest of the music as something that just feels like home.

Whoa, okay, in totally different news, we get “What Did I Do-Mix5-MasterFINAL.mp3” (and there’s some file extension listed from the upload. Whoops!). There’s drums here, and a much loose string beat happening. I like how live this sounds, and almost wish we could hear an audience reaction too (and I say this as a less-than-in-love-with live recordings person). For once, I could care less that it’s a really rough-around-the-edges track. This is pretty great.

“Touched My Hear (REMIX 10/14/2012)” is probably the sweetest thing so far. It’s simple and the reverb is… well, that kind of sucks. As the song goes on, it gets a little draggy, with the vocal effects on the mic taking their toll on the ears.

We cut this one short! At only four songs, the last one we’re given is “Short Fuse,” and this has got to be straight out of the 90’s as far as I’m concerned. It’s kind of fun all around though. The recording style’s much different here, not sounding live or rough, b...

20th Feb


Artist Review: Jim Henrickson


Jim Henrickson - The Stars Will Shine On


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2548

Oh boy, do we ever get a back story! And for that matter, we get an entire character developed here. I just happened upon the phrase “creative genius” too so… we’re going to see that happens. Open mind here, promise.

We can at least appreciate someone who can make fun of himself, which is very much the case here. “this solo project is just a way to build up his song-writing abilities while he looks for people to collaborate with, but he also likes to think that Star Wars is real, so… yeah” might be my favorite line here. He includes outstanding reviews from random people. Yah know what, after reading this, I’m game for anything this guy has to bring. Let’s do this!

“Hailey and Sam” kicks things off and I might already be in love with the guitar and tempo here. This is a sound that appeals to my every sense. The vocals are light and sweet, yet there’s a rock sound in the backing. If this isn’t one for driving on a clear night where you can see the stars, I don’t know what is.

This gets followed up with “Before the War” and as a Matchbox 20 fan, there’s something wonderfully familiar. The vocal mix is a little too low with the instruments sort of overpowering, but it sounds like otherwise the songwriting was well done. I could actually do without the harmonies to be honest – the solo voice tells the story perfectly fine throughout.

I know the page says he’s from College Station, TX, but seeing the title “The Pirate Kings of N 91st Street” just makes me think NYC – but that’s because any numbered street reminds me of the city, regardless as to whether it exists for real or not. Anywhos, the song! Well, the song’s a little deeper than the previous ones, complete with unexpected bass drums that make it more intense than expected. But I get the allusion to rain, and that’s really sweet.

“Birds ...

9th Jan


Artist Review: Akcay Karaazmak


Akcay Karaazmak


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2671

Well, I’ll be the first to admit – awesome intense picture.

Originally from Turkey, Akcay has been developing a passion for music for a long time now. He started with a guitar and eventually also picked up the drums. Asaradel was his first band, and his first album was distributed by ten countries. Three more albums were recorded, made a fourth demo album in England, and worked on a masters in computer engineering. This is about when he gravitated toward electronic and trance music, eventually returning to Istanbul to continue his career. Now? Still recording, even being referred to as alt-rock, but on top of bringing us the music we’re about to hear, this fellow runs a game development studio and directs an animation and visual effects company.

“Hey You” kicks things off in, well, a (musically) delightful way. It’s pleasant and sweet sounding. The vocals leave something to be desired, as the tone is just a bit off, and the notes seem entirely out of place. But I’ll live with it if for nothing more than to hear that great guitar and beat keeping up.

Why do I keep getting artists that fancy themselves Billy Corgan? I bet if I were a fan, this would never happen. Anywhos, “Fake Smile” is where we’re going to start hearing the electronic elements coming in apparently. There’s an off metal bending sound (if you’ve ever gotten to do a cool fun-with-sounds unit or museum exhibit, you may know what I mean) that is just disorienting.

“Smiling Lights, Black Kisses” is an intriguing title for sure. The song itself? Well, something is left to be desired. Like a voice that can carry an appealing melody, for one. Sorry, that was harsh…

And yet again, an interesting title in “Fall Of The Drama Queen,” accompanied by an equally interesting instrumental take. Actually, most of this music would be just f...

2nd Dec


Artist Review: Faith, My Atheist Love


shane sparks


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3260

An Indie rocker from Canada, ladies and gents, say hi to Shane Sparks. “Emotional charged, intimate indie rock” is apparently what we’re in for today. He’s got a debut album form 2010 telling the story of the ending of his long marriage, and an EP from 2011 on “complication, alienation, and disconnect of middle class adult life.” Fell ready? Me too!

“Sweet Fear” starts us off loud and proud. It’s nothing short of indie rock, that’s for sure. The vocals sound a slight bit hollow somehow, with odd harmonies that you make not be able to place – and if you can, let me know.

Next one up is the more gentle “Gulls.” The vocals are still darker, and a bit weird against the lighter music, but we’ll go with it. There’s also this tease-like element to it, as we wait for it to erupt into something exciting, but the music keeps pulling back instead. It’s not that it never does, it just doesn’t when I want it to.

“High Achievers, Part 3” is probably my least favorite song so far. That’s probably because it sounds so much like Smashing Pumpkins, and I can only take them in small doses and I already heard them today.

So this next one has an interesting computerized element in it. “The Start Of Our Descent” is a great mixture of computer and rock, which is a hard balance to strike. It’s out there, but it’s not out of reach. The grinding sounds don’t even seem to get on my nerves nearly as much as I would have expected.

“Transmissions” ends things out in a final little attempt to mix the previously thought unmixable. I want a better voice over this, but everything else actually falls together pretty nicely. The mix is solid and even polished, something you don’t hear from homemade music all that often. This is a nice impression to leave as we head out from this experience.

So yes, things here were a ...

14th Nov


Artist Review: E-Manuel



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3474

This is a guy who seems to live off of hate. He says that as he rises to the top, more haters appear. I mean, yes, but does that have to be your basis? It does work for heel wrestlers I suppose. And the self confidence is a good quality, because you have to stay really strong to make it in this industry. Don’t know anything about his music from this blurb, but let’s see what we get.

“So Fly” hits hard and fast. It’s tough and loud. His beat’s actually pretty great. The mix needs some work and polish, but things are actually not bad for a go-around. And hey, every rapper has to have his quintessential bragging song.

Oh man, with a name like “Snappin Ape Shit,” this better be amazing. It’s lower-toned for sure, bringing in the bass vocals a bit more. It almost doesn’t sound like the same rapper. Nonetheless, we’ll assume it’s still this one guy. Again, great backing beat. It’s steady and feels good to bounce to.

“Friends” has a little spoken intro, sort of capturing a good time with some friends (I’m guessing). That fades out, and E-Manuel comes up saying that he’s… never really had friends and is completely alone. Dear God… this is really a sad song. I mean, “no one believes in me” – really? How can you think that little of yourself or any of the people around you. I just don’t buy this song at all.

Ha, long title and I don’t speak the language or whatever is happening at the start of this next one. “To The Depths (Bengie & Mike Diss 1).” Sounds like an effect was used, and this also sounds like a good horror/Halloween song. It also sounds like there is some serious pent-up hostility going on here.

“Piece Of Shit Nah! “Bengie Diss 2” (Ft. Miser-T)” rounds things out. Same tone, if you were curious. But hey, the track features somebody else, so E-Manuel mush have at least one friend! Heh… heh…...

31st Oct


Artist Review: Matthew Meyer


Matthew Meyer picture

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3734

Oooh! A Brooklyn artist! This is a guy who just loves writing music, and gets wrapped up in several projects at once. He blogs at Synesthete Music, and that’s what keeps him in line. Here’s a cool thing here though – his boi says “each letter has a specific color, as do numbers” and “all sounds make distinct abstract images.” It’s funny, I had a friend in school who saw music in this way. He sees the look in the song, before the sound. This ‘condition,’ as he puts it, is known as Synesthesia. Not a bad story, eh? That’s enough to make me interested.

“Haunt Me” is first up, and right off the bat, this guy ROCKS. He’s got a great beat backing him up, and his voice is bright and welcoming. Yes, it’s Brooklyn rock, and quite frankly it’s weird hearing because I feel like that fad finally died down just enough recently. So maybe Matthew can actually find a place in this genre? With the production, he’s less gritty, and that’s kind of a refreshing sound.

While I’m actually thinking the track titles may be a little off, we go into number two, “Beautiful.” The sound isn’t what I would’ve expected for such a name, but we’ll go with it. Okay, well, the sound does come to grow on you in the minute or so until the lyrics finally come through. This one’s void of the Brooklyn sound in favor of a much more cosmic sort of theme. I can appreciate experimenting, and depending on how well this actually fits in with the remaining tracks, this could be a successful one.

“Anonymous” seems to fall between the two previous sounds in terms of type of sound. I can’t say I love it, but I appreciate that attention to making sure there is some sort of similarity in your music. That’s how you build a group of fans of the music, not just casual fans of a particular song. I do appreciate that guitar in the middle, but not the odd pro...

15th Oct


Artist Review: Ashley Sankey


ashley sankey

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3905

The intro here is short and sweet. Ashley came into music love as a percussionist first, then went to singing. She kept working at it. And that’s all you’re gonna get as an explanation.

“Man Of My Dreams” certainly comes on like a classy R&B song. It’s smooth and well composed, with just a touch of echoing voice behind the primary vocals. It’s mixed like a professional song, which is impressive. Ashley does have a decently smooth voice as well, so this will all at least be vocally pleasant to listen to.

We drift away on memory’s bliss (100 points if you get the reference) in the higher-pitched “Into You.” I think you loose some of the nice smoky R&B sound when you take the vocals up that high, and it’s hard to get that back.

“It’s Over” is lead in by a high piano, almost fooling us into thinking jazz is coming, but she keeps that steady R&B groove. I think there was a more graceful away to approach the chorus, but overall the song is pretty classy and quietly powerful. She knew he was wrong and realizes she gave everything. Time to move on to better.

This next one was kind of on the weird side. “True Love” has a really off electronic sound to it that doesn’t quite mesh right with the words or feel of the track that it seems to be attempting. It’s just off-putting, like someone produced it the wrong way.

“Satisfaction” is, unfortunately, recorded so low that it’s difficult to grasp what’s really going on. Everything’s basically whispered to a degree of non-understanding. There seems to be some interesting layering and harmonies happening, but I can’t say I’m feeling it for sure if I can’t hear it. And no, it’s not a matter of my volume being down.

This one was a relatively strong start, even for the lack of biography on the page. Then, I don’t know, it’s just like the recording quality went...

26th Sep


Interview with Marko Maric


marko maric

Meet Marko Maric, a very interesting new artist from Belgrade who just won the last edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist competition!

1. Hi Marko! Can you tell us a little about you and why have you started to play music?
I live in Belgrade, Serbia and music is my only passion in my whole life. I write lyrics,play guitar,sing and compose rock or electro songs. I started to write lyrics when I was 13 years old and at that same time I learned to play guitar all by myself. The main reasons why I've started to play music we're emotions that I didn't know how to control. Problems with parents, problems with friends,big mistakes I've made, loneliness and difference and misunderstandings with almost everyone in my environment. Whether I'm feeling sad, lonely or happy I will find the way to express my emotions through the lyrics or instrumentals. I can't imagine my life,or anyones life this days without music. Life without music is boring!

2. How has the place you live influenced you and your music?
Well, the place I live in is poor and not so bright and shiny. I think almost the whole Serbia is poor,except politicians,directors and those, I don't want to say what. So, what I love to do is walk around listen to the stories of other people, look at their faces and then collect all their thoughts and emotions, combine them with mine and inspiration comes like magic. Really this environment is like made for artists.

3. What equipment do you use to produce your music?
I don't have some fancy equipments, really. For these instrumentals I use a program called FL Studio, and sometimes, when I earn some money I go in to studio and record some rock, or electro songs...

4. Who are your influences?
I really don't have any real influences for this type of music. Let's say my influences are the people around me. If you really want some artists then I will say Black Lab, Ni...

6th Sep


Artist Review: Svan and the Pocket Orchestra



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/4538

For an act that’s been around since 1995, there’s little to no info other than that here. Disappointing. ‘Spose it’s time to just dive in.

“How I was a bird” starts us off. Remember, we’re talking about a band from… where are they from? Almaty. Thanks to that little sidebar for that info. The song is methodical, laying layers on top of each other building something really interesting, mostly out of tones and rhythms. If this is what we’re in for, it could be a really incredible ride.

Bells! Cute, sweet little bells! “AcidJazz Party” is adorable and fun. It’d be really nice if… well, if you’re on an acid trip. It’s very flow-y and sweet. I really dig it as I’m getting things done around the room. Nice arrangement Svan!

“Lady D (feat. A. Volkonsky)” is simply fascinating to me. There’s a Californiz guitar strum there that screams highway, but a tight beat kept by the strings that won’t let you quite loose yourself to the wind. There are a few more layers that come on, which I suppose was necessary to create an entire song, but that under-lying start is that draws you in and just won’t let you leave, even as the words come in that you just don’t understand.

Please tell me the “B” in “Crazy B.” stands for what I think it does. The sounds at the start certainly seem to support that statement. It’s almost like… if I said electronic reggae, would that make any sense whatsoever? Because that’s what I’m getting a vibe for here.

“WhatlesTails (by Coctou Twins)” might be where this band looses me. I like the saxophone, but I don’t like the airy in-and-out feel. I can still maintain that appreciation for something very different and interesting though – that’s certainly not lost in the least bit.

As we wrap it up here, I have to land on the side of enjoying this. I wasn’t given any reason to care at t...

21st Aug


Artist Review: Wine Red


wine red

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/4879

Meet Wine Red, an alternative band from Turkey. They are made up of Batuhan (vocalist), Mert (guitar), and Burakcan (guitar). And that’s all we get to know on their page. Please let the music make me care, because under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t stay on this page.

“Stupid Goodbye” launches in first with a really light sound. Just a voice and a guitar gives the thing a nice little sound. The vocals are a little muffled and rough, but it may just add to the sound a bit. I appreciate that the song is easy to listen to as a starter.

We get another layer of guitar work for “Tattooed Woman.” Again, the voice is low, but here it works, especially with the little taste of grit that makes the song work even better. Imagine this kind of song in the back of a smoky bar. It’s prime for a TV spot for sure, I could see it now.

“South” is a little too quite for me to pick up much lyrically. I love the beat of the guitars though, and the song keeps going really well. Okay, starting to catch some of the lyrics, and I’m sure this really makes for a great traveling song. There’s some gem lines in there, and again, the guitars carry the whole thing in a really cool way of movement. I can dig this one.

Think old school Beatles for the start of “Dance & Mess,” and then it goes into dark back-corner country. It’s probably, again, the vocals that make things that way. Ooh, maybe it’s all the “True Blood” I’ve been watching, but think bone-chilling end credits of that show too. Or just listen to the song and know what I mean.

“Lonely Days” is the final song offered up on this site, and possibly the most fast-paced. The Guitars keep up this good beat, though I’d caution them not to loose the vocals under that great strumming. But something strikes me – the feeling in the voice. It’s a really nice and welc...

31st Jul


Artist Review: Regynna Soo

Regynna Soo

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/5231

Well, this page is not in English…Hey there Translate button! Alrighty, not I can learn about this reggae / pop / funk artist! I mean, the caps lock doesn’t help, but whatever. At least I can read it!

Regynna is from Rio De Janeiro. I think. The translation is a bit rough. It seems that she’s supported herself by selling drinks on the beach, and has two dreams: being a housewife with her own business, and a singer. She got this music together herself and worked hard for it. That’s about what I’m getting here.

Well, talk about taking me by surprise. “Brightness” starts off with a very subtle reggae beat – I was expecting to get beat over the head with it. Despite the language barrier, music once again works its magic and I am hearing every bit of emotion she is putting out there. What an absolutely gorgeous arrangement to get us going.

“Downloaded and City” is another totally unexpected sound. It’s sort of like something out of a beach club, with some funk and synth mixed in. I would never consider this ‘reggae’ by normal standards, but hey, I’m also all for a genre expanding. I know I’m not hearing the words right, but I’m hearing “Who makes you happy? Who makes you funky?” and that just sounds like a fun song to me, even if the language is totally saying something else.

This next one, “Anyone,” seems to have some old school flair to it in recording style. It’s light and bright, the way Selena’s music used to sound. Everything is fairly crisp and flawless as it rolls on, but without a compute really being involved to make it so. It’s just an easy track to listen to overall.

“Talk and Cry” at least includes… well, a word, that I understand. “Africa,” eh? Now watch that not actually be what I think it is. This at least has a gentle swaying beat to it throughout that, with what seems to be a relative...

12th Jul


Artist Review: Christopher Hubbs


chris hubbs

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/5347/Christopher+Hubbs

So, first off, that’s a pretty great cover picture.

Secondly, we get a short but sweet bio on this acoustic rock / classic rock / blues artist from St. Louis, MO. He seems to have settled around the southern Chicago area and works locally, spending free time writing and recording music. He just writes from life experience and feels that he brings an extra twist to music that’ll sound somewhat familiar to your ears.

“Mary Morphine” starts off the list of songs on the page. The chords that come in have this twisting sound about them, sort of as close to trance as I feel like a live band tends to get. This sounds like something straight out of the late 60’s, which I hope he’ll take as a compliment. It’s very chill, yet probably has more depth than that sound allows as your grooving without thought.

I really like the gentle nature of “Sweet Sister” as it comes in. It’s just a nice way to start a song. Then you get into the lyrics, and, well, it seems like a saving grace song. It’d make a great driving song too, even in the rain. Overall, it seems like a really nice approach to finding new love, and is done with a really different set of words.

“Wake Me” takes on an interesting layering of strings. It’s sort of transient, but then the vocals are really what pull through the echoing of the song. It’s dream-like, though maybe we should have expected that with the title of the song. Who knows?

If George Harrison is not one of this man’s influences, I’d be shocked. I hear so much of George’s sweet sounds in these tracks, but with an added rock influence. “I Can See” is no exception, and that rock is brought about as the drums come in and provide the harder beat.

“Simplething” is probably the least simple track given to us on this page. It’s got a rock sound harder than all of th...

28th Jun


Artist Review: Jason Turner


Jason Turner


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/95/Jason+Turner

To sum it up, we basically get told in the bio that we’re going to get an intense blues rock band, which I’m all for. Influences are listed, including his mom’s job at Malaco being responsible for the gospel influences. Now, while I appreciate all of this information, the structure needs to be cleaned up a little bit. It’s a very, very long page of the life story and struggle. It’s a lot to get through just to care about a singer and his songs, but nonetheless, we can care.

“Hotter Than The Sun” seems like a great title to kick this listening session off with. And you know what? It really is a well done song. It’s not a summer party sun, but a longing song of a lost love. Ahh. That’s a tough pill to swallow. I like it a lot, though if I could change just one little thing it would be to have less of a drag-out on the chorus lines. It hurts the flow and beat you get into as your listening, trying to groove along.

Gah, my volume was up to high and I got smacked in the face with the next one, “Stranger Take Me Home.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Basically, it’s a song about a rough time and needing to forget it. Hell, at least the dude’s honest about it. He’s just singing along to a good guitar backing and telling you what you already know.

“Tonight” sort of sounds like it was recorded in the 80’s at first, and the verse that opens it is a little rocky. The chorus hits a good spot though, bringing on the freedom and party atmosphere that it seems to be going for. The song needs a little polish, but there’s something shiny and great underneath. I wouldn’t mind being the girl he’s singing about, ready to be loud and free.

There is something so incredibly heartwarming about the beat that welcomes us in to “Nothingtown.” It’s very familiar and feels right. The subject of the song ...

26th Jun


Helping Musicians Get Started On Youtube


radiohead music youtube


If you already record your own videos, congrats. You’re off to a good start. If you’re nervous about doing videos, you need to get over it. Fast. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web (behind Google) and posted videos carry a great deal of weight in search engine rankings. This means that the more quality videos you post, the better your chances of being found online. And as a musician, this is a great tactic to have new fans hear your material. Here are some tips on getting started on YouTube.

It’s not difficult for a musician to become a YouTuber. Video cameras are very affordable these days, and many people just use their iPhones. Buy a tiny tripod or find a way to prop it up, and record your stuff. Free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker can provide you with basic features so you can include an intro slide (with your artist name, song title, etc) and an exit slide (with your website and download info). YouTube even has built in effects and tools these days. Don’t try to get too cute or fancy though. Less is more when it comes to video transitions and add-ons. Instead, let the viewer focus on your material and your talent. If you do want to get a little creative, there’s always software like Final Cut and Adobe Premier Elements to help enhance the video and make it look a bit more professional. But those take a little time to learn and master.

Do Research
Take some time to browse around in YouTube in the genre of music that fits you most closely. Are you a rapper? Are you a rocker? Play soft acoustic? Watch videos, read comments and keep clicking on the suggested videos. Learn what fans get most excited about. For rap, you might found out that cypher battles are very hot right now. Record one with a friend. Acoustic fans might love covers that were converted from hip hop songs. Practice, practice, practice and ...

5th Jun


Artist Review: Khaos One



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/217/KHAOS+ONE

No explanation for this rap artist. That’s that. Nothing to go off of – so first piece of advice: make me care.

“Koolaid” (yes, really) comes at us a little low (I’m missing a lot of the words at the beginning). It’s got a deeper feel to it than I think I would have expected from a rap artist. It revs up eventually though, but this is definitely less on the party side of rap. It’s an interesting way to start things off.

Yah know, I expected “Sizzle Hot” to play like a light, street smart, summer tune. Instead, it works farther down tone-wise and is more fit for the dark, late-night club than the sunshine-y day. It’s okay. The beat’s deep and you feel it in your bones.

“Hustla” has a rather familiar beat. As in I may have heard it just a few minutes ago. You’ve got to get that personal explanation/anthem song in though. Tell ‘em what you’re all about. I think the chorus on this one comes across a little jumbled and hard to deal with, but he keeps it going, strong and assured.

Does anyone else ever listen to these kind of tracks and imagine guys sitting around a studio listening back to them, nodding along with the beat? Just me? Cool. So this is “Smooth” which makes an attempt to create a chorus, but it’s a little fuzzy. I like the steadiness in the rap though – it’s not abrasive, and maintains throughout without being awkward. Generally, it’s sort of a growth for the artist.

“Make It Tight” has a lot of potential. The rap has a great rhythm to it, and the backing is simple enough but keeps things going. The gripe I think I have with this song is the chorus vocals. They’re lazy and the harmonies hurt. Fix that though, and this song could be pretty dang good.

Again, I went in to this with little to care about other than the music, since there’s absolutely no introduction to the a...

22nd May


Artist Review: dePhaser


Artist Review: dePhaser


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/455/dePhaser

This artist seems to use their bio as a little hype, but a nice balance of appeal to the audience. You get your general explanation of the band and their background. It’s not the most articulate little explanation, but it does kind of make the band relatable. Maybe a little cleaning up to do, but I’m willing to see what’s next.

“Givin’ Up” is first up, and it’s a little darker than expected, I have to say. The vocals are in a lower register, though the lyrics are hopeful. Hm… we may be on to something here it this keeps up. They have a solid rock sound happening.

We get hit harder and faster with “It’s Over Now,” bringing just a little more of a mainstream rock sound to it. You know, these guys do have a sound to them that I’m sure would play out very well on some rock stations. It’s dark, but not so much that folks couldn’t get into the sound and find lyrics that speak to them.

“Vs” actually adds in this almost dance-ish beat in the background. I think it’d have folks moving on the floor at a show for sure. Again, a deeper vocal gives a darker sound (I know I’ve said that three times now), but I don’t know – these guys have something interesting going on that I think can reach out. Even at the start of this song, I was almost looking for a reason not to like something from them, but they keep coming at me with good music.

Oh man, talk about hooked at the get-go. “Glorious” starts with a call out in the voice and the whole song rocks loud and fantastically. These guys just keep getting better and better and I’m so excited to have stumbled upon them at this point.

“Forgotten Words” ends us out on this one. It’s got a rougher sound in the recording, which is slightly disappointing, but it comes in, more-or-less, like a rock ballad of the 80’s. I’m also a child of Jersey and lover of ...

17th May


Artist Review: KB the Boo Bonic

KB the Boo Bonic

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/630/KB+the+Boo+Bonic

WHOA is there a bio here. This is as long as my articles! This is a hip-hop/rap artist from Austin TX. She grew up on the old, true country music, giving her a really great appreciation for real songwriting. Meanwhile, her first CD was the Biggles’ “Life After Death” (edited) and got her hands on every bit of hip-hop and rap she could. The original Texans were her first favorites and influences, eventually leading her to release her own album in 2012, “Scars Are Sexy.”

Oh, but that’s only the intro. Next we get a background on her freestyling (which started at 16) where she watched the boys and knew she could tackle it just as well. She met producer Bad Boy Ben during college when she moved from Houston to Austin, and started cutting her first tracks and MCing for live shows. This paragraph I’m pulling info from basically outlines that year or so of live shows, and the next talks about what radio stations and albums she’s been featured on. Lots of credits here, folks.

The closing paragraph is the best – it’s on WHY she makes music and performs. Now THAT is what’s going to pull me in to listening. Maybe re-arrange some things here to grab us earlier, and let us be impressed by the credentials after we start to care about you as an artist.

“Scars Are Sexy” is the known track apparently, and the first one listed. Lead with your strengths I suppose. She definitely has a harder sound than I expected to hear. The beat is really great, though I’d ditch the cutesy dropping glittery sound throughout. Maybe place it a bit more strategically. Otherwise, a really tight track and well done.

Trying to figure out if there’s a message at the start of “Glitter Ain’t Gold,” just because it sounds like she’s trying to make a point off the bat. I think it just winds up being a self-understanding that it ta...

7th May


Artist Review: So Carto


So Carto


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/746/So+Carto

“Music can change the world because music can change people.” – Bono

That’s one of my favorite quotes, so when I see So Carto’s bio page start with “I want to change the world by changing Hip Hop culture,” I’m immediately intrigued. There’s a movement being attempted to change black culture, thus changing American culture, thus changing the world. Basically, the goal is complete freedom of expression, being attempted at with this first album. Admirable. Now, let’s see how the music stacks up.

“F4” is first up. Think of an earthquake. Think of Brock Lesner. What, no one else’s minds go there? I’m weird. Whatever. I’ll start by saying that the depth of the voice is unexpected, and the rhythm in the background is so simple I actually feel like I could make that happen. All that said, I guess you could call this song relatable. The rapping is understandable, even, and well done. Not what I was expecting given the title’s supposed intensity, but not a bad thing.

Turning up the volume a bit (as I turn down a little) we get “Mass Appeal” up next. Super computerized feel and an off-putting opening that would make me turn off the song if I weren’t devoted to hearing the whole thing. I can see this being not bad, though I think some of the production that went in may have been un-called for.

“Cosmophony” almost sounds like a show tune at the start. There are then these computerized strings added in that I totally don’t get right now. You normally only hear these kinds of things mixed in on an old electronic keyboard when you’re messing around with buttons. There’s something strangely familiar about whatever you want to call the melody-type thing that’s happening. Overall, a bit of an odd experience mixed in with the rest of the songs, especially when you hit the lowest register of notes in w...

26th Apr


Artist Review: Han Ho

Han Ho

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/811/Han+Ho

The bio on this one is legitimately a personal biography. We get this artist’s life story in a few paragraphs. This includes where they were born (Vietnam), the number of brothers and sisters they have (10), and when the love of guitar was sparked (at 13 or 14). And we seem to have a country traveler here who’s seen and lived in so many great places, which I’m hoping has had influence on what we’re about to hear.

“Life Belt” starts things off in an unexpected easy nature. Think BNL just a little bit to get a general feel. It’s nice, at least for the first minute or so, to not feel like the harmonies are completely computerized. Things feel sort of real for a change, like there’s some heart behind what we hear.

The next one up, “Remarkable Machine,” starts with a simple guitar strum, but one that certainly sounds like there’s more meaning behind it. I think the song’s about the world, or rather the machine, changing a person. But here’s the problem with the song, and yes, there is a problem: there are so many words that it’s hard to grasp on to anything conceptually throughout. You’d have to hear it many times, and in a once-over of just trying to get to know a band, that’s not in the cards.

“Cut With The Talk” is a conversational piece, I suppose you could say. He sets up the piece simply by sharing their conversation. This has a very Leonard Cohen feel, though his voice is nowhere as deep, of course. I’m not sure this is one to really get in to, but it does make for an interesting listen.

Now “Down the Line” sounds a little more in tune with what I was enjoying before. This might be the most home-hitting, sweet song yet. It’s a song about time, and you just need to take a few to hear it. It’s inspirational and interesting and great.

The final song is sort of a question, sort of a realizatio...

24th Apr


What Artists Can Learn from Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

Picture by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia (Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour  Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Highest selling digital artist of all time, Taylor Swift continues to make chart topping music and stay in the headlines. When it’s said and done, she might very well be considered the most successful artist of the 2010s. It’s only recently that she’s starting to attract negative reviews and tire out her youthful personality. But whether you love her or hate her, it’s undeniable that she’s done well for herself from both a musical and public relations perspective. Here’s a few takeaways of things up-and-coming artists can learn from the Reading, PA native.

Write Your Own Music
Artists in the Top 40 have always relied on others to do most of their writing. Even Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra recorded tunes that were written by others. Taylor Swift is in the minority for this genre. It’s widely known that the then 18-year-old wrote all the music and lyrics to her debut album in 2006 and she’s continued that trend throughout her career. I’ve found that many music fans, even if they do not care for her style, still appreciate her talent because of this. Singer/songwriters are viewed in a special way since being able to create music and perform takes so much more skill.

It’s Okay to be Innocent
Sex sells. Craziness sells. Being loud and abrasive sells. We know this. But as popular as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj are, Taylor Swift is just as popular without any of that. Instead, she’s stayed true to herself and her values. She’s taken that innocent girl appeal and used it to build her personal brand by developing a look and writing music that is uplifting, wholesome and cute. It doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s obviously resonated with enough fans since she continues to sel...

19th Apr


Artist Review: Mark C Stafford


Mark C Stafford

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/916/Mark+C+Stafford

This is one of those bios you’re not sure if there was a PR person involved with, or if the artist comes up with this stuff themselves. Mark C Stafford, according to the writer, “is just a little bit different, but yet perfectly mainstream.” Well really, what the hell’s mainstream anymore? And yet they say we can’t place a label on Mark’s music.

Basically the bio comes up with cute ways of saying he’s a songwriter who’s grown from being a drummer into an arranger. Oh, and we can’t just hear one of his songs, or else we’re missing out – now that’s something I can get behind.

“Closing The Windows” starts off with just a light beat, joined in by layers of strings. While I get the immediate feeling of the familiar Garage Band work probably at hand, I like the working musically. The vocals come in, however, a little too canned. There needs to be something natural happening to really embrace the music, and unfortunately we’re missing out on that here.

The next one up is a little disorienting because is starts with the beeping of a machine, and I’m watching “Grey’s Anatomy” right now. Actually, the song sounds like something right out of the show. We, again, get the over-produced nature that computer recordings bring, but there’s heart to this song.

“December” actually starts with the closest thing to a real instrument sound I’ve heard yet – a sad piano. Now, granted, deleting a few of those vocal tracks might help drive home the point of the quiet song just a little bit better. No need for so many layers of voices on something like this. But I appreciate the telling of a story and interesting lyrical approach.

90’s MB20 sound? Lovely! “Will Is Weak” is an odd title that I can’t wrap my head around, and the song is a little darker than I thought at the start. He’s right – not one song m...

12th Apr


Artist Review: Far and Few


far and few

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1005/Far+and+Few

No information has been added by this artist… :(

So here’s the basics… whoever this person or band is, they’re in the Pop/Rock genre, and is/art from Santa Barbara, California. And he/they have five songs for us to judge them on their music alone.

“Spark the Fire” comes on first with a very old-school Blink feel in the opening, and I’m automatically prone to love that. Actually I have to give credit where it’s due – the sound’s different enough to be its own. Now, as far as the vocals go, I wouldn’t hate just a little added depth to this very airy sound that’s hard to follow against an intense backing. They just don’t mesh well. But the song’s gold in itself.

We get started on the next song with a strong guitar beat that can really get you feeling something. “Now” has that great lead in, and this time the voice is familiar and more appropriate. Thing the pop-punk bands of the early 2000’s and you’ll probably realize the influences here.

“Invocation” seems to sort of take the music a little harder, using more drums, particularly the symbols, and harsher chords. Then it all falls away to a voice and simple metal strum. Again, the pitch of the vocals takes me out of it, but the attempt to create a full song with some real meaning is very admirable. I think if I had been familiar with this music during high school, I would’ve loved it to this day.

In a good mix of number presented, we get the slower one now: “Confessions.” The lighter guitar lends itself very nicely to that voice. There’s also this interesting fast picking happening that’s 90’s-esq, but the combo with this style is, again, all its own.

“Light Up Forever” is the last song we get to hear, and in title alone it seems like an appropriate closer. Even the music, as it starts, sounds like one of those end-of-summer track...

10th Apr


5 Things to Know When Kicking Off Social Media Pages


Like button

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net .


Social media channels are a great way to interact with fans and grant exposure to potential listeners. Unfortunately, too many artists haphazardly throw up their pages and have no routine when posting, resulting in a weak online presence with low interaction levels. Here are a few steps that artists can take when creating their channels to start off in the right direction:  

High quality photos are very important. Not only do they appear more professional on your own sites, but they can be used in blogs and news stories if you have a chance for media opportunities. It doesn’t cost much to have professional photos taken. Shop around and you can probably find a young photographer willing to do a few different shots and outfits for $125.  Select a few of your best shots and upload them across your channels. Make sure to use the same profile pic on all sites to reinforce your image and help people more easily remember you.

Consistent Bios
Don’t just type whatever comes to mind in the profile areas. Take time to prepare your bios. You’ll need to write both a short and long one since some sites limit your characters and others don’t. Too many artists use cliché phrases and generic wording like “rising star,” “the best rocker in town,” “up-and-coming artist,” etc. Stay away from any wording you’ve heard before. Instead, develop a bio that stands out from other artist while still showcasing your style and personality. Use the same bios across your sites to maintain consistency.

Be Active
You can’t just hop onto your Facebook page when you have a new song, post it and expect fans to pay attention. You need to make this a constant activity and cultivate a following. Start by building conversations. Interact with fans, share articles of things going on in the music industry. Share your friend’s mus...

5th Apr


Artist Review: Answer Back


Answer Back Music


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1162/Answer+Back

Interesting scenario on this page – lots of information to read, and only one song offered to listen to. Hmm.

This is a group of newer guys, trying to plan things out and on the brink of excitement in starting a career in music. They’ve got their first video made, and are planning a tour.

Now, here’s something interesting to read. I didn’t think I’d see a day when “90’d punk-rock and 2000 pop” were described as influences. Am I old enough for that statement to be valid? They also adapt based on the crowd, which is cool, but unnerving when you’re hoping for young bands who stick to their own voices.

“One More Time” is the only song sampling we get on this page. Annnddd yeah, this is exactly what it was advertised to be. There’s definitely some Blink/Green Day influences in there, along with that higher-pitched 90’s male singer voice at the front. I wish I weren’t so tired, because this sounds like it could actually be pretty fun to get in to. The recording doesn’t suck, and the chorus is pretty teen-movie catchy.

Sorry y’all, I wasn’t given much to work with on this one, but hopefully there is more to come and hear! They seem like a cool group of guys who may have something there, if only they’d put more of it out there.

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com

Read more reviews on Janelle’s site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebly.com


27th Mar


Artist Review: Non Filtered


non filtered music

WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1213/Non+Filtered

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a good electro/house artist, or at least a new AND good one. This should be fun.

Non Filtered started as a drummer and stage musician, as is working toward being a “well known producer and performer of electro.” His first full-length release is in production (Electronica Home Confinement) and is seeking a label – but for now we have him on WLYS.

It’s a simple description, but the guy’s honest and seemingly easy to deal with. Now, how’s the music?

“Amorsito” starts things off, and I have to say, I almost sort of missed this sound. It’s highly metallic, which I never love as it rises in pitch, but he’s got some cool things going on beat-wise here. Granted, the song goes on for-flipping-ever, with no end sounds in sight, but it makes for good background music without being distracting.

Dance party beat comes on in “Get Off Ur…” I mean, the end of that sentence has to be “…ass and dance,” right? I have to say, I am getting a little into it. It’ll probably go on forever and be exhausting, but the songs got this cool combo of funk and electronic, which is rare and awesome. I could seriously be okay hearing a lot more from this artist. Hopefully the rest holds up.

“Never Go Away” comes up next with this sort of entrancing beat and romantic undertone. I definitely have my foot tapping at the moment. You can almost feel the mood in the club of people completely shift into something more intoxicating.

Nice little dance-y movement and old school recording sound for “Cutlery.” I love the funk infusion into this! You can sort of feel the natural rhythms throughout and the ideas forming as the song flows. Now, not loving the added speaking parts into it, as they hit just a little too hard and out of sorts, but musically, this is absolutely awesome.


18th Mar


Artist Review: debt collector


debt collector


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1299/debt+collector

Huh? Sorry – initial name reaction. It’s an alter ego deal for Phil Russell. He started his “musical odyssey” in 2004, making a lot of noise from just one man, contrary to what it sounded like apparently. This was under an old alias though. Then he switched over to this new one.

The rest of the bio goes on to cite some favorable reviews, listings of where you can find the music, and confusing language on the music and search for gigs.

And on a continuous downbeat, we’re getting early 90’s grunge with a singer swallowing the mic. “Poor Box” opens with “everything has gone to hell.” This is not the way to grab your audience right off the bat. I say that in hopes someone out there with learn a little something when building their own page!

“Loneliness” comes in with a computerized backbeat that’s pumped just a little too much on the recording end. My speakers sound blown out, and I have them at normal levels. The vocals… well, I just can’t say anything nice here, so I’m not going to say anything at all. Except for the fact that this is a huge mess of noise and I need it off immediately.

Now, “Wrath of Ages” sounds like something I could get into if it were a little cleaned up and I was a little more in to Dylan. I would probably also like this more if I didn’t have a headache following the string of high pitched noise in the middle of the song.

“Bonfire Night” starts off so low and slight I think I could get into the oddness just enough to enjoy. And you know what? If the vocals were anything other that mindless droning where I can’t understand a damn important lyric throughout the whole thing, I might really love this mellow number.

Final song time. “Genes” closes things out with a strumming guitar and straining voice. Yah know, I’m starting to just plain ol’ wonde...

13th Mar


Introducing Crowdfunding - Part 2


As promised the second part of the Introducing Crowd funding article is out!
And, as promised, the differences between the different crowdfunding platforms, i.e Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledge Music, Sellaband and Musicraiser, are pointed out.
The thing is, I didn't want to bore you with a long descriptive article, so I created a table.
I hope it can be useful and it can clear some of your doubts.

Only one thing is missing, how those platforms differs in visibility for your project.
Well, if I were you I'd probably avoid Pledge Music and Sellaband. This is a personal opinion based on the fact that navigating their websites I just wanted to close the tab and not discover new music at all, and also because the project you can post is limited to a record. Although Pledge Music has also a type of campaign where you can advertise your album (already mastered) and try to pre-sell it. That is not bad for those who already have a release out.

With all the remaining three you have global visibility and great assets, I don't see huge differences between them.

A note: I left the currencies as founded on the websites on purpose, I didn't want to change them in numbers that might result incorrect.

For more informations I advise you to carefully read the FAQ section of each of those websites.

The table is available at this link  -  Enjoy!

Article by Giulia Colli. You can follow her on Twitter at @Giulia_Colli.


5th Mar


Keith Fellows - Artist Review


keith fellows picWeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1334/Keith+Fellows

I went to college for Undergrad in Nashville – the Music City section of Nashville to be exact. Everyone there, and many people outside of the city, know that the additional nickname of “A Songwriter’s Town” is completely relevant. There are so many people there that do not perform on a regular basis, but are the only reasons we know any songs sung by the likes of Carrie Underwood or Lady Antebellum.

I open with pointing out folks like that because, from the sounds of his bio, Keith is one of those people in the background, writing the hits. He outright states, simply, that he wants someone out there to sing the songs he has to offer.

“Motel Rendezvous” is first up, and right out of the gate sounds like something arranged on Garage Band. It’s for sure a rough demo just trying to appeal to someone out there to take and make something out of. It’s a sadder, possibly far too honest, track. Probably not the one to start off with, but as his page states – if you don’t like one, move on to the next one.

I would love to pick this guy’s brain on who his influence are, because right now I’m thinking a mix of mid-time Beatles and Elvis Costello. “Tongue Tied Again” has this cute little skip-a-long beat that would only really work between those two sides. It’s adorable, and maybe even Broadway musical appropriate.

“The Girl On Page Three” is… wait, what is this? Is he talking about a girl in a Playboy? Maybe I missed something here, but I think the general gist is that he wants a girl he can’t get… who he only knows on paper.

I want to like something on this list, mostly out of being a singer and always looking for new, good songs to get in to. “Isn’t It Wrong?” is probably the closest I’ve gotten so far. Get rid of the echo, maybe change the pacing and tone a little bit, and this could be a r...

1st Mar


Introducing Crowdfunding - Part 1


crowdfunding music


Crowdfunding is a method of raising small amounts of money from a large group of people using the Internet and social media.

Since I don’t know exactly when, but not long time ago, it popped up  in musicians life as one of the possible ways to finance their dreams.

As Bob Lefsetz (if you don’t know him, subscribe to his newsletter, he gives a pretty interesting insight of the music industry) wrote, today a band, a solo artist, any one, has to release a pretty great, well mastered and amazingly presented album, before even thinking to present himself to the world, or record label.

Long time ago release an album was the arrive point, nowadays, in my opinion, is the start, unless you are a very lucky b*****d.

Crowd Funding is the answer for all those artists who don’t have any money, but great passion and clear objectives, I talked about an album, but you can try to fund your tour or any other thing you might need.

Start a crowd funding project gives you a real chance to sit down and really think about what do you need to achieve your goal, it’s extremely important to consider everything  and to set a real and not exaggerated amount of money to raise.

Sure, you can ask 100.000£ but you'll probably never get it for a number of reasons that is useless to point out here and now.

Once you have decided how much, think about how.

Most of the crowd funding platforms from Indiegogo to Kickstarter require a video where you have to explain your project.

Well, you can be very simple and straight forward, just a camera, a sofa and you talking, if you do so, get the video reviewed by your worst enemy, or one of those friends of yours who wouldn’t shut up about how much you look like a moron in that video if you do, they HAVE to be honest, so,don't ask your mum.

The one man show video works more for the David Letterman's kind of guy, people wit...

27th Feb


Emma Perks - Artist Interview


Emma Perks Picture

Meet Emma Perks, a very interesting polyhedral unsigned artist from Scotland!

1. Hi Emma! Can you tell us a little about you and why have you started to play music?
I live in a remote part of Scotland with my husband, two beautiful daughters and 2 dogs. Music has always been my passion. I play the guitar and write my own songs. Whatever mood I am in there is always a song to go with it. I come from a family who feels the need to burst into song at every opportunity and has a song for every occasion! Music is my therapy, if I am feeling down or stressed I pick up the guitar and sing until I feel better. My songs reflect how I feel at the moment I write them. My children are inspiration for many of my songs and are always the first to listen and critique them.I have just had one of my songs put on a CD to raise money for the highland hospice, which is a charity that cares for people with terminal illnesses. It contains local artists from my area and will hopefully raise much needed money for them to carry on in their wonderful work.

2. How has the place you live influenced you and your music?
Living in a remote and beautifully rugged area helps with my music a lot. I find the landscape and peacefulness is an amazing catalyst in song writing. The basics of my songs often come to me while out walking with the children and dogs.

3. What equipment do you use to produce your music?
I don’t have any fancy equipment for recording my music and most of them are recorded on my phone with me playing the guitar and singing. Though I Cry For You was recorded with a good friend who has some of the fancy stuff!!

4. Who are your influences?
I love lots of different artists, though my playlists always feature Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and JJ Gilmour heavily. I love musical talent in any way it is expressed, whether it be playing an instrument, singing or writing.


22nd Feb


ByItsRightName - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1479/ByItsRightName

This USA-based acoustic rock back comes at us with a creative flair to their bio. They begin with an explanation of what a name is, and what it means to live up to one. They introduce themselves: Justin, Ricky, and Andrew, and give the meanings of strength behind each one of them.

All right, very creative and lovely. But what’s the deal with their music?

Well, we start things off with “Dignity Sky.” It’s obviously a pretty raw recording, which is respectable – I’m a little over production value anyway. Generally a good rock sound that keeps moving throughout. Think a little 90’s, complete with lyrics to sink your teeth in to.

“Haste Makes Waste” is a nice slow one, a guy singing of a girl. It’s a little depressing, but sometime the most honest ones are. I like the easy-ness of this though. It’s one you could turn on during a sad time and hear some hope offered up by one shy guy.

Picking the pace back up, we get “The Replay.” A cool rock of guitar work and drums loosing control from time to time. Gotta love the quick breakdowns. Here we’ve got a good background band for a bar. There’d be some folks up front loosing their faces during the performance, and some by the bar, drinking and not talking because they can get away with it due to the volume.

“Inside” is another slow smoky one. I love the guitar on this one, just falling over and over again like sweetness. Nothing comes on too strong here, making it a great backing track to the rest of life as it goes by.

I already love the title for “Wings Through The Fire.” Something poetic and strong there all at once. The music itself fits right along with the rest – good instrumental work with airy vocals on top, neither of which seems to dominate noticeably. I’m making up the meaning as I go along, a lot like how some of ...

18th Feb


WeSs B - Artist Review


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1377/WeSs+B

No picture = immediate sad face reaction.

The description we get here is tiny, but actually, I’ve seen worse. We get the basics: a New York songwriter who’s devoted to the music. Okay, so it’s not much on this particular site, but there’s a Facebook and a Twitter, both of which are regularly updated. Granted, the first picture you see screams “F8ck The World” at the top, which doesn’t make me love this right away. But okay, we’ll give this guy a shot.

Oh, cool, a song that starts with gun shots. That’s clearly appealing. “Why you up in here.” Is DJ Who Kidd on this too? I remember that guy from a mix tape I helped film videos for… it was awful. Anywhos, this whole song is a self-righteous hype. Nothing terribly catchy, let alone entertaining.

“Hands High” must be a continuation from the last one. So goes some mix tapes. At least the sound doesn’t completely the same. And this one’s got a party element instead of being something that, lyrically, makes me feel like less of a woman. It’s almost listenable. Well, aside from the little production notes throughout with dude talking over the track.

Sounding like something off a radio, not a produced record, we get on in to “Give it to ya.” Can people at least have enough respect to capitalize titles appropriately? All right, so a slower rap about sex, joy. Too many effects used throughout. I guess there’s an audience out there for this – but not in this room.

“Lenny Kravits” (and yes that’s how it’s spelled) is next up. “My music good, riiigghhhttt?” Yup, direct quote. *Sigh* just remember Janelle, this is a site that really does allow everyone and anyone to have a voice.

Final song! “Kiesha to Tiesha” starts off with a guy noticing the two girls on different sides of the room, and goes on to name so many more. It’s no “Mambo Number 5” but at l...

14th Feb


A new contest, new partners and new big prizes!

The Winter edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest has started with prizes that are bigger than ever!

Additionally to the cool stuff offered by our beloved long term partners, this time we have two new key additions:

Sik multimediaince 1996, IK Multimedia has been a pioneer in the music software revolution. Today, they offer the most diverse and best sounding assortment of music creation tools for mobile and computer platforms, with a range spanning hardware accessories and software applications for guitar and bass players, keyboard players, vocalists, DJs and producers. All IK products share the same "Musicians First" design philosophy.

For this edition of our competitions they kindly agreed to offer a T-RackS CS Grand mastering package (worth $470) and an AmpliTube 3 guitar amp and effects modeling package (worth $250). Great stuff!

The second new partner is the LJ Gambone Agency, the go-to PR firm for Indie artists who are looking for an affordable and effective way to spread the word about their music.  They specialize in press release writing and distribution, media kit creation, professional bio writing, social media marketing and more. Their clients have been featured on Dateline, The Tonight Show, KCAL9 Midday News, WGN’s Steve & Johnnie Show and Doug Stephan’s Good Day, as well as in Red Bull Flugtag commercials, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, to name a few.


For this contest they offer to the winner a Press Kit Creation package (worth $299), which includes a bio, one sheet, promotional postcard, testimonial page and brand statement creation.

Big prizes confirmed also with our old partners. MobBase is awarding a free custom Android app for one year (worth $260) as well as a free Premium HTML5 Mobile Web App for life. MobBase is a platform that makes it free and easy for bands to create, launch and manage their own, custom mobile apps. With MobBase...

6th Feb


SARAH SOLOVAY - Artist Interview


sarah solovay pic

Meet Sarah Solovay, an unsigned artist from New York who has been playing guitar since she was 6 years old!

Sarah told us all about her connecting with Music and how living in the Big Apple has been so inspirational to her. This is our new blog section were we want to put you all out there and give you the opportunity to tell your story.

Stay tuned for more interviews following this one and enjoy!

1. Hi Sarah! Can you tell us a little about you and why have you started to play music?
I started playing guitar when I was six and writing songs when I was nine. I was lucky because I grew up in New York, so music was all around me, and there were tons of opportunities for me to perform and meet other artists. I can't imagine life without music these days.

2. How has the place you live influenced you and your music?
Growing up in New York, I got to meet so many incredible musicians and see so many incredible performances. Every last song I heard and concert I saw inspired me to improve my own writing and performing.

3. What equipment do you use to produce your music?
Whenever I write a new song, I record a live take into Garageband using the microphone that's already installed in my computer. That's just about as complex as my equipment gets.

4. Who are your influences?
I grew up listening to Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and a lot of The Stones. I also listen to a lot of the more songwriter-y Top 40 (Ed Sheeran, Adele, etc.). Those are most of my music influences.

5. How do you think you differ from other artists?
I like to think I'm more of a blend of different styles than other artists are. There's definitely a lot of pop in my sound, but I think there's also some rock, some singer-songwriter-y acoustic, and sometimes even a hint of hip hop. I've definitely been trying to shake up my writing a little more these days, so hopefully that will make ...

4th Feb


DOLLA SIGN - Artist Review



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1725/Dolla+Sign

This is a hip-hop/rap, rap/r&b, acoustic rock, other artist. Say that out loud and tell me just how ridiculous it sounds. I suppose if you want to reach out to more people though, you connect with more genres. Usually you show your face in the picture as well though.

Kirshorn Gorson was born and raised in the Caribbean/Dominica, and tells us he’s an Aries. Why, hello 90’s. He mixes his born accent with the African to “make it sound real.” Michael Jackson is his role model – so at least we know there’s some good taste there. He points out some popular rap artists as well as influences, but says he listens to everything, though this is the genre he does, despite loving them all.

So let’s see how the site is connected throughout social media. The Facebook link goes to this guys personal page (Tha IslandBoy is what he goes by there), with a cover photo with pot. For Twitter, we get a “does not exist” page. The website leads to his YouTube page, which I’m not terribly moved to take a look through.

“Break-Up Song” is first. All right, all right, my co-worker and I are tapping our feet to the beat. Nice little throwback sound. Too much echo. Not the rap sound I expected – is this guy like 12? Ooh, maybe that wasn’t him – it may have been a guest artist, Kid Wonder.

An equally unknown artist named Colety joins in for “What’s It Gonna Be.” Lots of auto tune going on here – have I mentioned how much I hate computers sometimes? Anywhos, he’s trying to get the girl back and wants to know what he has to do to make that happen. Sweet sentiments, at least. 

“Why (cuz dem ahterz blind)” starts off with a little blurb about how guys who gets killed probably deserved it – so don’t be a snitch. Yeah, this makes me want to listen to the rest of this. Okay, okay, giving it a fair ...

28th Jan




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1885/The+Empty+Pockets

Chicago-based The Empty Pockets come to us with a Brooklyn look, boasting of indie rock and rock/pop music. They call themselves quirky and charismatic, with music containing (and I just had to quote because the words chosen are so catchy): “unrelenting hooks, honest lyrics, and carefully crafted songwriting.” It’s hard to wrap your head about a hipster-looking band putting in a lot of craft and honesty to their music, but here we are.

Amazingly enough, they do have a list of accolades already under their belts: SXSW appearances, joining Jennifer Hudson at the House of Blues, and two singles on the Hot 100 chart. My confusion now lies in questions of my own ignorance – where have these folks been and why haven’t we noticed them yet?

The other links? Well, Facebook just takes us to Facebook. They do have a Twitter, which seems to be up to date and very personable with whomever out there may be reading it.  MySpace works, but the band’s name is “Josh And The Empty Pockets” instead of just the back half. And you can only get on their site by entering your email address (they ask you to confirm your newsletter signup via email – so I guess it’s not that bad). Also, it looks like they opened for George Lopez on tour!

“Fall Right Now” is the first song offered. This is stuff I would have totally fallen for in high school. Not that I don’t like it now – but the sound is just juvenile enough (probably due to recording style – completely stripped back) for a 15-year-old me to be rocking out to while getting ready for school.

Can I just put this out there that, based on the picture, I wasn’t expecting a male lead voice? Sort of a cool style though. This one, “I Don’t Wanna Know,” is very cute in a cool way. It starts with a 20’s piano-bar style sound, and moves on to a swe...

16th Jan


THE NEW ROOT - Artist Review



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2042/The+New+Root

Today we’re getting back into things for the new year with alternative Bristol-based band, The New Root.

Their debut album, Talk is Ending, came out in 2010 and as of the writing of their bio for WLYS, a new two-track single was released and available as a few download on their site. Granted, their latest event posted on this site was in 2011. They also include a couple of positive critical quotes and a general described as exciting and distinctive.

Good news though: the band is still at work. They last posted on both Twitter and Facebook on Christmas, They have a fairly decent amount of listeners on LastFM. MySpace is a little bit of everything. And their website… huh. It’s really cool! I think they’ve seriously done everything right here: it’s simple enough on the mind, but has all the information we need. Also, their pictures are great – natural and live. Good looking group of rockers here! 

So, the music. Here we go. “Same/Different” is up first. The music is fantastic right off the bat, just classic fantastic rock. The vocals come in as just a little twisted and awkward sounding, but somehow it’s a sound that grows on you. I’ve heard a voice like this at some point, probably in the 90’s, but never to this sort of background sound.

“When You Wake Up” is, I think, letting me pin down the sound: a mellow Maroon 5 meets Evanescence. This one’s a slower number with more depth within the sound to draw you in. There’s a sadness on top of the steady beat each instrument seems to give.

Again, the music starts off sounding so familiar and typical in the best way possible, then in comes that voice for “American Tale.” As I said, it grows on you, but I do have to admit – this voice makes it hard to get a song stuck in your head or really fall for one as a new favor...

10th Jan





WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2225/Don+Haddock

It’s been quite some time since I’ve come across a country artist on this site, and Don Haddock is amongst the most active in any genre. This is an American songwriter from San Diego, California who’s been playing since the age of 15. Though he took some time off to pursue a professional baseball career, he came back to music through bluegrass.

Eventually, he wound up in Orange County for work and raised his family there. This is about when he transferred over to straight-up country music, playing Honky Tonks around Southern California for eight years. After many accolades, a first album was finally released (“Heartaches and Honky Tonks”), then a second (“Time Will Tell”). While the music is from 2011 and before, I’m still excited to see what Don has to offer up here on WLYS!

“The Heartache’s On You” is first up. The recording is super simple and old school, right down to the up-close microphone technique. The music is the old school country I hear a lot of folks say that they miss in the genre, so there’s certainly an audience out there for it.

Next up is “Tulley’s On A Plane.” Talk about Honky Tonk. I have to say, in today’s Nashville, it’d be pretty hard to see any of this, but obviously he’s been able to make a somewhat career out of playing these things. Certainly can’t complain.

You know a song’s going to be entertaining somehow when it’s titled “Yodeling Old Hobo.” Now, I don’t love the… I can’t tell if it’s an echo reverb effect or harmonies, but I’m pretty sure that’s just one voice. Either way, the vocals don’t need all that extra stuff. Music like this can stay raw and stand on its own.

“Rain, Keep Coming Down” slows things down just a bit. This could be really good if it’s done right. Lyrically, it’s just a simple song from the heart, seemingly th...

3rd Jan





WeLoveYourSongsPage: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/214/cigarRATS

No info in the bio section!

LastFM link goes to a page with… ooh, pictures and a quick blurb about them being a Russian quartet of slobs, combining brit-pop with American garage rock. Hm.

MySpace gives a more cleaned-up version of about the same general bio.

Guys, where’s your WLYS info??

“Different Lands” has an awesome guitar lead-in. Crossing fingers for good voices as well… Oh sweet lord, it’s actually a decent sounding guy! The song’s pretty good and at the very least has me sticking around for more (even if I, yah know, didn’t always stick around for more).

Oh there’s the garage rock they spoke of. “When My Dogs Can Fly” is an interesting enough title to walk in to. There’s harmonies and echoes involved throughout, and a kind of cool song structure overall. I’m hoping it was just my volume level, but I couldn’t pick up very many of the words. Not bad though, at least this had a beat to get into just a bit.

While I, of course, have no idea what’s going on in “In Your Bag,” or the actual point of the song itself, I like it. There’s a hint of Nirvana in there that’s totally great to hear. I guess this is the combo sound they were talking about on their other sites. Good stuff!

Yeah, a short and sweet one. This is what happens with no info a few songs, but I feel hope in the case. These guy may even be worth a post-review track down for more info and music, and that extra thought of effort is saying a lot.

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com

Read more reviews, including full-album listen-thrus, on Janelle’s site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebly.com.


27th Dec





WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2277/Eklecktic+Storm

EKS, as her bio calls her, is listed as (deep breath): “singer/songwriter, pop, acoustic rock, alternative.” She’s from Brisbane, and has “the vocal echoes of Suzanne Vega.” I honestly can’t say I know what that means though. Anywhos, her music is described simply as refreshing and powerful and apparently we’ll be impacted. Good to know, and just intriguing enough to prompt a listen.

Facebook works, and seems relatively new but up-to-date. Twitter works and is used once every few weeks, mostly to advertise music liked, but a few new songs posted as well. MySpace is up and working, and I think I caught a start date of just this year. Her primary website listed is her Reverb Nation page.

 Musically, we start with “Love To Hate.” Very computerized piano sound, but joined in quickly by a simple Jewel/Robyn voice. There’s some interesting effort in there. While the voice is sort of flat and tough to hear (as are most that are laid in with computerized music), the effort in songwriting it there.

“Choices” starts off with a guitar instead, sounding much more like an in-studio recording. Again, vocally, there could be some training done to make it so much better. Lyrically though, EKS seems to have something special to share with us. She does, as her bio describes, seem to have the ability to connect with the listener through generally real-life situations and words.

There are few moments I wish I could work with an artist from a producer’s standpoint, but “Hold Me Back” has me itching for it just a little bit. I feel like with some heavier instruments and better pacing, along with good in-studio work, this song could be really incredible. She’s got the makings of some greatness going for her here.

“Trouble” is where things finally pick up, and I really enjoy it ...

24th Dec




We at WeLoveYourSongs wish you all unsigned artists and music supporters a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. Enjoy the time with your family and friends to get inspired to start 2013 with new lyrics and chords. We are looking forward to start hearing more from all of you and can't wait to share with you some surprises we are working on for the new year! Also, because it is Christmas and because you guys are our cause, we would like to ask you 2 minutes to answer our survey regarding WeLoveYourSongs. It will surely help us to help you.

Have a great time everyone. Share love, peace and music with the world

The WeLoveYourSongs Crew


21st Dec


LAST HARVEST - Artist Review



We Love Your Songs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/782/LAST+HARVEST

Well, this won’t take long.

Last Harvest has no info on their page, and no additional links to try to find out more.

Maybe their approach is the just get one song out there that folks will love. Maybe that’s all they want. Well, we’ll listen to the one then.

“You Left Me” is the one song we get. Slow guitar lead in, steady pace to start. Vocals take a while to come in (I assumed this was just a jam band after a while), and they’re a little reminiscent of the Phish sound. This does seem like it was recorded in a basement, which I can appreciate for an indie band. It’s almost refreshing to not hear an over-produced piece. While the vocals are off tone-wise, they’ve got the steady starts of something here.

Okay, so that one song doesn’t have me hooked. In fact, I’ll probably forget about this band entirely once I save and send this review. So I suppose this is one for the ‘what not to do’ column of examples. While I admire them for getting a page up, if they are still trying to do something with their band, some effort should be paid to all outlets. You never know when some random little blogger may try to help you out with some exposure!

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com 

Read more reviews on Janelle’s site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebly.com.


18th Dec


AKCAY KARAAZMA - Artist review


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2671/Akcay+Karaazmak


Akcay Karaazmak calls himself alternative / alternrock, and hails from Istanbul – a place I believe we have yet to travel in these posts! He is 33 years old, and figured out that he liked music at an early age. As a teenager, he picked up a guitar and knew it was for him, eventually also adding drums to his repertoire. He even had a band in his early twenties called Asaradel.

The first album Akcay put out (it does not specify if this was the whole band or just him) was sold in more than ten countries, and four albums later he started also going after his masters in computer engineering in London. Ah, and here is where the electronics come in to play – he began using these technological skills to experiment with trance music as well. After England, he moved on to Russia, making sure to make stops throughout Europe along the way.

Now back in his native Turkey, he’s finally “reaching [his] peak” musically. Based on his extensive bio on his WLYS page (kudos there friend) he basically does what he wants, when he wants now. He also runs a game development studio and directs his own animation & VFX studio on the side.

Whew, that’s a lot of background. So much so that I, for once, feel no need to see if his other page links work! (This is a good thing.) 

“Hey You” is first up, song-wise. From the opening chords, I might be in love with this song and style. It’s pop with the touch of rock that makes my favorite artists so good. The vocals come in and they are… shakey. The whole song’s also not well balanced.

The next one starts off much like a Lifehouse song. “Fake Smile” is… weird. I’m all for Tim Burton weird and twisted, but this is just too much. This is like creepy clown in a haunted hour weird. Bent metal never made an appealing sound to my ears, and I’m sure nobody out there disag...

14th Dec


SEN - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/5773/SEN

In the electronic category this week, we get ‘pop/rock, pop, electro’ artist SEN. What’s up with the all-caps names lately?

Anywhos. SEN is from Venezuela. Ooh, exotic. He’s apparently been played all over Latin-American media, and has even reached #1 on various charts. We’re in for a ‘pop romantic style’ with a blend influenced by ‘rock, flamenco, electronic, and ethnic world beats.’ I believe that was the first, and this is the second, time in my life I’ve ever typed ‘flamenco.’

His background in singing goes back to seven years old with piano and singing, and adding guitar at 15 with a high school rack band. AND his bio comes in Spanish as well. All right folks, we officially, finally, have an example of a good artist page bio!

Only issue may be that he’s signed, but that’s why he’s a grab bag artist.

Okay, so Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LastFM all work! And he has his own fully running site too! This is excited. There’s even a uniform look to each site he has. Someone’s working on this marketing for sure.

 “Imagen” is the first song we get on this page, though I’m hesitant to say song. Sadly, we only get to here a few brief seconds of great guitar pop sounds and Spanish lyrics. It’s got a melt-your-heart way about it somehow though.

The next is also just a snippet. This time it’s “Si Tu Supieras” which is a far more rockin’ little sound. For a nice change, I can’t tell if a single bit of this is from a computer. It sounds extremely clean, which screams production added, but at least it doesn’t seem to completely say apple loop.

“Morena” has that flamenco (three times!) sound I was waiting to hear. This one’s more along the lines of Spanish dance music that I would have expected, really holding the ability to get those hips moving.

Finally, there’s “Si Tu Supieras Remix.”...

12th Dec


PUNCH - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3698/PUNCH


Today we have Punch, three guys hailing from Pasadena (California). They’ve been playing for over thirty years and have just released their first album, Punch 2.0.

John, Raul, and new-comer Andrew make up the line-up.

And, well, that’s about all we’re going to get from this page! Funny thing is that this is one of WLYS’s most active artists.

The other links? Twitter doesn’t work. MySpace is very plain and typical. TuneCore (?) is their main site base with about the same artist profile as we get on WLYS.

So, the music. First is “So Glad,” a pretty hard rockin’, slower side jam. It drags on a bit, sitting at a higher number of minutes than I think I’m prone to handle for unknown music, but it’s not bad. Hard to keep track of what’s happening throughout.

“Why” has me wishing I could pump the speakers up a lot louder. While I don’t know what is going on in the words, I could seriously care less. This is just a good loud rock song and that’s about all I require in some moments. Ah, okay, finally catching some of the lyrics, which are pretty damn simple about love. Overall, an effortless song to hear, perfect for awesome highway driving.

Nice hard drum opening for “If I Were You.” Solid, classic rock sound here. Continuing the standard set by the first two songs. Again, nothing stand-out-ish, but a decent addition to any old rock list. It’d blend in well.

“Bluebird” isn’t what I expected. By this, I mean I thought we were about to get the rock ballad amidst the harder songs. Instead, this is a slightly softer song – I can hear all of the words. It’s more Bush than the metal-esq songs provided before, making it a much more marketable song in mainstream.

Final song seems to make for a nice closer. The tone’s a little lighter in the vocals for “Hur...

7th Dec


HEATHERLYN - Artist Review



Heatherlyn is amongst the top active artists on WLYS. She keeps up her profile with new songs and tour dates, realizing there are fans out there who want to know what’s up!

This girl gives us a one paragraph bio introduction. She’s got a “Soul ~ Roots ~ Rock vibe” and hails from Minneapolis, MN. She’s one a few awards, notably (in my mind) a 2012 Midwest “People’s Choice” of NPR’s Mountain Stage New Song Performance Contest. Her bio boasts of honesty and soulfulness and promises that folks can relate and understand her, no matter where they come from in life. In concert, she’s said to take us on a journey, really connecting with the audience on many different levels. This is the beautiful story of a truly musical hippie chick.

 The Facebook and website links don’t work, but you can follow her on twitter like I did, @heatherlynmusic.

 The event on there is from 2011, so I’m curious as to how active Heatherlyn really is, but we’ll ignore that over-site for the moment.

 Music time! She’s got five songs up, which is sort of the most exciting part of the page. The first one is “When I Dream,” a light acoustic number. She’s got this awesome soulful, just-deep-enough voice to accompany the rest. The song’s so simple, and reminds me of Marthe Bryne, who could use music to say more with so little. This is really very well done and enjoyable.

 “Wayfaring Stranger” has a little effect on the guitar, some reverb, to make it just slightly like a California beach guitar wail. That idea at least works in my head as a way to connect to the title of the song itself. As the song picks up, you can feel the sway of it rocking on down the road. She’s got rhythm as well as soul, not only relying on deep belts to make her point musically. This one shows a new, cool side to Heatherlyn, and I dig her choices here so far.

 Next one up takes the effect off ...

4th Dec


KENNY WARD - Artist Review



To start, a Writer’s Note: So I’m taking a bit of a new way about this whole artist review thing we’re doing together on We Love Your Songs. See, the point of the site is to give exposure to unsigned bands and artists out there in a really fantastic way. The contests are amazing, and some of y’all work incredibly hard to get us good material. You work has totally been noticed, and therefore, the site and writers like me want to give those who work hard for it some exposure. That being said, there are also bands out there that may be struggling to get anything up at all, and use this site as just the smallest platform to get something started. I have the utmost respect for both sides of this spectrum, and therefore will now be covering TWO artists a week from here on out.

The first artist selection will be from a list of the top 500 active artists out there on WLYS, giving further exposure and serving as a reward for keeping up the tremendous work and contributions to independent music.

The second artist selection (the “Grab Bag Artist Reviews”) will still come from my random searches through the genres, going with whoever may pop up first. I want to keep doing this as well as an encouragement for artists to put something up on their pages and keep working at their music. I’ve already heard from a couple of bands that I’ve written about in this manner, who realize there is someone out there listening, and wants them to keep going.


ALL RIGHT! Now, back to the music!


Kenny Ward is what I’m going to call a grab bag artist, because he’s not on the top 500 list, and it was by chance that his page came up at the top of the list under “other” this week. He doesn’t have anything on the bio portion of the page, and little else to speak of.

Love the picture though, right off the bat. Intense, black and white, and seems to be a good l...

26th Nov


THE WAYNE - Artist Review


the wayne


Taking a ride into Christina Hip-Hop/Rap with Wayne this week!

So let’s start by checking out his page, of course. Wayne has a very simple paragraph talking about how he strayed from Christ and has come back to him – now praising through music. Granted, I’d love to know more details right then and there, but he gives a reason for his music, which is actually pretty rare to read. And he looks like a nice guy, eh? There’s also an old gig date, which would have been awesome to see before it happened, since it’s nearby, and Wayne was in his home state of Jersey! Yeah Jersey boy!! See, now I like you.

The other links on the page are polar opposites. The Twitter page doesn’t work. The website, however, brings you to his ministries site, chock full of info on the guy and the mission they are on. I’d love to spend more time there getting to know him, but these write-ups are on what an artist can bring to their promotional package on WeLoveYourSongs.com.

“Reach” is our one song on this page, sadly. Please artists, give a variety and a few songs. When you only post one, you lessen the chance of someone finding their new favorite song, or at least something that gets stuck in their head. I guess you risk in hopes of the reward though. This particular song is good, though I could do without the high-pitched ringing throughout. A lot of the story here is just about his need for God in his life. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, and Wayne’s got a steady, clear way about his rap.

Thought I don’t feel like I know any more about Wayne than when I started, and he hasn’t left too much of an impact, there’s something about him that leaves me just saying “all right man, you’re okay.” He’d make a good buddy, maybe even the kind you’d be cool with hanging out at the church picnic with after his set that morning.


Read more reviews on Janelle’s site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawk...

21st Nov


The Fraziers - Artist Review


the fraziers

This week we head back into indie music with the alternative London-based band, The Fraziers.

This is the first page on this site in quite a while where it looks like someone actually took the time to write a biography up, so we’ll actually know something about this band. They are a four-piece set, “enfusing sexy power vocals with catchy guitar riffs, groovy bass, and punchy drum beats.” To top it all off, this will apparently show us a mix of avant-garde and retro, something I wasn’t entirely sure was possible.

They’ve got one EP under their belts, and another one already in the making. With a background in the industry that seems to really cover every aspect along the recorded and live streams, they have an understanding of things it seems, that some other acts here have been lacking.

There’s a link to an event on their page from months back, but I’m at least left with hope that something else may pop up on there… eventually. Their Facebook page is a little more up to date, with a few hundred followers and a gig as recently as August. The MySpace is much more polished, more songs to listen to. Twitter, sadly, hasn’t been posted to since January. Their website link goes right to the Facebook page again.

Now, the important this: the music. One song is there. ONE. Ugh, come on. “Whatever” is the only song we’re going to get to hear on this site. Pretty normal, great rockin’ beat to start. Oh sick, a female lead voice – always a fan of a chick that can bring it to the mic. There’s some border-line whining moments, but overall the songs pretty great. It’s reminiscent of some good punk stuff, but polished – and oddly that works.

I dig the little bit I’m hearing. This band’s got some great chops to be playing the London music scene, and I do hope they’re making it work out there. If I ever manage to make it across the pond, I think thi...

20th Nov


The Truth About Piracy (Part 2)


Piracy demonstration in sweden
Rally in Stockholm, Sweden, in support of file sharing and software piracy.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Many a decade ago, scholars would claim that true freedom of speech, especially on controversial subjects, is difficult or impossible unless individuals can speak anonymously. In June of 1999, Napster was released and It is generally credited as being the first peer-to-peer file sharing system. The digital pirate had come of age and would only get better as technology allowed the scope of what was possible to venture beyond the wildest of imaginations.

So we all think of pirates as roughly groomed individuals who parade across the unchartered seas in search of treasure, or, as we found out last week; binary-data pilfering, thick glass wearing, sunshine deprived, zit having mortals. WeLoveYourSongs are on a quest to help you see both sides of the dark arts of piracy and in this issue we explore how they can be a useful arsenal in your strategy to dominate the world with your sound. It is easy to misunderstand file-sharing as theft but the belief is that sharing music is what music is made for. Some major artists have released their music on these channels and the results have been tremendous. It is now a little known fact that with the right amount of planning, good results can be had and recognition not to mention credibility, increased. Below, I will look at 5 steps that ought to be at the heart of a pirate who wants to take over the world using their music.

1) Must use p2p / I2p networks and our favorites just to name a few are Freenet - GNUnet - I2P - StealthNet - Onewarm – StegoShare. They have very big ecosystems which account for a large proportion of online traffic, ergo a very healthy target. The Pirate Bay, Torrent Freak, Demonoid, IsoHunt and very many others are dependent on these networks for the survival of their communities. By releasing your music t...

16th Nov


DJ Michurinn - Artist Review


Artist Review: DJ Michurinn


After not having electricity all of last week, every time I see anything remotely close to this, I have to go: “It’s electric! Boogie woogie woogie.” That’s right folks, we’re heading back in to electronic music this week.

Taking a look at the WLYS page first, we learn that this is a DJ and Producer from Russia, though one who’s in the Russian and European scenes. His picture is also more like a Facebook profile pic than a promo pic, or even an album cover, but maybe I’m wrong.

This artist is all about experimentation and being different. There’s not necessarily going to be a direction with this music, so I shouldn’t be hoping for some consistency I suppose.

Other sites listed: Facebook – works! But is called Oleg Karpov. Twitter: broken link. Website: odd, but works, and includes MUCH more music. MySpace: just takes you to the MySpace homepage. Last FM: about the same as WLYS.

One song to judge them all – here we go with “Let’s Go To Night.” Of course the moment that I actually want to listen, my computer goes glitch-y and completely in and out throughout the song. When it does finally buffer, we get something with a touch of trance, and just enough of a beat to feel within. There are clicks and weird clatters throughout, but it’s not bad at all. Actually, I could see this as awesome backing music to a commercial, or maybe even an odd enough movie. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future supervision projects.

Overall, I am left wanting more. But what we got was a quick glimpse into someone who seems to have his own mind and, thus, sound. I’d like to hear more, and that’s saying a lot for a 15-minute quick glimpse into an artist. First impressions matter folks!

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. Check out other album reviews at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .


13th Nov


The Truth About Piracy (Part 1)




Gone are the days of swashbuckling, buccaneering, bloodthirsty, plundering and nonsensical looting. It is instead, the dawn of the day of 4G networks and superfast here and now internets webbed together not by venomous arachnids but the assembly of devices that tout data and information seamlessly from our fingertips to the doorstep of the global village, gangnam style.

Pirates have quite clearly evolved over the years and if you are a budding talented “creat-a-thing” then look away now because you will soon realise how easy it is for your hard work to quite literally walk the plank. The folks here at WeLoveYourSongs have not been venturing across the seven seas in search of shiny nuggets but we have perused the www to find out whether you should really fear the threat of a pirate or embrace it. My first stop is the infamous and notorious, The Pirate Bay and I’m greeted by the skull and bones insignia. Is it too late to turn back, well here goes; I am a big fan of that Batman fellow and frankly believe that as far as cinema is concerned The Dark Knight is the greatest film of our generation. It turns out that so do 20 million other unknowns. I am immediately cast in smug as my point feels made but now keen to find out how many people exactly paid to watch it in the cinema (three times I coughed up for me) and buy the dvd/blue-ray disc. A whooping 1 billion dollars at the box office, sold almost 18 million discs and punters have spent nearly 300 million dollars on those discs. That is a staggering statistic but I can’t help but feel that the same sales may not have been achieved if the pirates did not have a hand in getting the word around as to how brilliant the film was. In short this is a true example of how sharing and giving out your music can make people aware of a genuinely good product. Why can’t the product be your next EP or album.

The nature of illegal downl...

7th Nov


420Shot30 - Artist Review




After a few weeks off to take care of some personal stuff, I am back and ready to hear some good music!

We're kicking things back off in the ROCK category, a personal favorite, with a band from right here in the good old USA.

Let's start off by getting to know the band. Just from their WLYS page, they boast of touring with Hinder, Trapt, and Rev Theory all notable and really great modern  rockers. They've got a few reviews and quotes, though it's not really well organized on the screen but still, this seems like a band that's been heard.

Looking at their other sites' the Facebook either doesn't work or doesn't exist. Same deal with the Twitter. The MySpace does though! (See, I keep telling people that site is still useful for new music.) They've got four songs up on this site though, and only one on WLYS. Yeah, it awesome that there's more here, but I wish it were accessible more  places. The bio's also a lot more quotes from reviewers. Very cool to read good stuff, but who are you guys? This MySpace page also serves as the band's primary website.

So turning to the music, we get exactly one song here: Magic Woman. It's heavy and rocking, and very much in the same vein of the bands they've toured with. The  overlapping of vocals is nothing short of trippy. The tone remains intense the entire time, never letting us have a breath of air to process what's going on, as the breathy vocals continue into the chorus. It's tough, listening to someone whisper/growl their words out.

The band's one of those middle-of-the-road acts for me. They have all right music, with mediocre pages displaying it. They don't leave me wanting more, but they don't leave  me regretting the experience either.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. Read more reviews, including full-album listen-thrus, on Janelle's site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebley.com.


29th Oct


BOA - Artist Review


BOA pic


After last review, new personal rule: I’m only writing about artists that give a darn about their pages and actually give me something to work with. I want to bring y’all new artists that are really working at this thing we call music. That said, it took me six different pages to finally find BOA. This band took time to put in a bio that emphasized who they actually are and why we should care, as well as posted two songs that seem to have curried some favor.

This is a pop group (in the “Other” category) from Gothenburg, Sweden. Things started to come together when brothers Botond and Attila Bokor grabbed guitars ona  night their cousin Orsi Toro came to visit. Between the fun and good creativity flowing, it seems a band came about. Along with William Seidl on drums and Olof Gadd on bass, they are said to have their very of flair.

“Push” is the first of the two songs, and it’s quite current pop. Yah know, that pop we get with a little electronic sound mixed in during production. Despite the intense picture, the music seems light and pretty sweet sounding. The way the words are wrapped throughout are interesting to an American ear, as pronunciation is a little different. As I’m trying to interpret a little, it sort of sounds like a raunchy song, but maybe I’m just not hearing things right. Regardless, thing 90’s Natalie Imbruglia meets Foster the People, and you might get it.

The other song option we get on here is “Vegabond.” I sort of zoned out a little because the beat was so steady and pumping. In a louder place, this would have been an incredible listen. The bass has got some intense energy and the lyrics are simple and primed for the dance floor. I really love where this is going, and am wishing I was somewhere else with far more energy for it.

This band kept their page relatively simple, but gave just enough info and just a little sampling to get the id...

22nd Oct


Autumn Contests to Start in 3 Days


The Autumn edition of the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests will start next Thursday 25th of October! 

The top prize will be offered this time by MobBase, awarding a free custom Android app for one year (worth $260) as well as a free Premium HTML5 Mobile Web App for life. MobBase is a platform that makes it free and easy for bands to create, launch and manage their own, custom mobile apps. With MobBase, artists share music, photos, 

videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise and other content with fans on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. and other mobile devices. More than 500 artists and record labels have launched their own MobBase apps, including Tila Tequila, Pepper, Parkway Drive, 9:30 Club, Rebelution, Jump Smokers, John McLaughlin, Iration, the Jacka, Zion I, and Paul Thorn.

Mondo Tunes will offer free distribution of 10 songs to the winners of both competitions,  as well as 1 song distributed again for free for he 2nd and 3rd ranked of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest. Mondo Tunes supplies the largest music distribution 

Mondo Tunes

in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, Mondo Tunes reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions “without” any monthly or yearly fees. Mondo Tunes has the resources and network infrastructure needed to seamlessly distribute music, video and mobile products. What makes JMD Distribution unique is their unmatched ability to provide the largest global digital distribution in conjunction with a comprehensive world-wide online marketing campaign to maximize artists hype and exposure.

Again with us also the guys of Tweak Music Mixing, that will mix and master one song of the winner of the Best...

16th Oct


Interview with the Elephant 12


Elephant 12


Elephant 12 is a London based three piece band consist of Jerome (vocals), Robbie (guitar) and Miles (programming). We have interviewed Robbie here to better understand what there is behind their "unapologetic punk rock laced with a magnetic punchy electro".  Enjoy!

Piotr (WLYS): First of all Id like to thanks for EP you sent me. I found it interesting, especially song called "Money Talks". It's kind of a song with a message...

Robbie (Elephant 12): Yeah, It got a message, this song features the singer from Asian Dub Foundation, it's a guy called Lord Kimo. It has a true message and lot of power. Money and power slave people.
I personally never been in this situation because I don't have much money. Money can change you. It's funny how money can dictate and change situations around. Your best friends change the attitude towards you, they are not your best friend anymore (laughter).

P: But you also have lighter songs, about having fun...

R: We can cover everything. We can write a song about fun like "Holiday" and wrote a song about Diet Coke. Some people say:
Oh, you wrote a song about Diet Coke!" But we are like: "Are you stupid?". They ask: "It's not about Coca Cola?". And our answer is: "No, its not for Coca Cola, bro" (Laughter). Every song got a different vibe. More less we just make people dance, we're not too serious, we are like not Rage Against The Machine, we are not politically involved in anything in particular. Elephant 12 is all about fun.

P: But your songs has second bottoms. As "Don't Wanna Dance"...

R: It talks about daily reality, especially that song you've picked. So many people they waste some much time about chasing a girl and do the effort like "Do you wanna do this? Do you wanna do that?". Don't Wanna Dance is a song about "Lets get straight to the point" (laughter)

P: It's funny, but on the other hand is sad, ...

8th Oct


Cleo - Artist Review



cleo artist


This week we’re heading back into hip hop with an artist billed from the United States, but hailed (according to her bio) from St. Mary, Jamaica. This young lady’s name is Cleo.


Not too much on her artist page to speak of. The bio is only a paragraph long, bragging on her ability to represent every genre there is. I have to say, from listening experience, this is very, very difficult to both do and survive on. Unfortunately, niches are there for a reason.


There’s only one song on this page. That song is “Fallen High.” It starts off with an eerie set of Halloween-esq notes. Seriously, the whole first 30 seconds to a minute sound like something from a Halloween/Video Game Disney Channel movie. Lines are repeated in different ways (I guess this is where we get the different genres). The ‘rap’ attempt here drags and is tough to grasp onto as the rhythm and approaches change just as you start to settle into the song somehow. Eventually, things sort of start to find some sort of regularity and familiarity throughout sections, and it’s... well, I guess it’s sort of enjoyable. It’s odd, but I have to say I don’t entirely hate it by the time we’re closing out the track.


Her Facebook link doesn’t work. Her Twitter hasn’t been updated since March.


Why did I continue with this review? Well, for one, one song on a page makes for an easy, quick review, and I just got out of a 14 hour work day and really want to go to sleep, but want to make my deadline.


Also though, I think it’s important, sometimes, to highlight pages with examples of what not to do here. This site gives an opportunity to showcase some very good artists, and their listing method is fantastic - those shown are randomly generated every time you visit the “Browse Artists” page, which is how I find my review artists.


The best way to take advantage of this site is...

4th Oct


Romano is the winner!



Romano, a great unsigned musician from Ukraine won the Summer edition of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests with a song called Just Fine. For those interested to know more about him you can check our his artist page here on WLYS!

This is what he told us once asked if there was something he wanted to say to the people that supported him here:

"Dear brothers and sisters, I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for what you did for me voting in this competition! Primarily from Ukraine, but I know that there were some close friends/fans from other amazing spots of our incredible planet! This victory gave me additional boost and motivation to continue doing what I love –  creating what I love and sharing it with you! Thanks to weloveyoursongs.com team for the amazing opportunity! Stay tuned for more good music! C-ya!"

Second position of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest was taken by Marko Maric, a very young and talented musician from Belgrade, Serbia. While Tim Byrd (recently interviewed on this blog) got the third position, arriving on the podium for the second time.

Many thanks again to all the participants and the sponsors to make it happen. More details about the new competition will be announced next week!


27th Sep


Interview with T.Byrd




T.Byrd introduces us to his music and his band, The Straightjackets.


Does the place where you live (California) has any influence on the music you play?  I am referring to weather, people, particular mood in city where you live, etc.  If so, how can you describe this influence?

Not as much as the places I've lived and people I grew up with. My uncles, aunts, radio were more of influence on the music I listened and still listen to. I was four years old when I got totally hooked on music. My Grandpa Byrd brought me "Meet the Beatles". He was in the Navy, also very in Love with his music. He,being in the service, was aware of the impact the Beatles were making across the world before they 1st appeared on Ed Sullivan. Well, I wore that record out... I'd listen to it almost every day, my head close to the record player speaker, singing along with it.

So California is influence-less? No influence from there for you?

Well, it has been too..Growing up near San Francisco, my uncle was old enough to see Hendrix, Joplin, the Doors and all that as it was happening. He played piano and I lived with him for a while at my Grandparents home in CA where I learned a lot from him. But my Mom would buy me the Beatles, Stones and other albums as they came out

What is your biggest influence?

Sarah Jean. She is a real person, her She inspires me. It's crazy. In the last 3 years I've come up with 70 to 80 songs, mostly inspired by her. She lives in Florida, but I met her years ago.I should say biggest inspiration, not influence.

Your music is very melodic, but in the same time very experimental. Experiments on styles, genres, jazz, pop, rock, etc. It seems like you are looking for something, crossing paths of genres. What are you looking for?

It didn't hit me till I had to download my stuff to WeLoveYourSongs.com contest, when I had to pick a genre for "S...

24th Sep


M Zelle - Artist Review




One of the things, if not the thing I love most about WeLoveYourSongs is that it appreciates the changing industry. People because stars, or at least release their music, directly from their bedrooms, through their computer screens. There’s a whole new meaning brought to “Independent” when you’re literally doing things independently.

M Zelle most definitely has the at-home look to her picture, so I’m interested to hear how her songs measure up.

While her bio tells us she mostly does instrumental tracks, the first track available, “Catch Me Down” appears to be one of the exceptions, and includes lyrics. There’s parts of this that are amazing (mostly instrumentally), and parts that grind just oddly enough on the nerves. I think it’s just the way the vocals are mixed - the chords don’t hit in any sort of pleasing way for a moment here and there. For the most part though, I sort of like this crazy mix of styles she’s got going on.

“Change” is next up, and this time we even get a note that there will be lyrics! The pano playing in is actually really nice - this sounds like something I would have created in my music tech class in college. Sure, everything sounds entirely pumped through a computer, but we’re all about making it work for ourselves right now, right? Oh man, this one is rough though. It’s just lacking some sort of dynamic to draw us in to what does sound like a very thought-provoking song.

A sweet rock riff gets us excited for “Dark Horse Run.” This is an awesome track in that it doesn’t rely on some canned, clearly electronic sound - it takes risks with very classic rock sounds in a less-than-classic setting for them. This one also lacks lyrics, so there’s something drawing us to pay attention closer here. The song still tells a story, but the forced idea of making it up yourself and really feeling the music changes the whole experience.


14th Sep


Spurt - Artist Review




We’re back into Electronic this week!

I started listening to Spurt before I knew who she was - mostly because it’s easier to get other things done while listening than researching. *sigh* I need more hours in the day, please.

The quick intro is that she’s a female rapper who does all of this crazy music biz on her own. She’s from... Botswana? Wow. And her genre list includes: Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica/Dance. Crossing genres in one swoop is difficult, but always interesting. Let’s see how she handles it.

“Life” is sort of interesting at the start. It sounds like Spurt probably recorded herself once and layered herself at some different pitches to make this happen - but this is electronic after all. The rapping’s pretty impressive, though the chorus is a little harder to get through. Melodies are tough to get just right in rap songs, but this is a good attempt. It’s a more personal song, which can only help a rapper (or at least so I’ve seen).

The second song is “Up,” complete with a very old-school beatbox. Something will always remain cool about that sound. The message itself is very clear: you either go up in life or stay down. A simple message makes for a simple to comprehend chorus - key to so many rap songs. The verses hold the story that inspired it, and the chorus is the lesson. Everyone get it? Spurt sure does.

“My Gift” touches on that electronic side just a little bit more than the others at the start, though that just provides a backing for the rest. Note: using a computer to record doesn’t make a song electronica. Just saying. These songs are rap. That’s not a bad thing mind you - she’s sure as hell talented both vocally as well as in production. Anyone who can seemingly keep up with Jay-Z is pretty impressive in my mind. The only turn off here is the slightly brag about how good she is, but I also support believing in yourself, so... sure.

11th Sep


Music and the Internet in 2012


Music noise


It’s been approximately 15 years since I first used the world wide web, and it has been roughly the same amount of time that I’ve been “into” music. As someone who was born in the 80’s, I was at that age when the web took off and when I was just beginning to understand what music meant to me, as well as what the web might do for me. Since then, both music and the internet have changed, almost beyond recognition in many respects.

Music and the internet are a big part of my life now (as they are to many millions), but creating my own music and putting it online is something that fewer have had the pleasure of doing (still, many millions have done this mind!). When I first started producing electronic sounds out of my old PC and uploaded them to the interweb, getting feedback from interested musicians all over the world inspired me to create more. I think this is one of the great things the internet has done for music. It inspires confidence to create, even for the more shy among us, as feedback and praise go a long way to encouraging the writing of your next track/song.

As a musician, it has never been easier to put something together, throw it online and hussle the forums/fans for a response. In theory, this leads to the collapse of the top labels. We make our own music, our fans find it through us and buy it off our website. This is great, this is what the net is about, right? Not exactly…

One (obvious) thing I have noticed over the years is this: the less barriers there are to getting your music made and put online, the more independent music there is online. This, I love, but for the practicalities of it. With countless myspace and soundcloud pages filled with pretty shoddy attempts at music, we find ourselves bogged down, suffocated, strangled by a mass of poor quality tracks!
Now, there are many who believe that music is generally getting worse and that the c...

7th Sep


Nobody Gets Killed - Artist Review


nobody gets killed


We’re back to Rock this week, and this was the first artist that popped up for me in the category. Low-and-behold, they have music, info, and appearances (all be them listed for 2011) on their page. This is how to do it right people!!

There’s lots of descriptive words here, including phrases like “soulful voice,” “inspired melodies,” and “cadenced flow.”  Their music is further described as having “head bobbing beats” and being a “synergistic dance of melody and rhythm.” Description-wise alone, they’re already someone I want to listen to.

Whoa, but wait - they are no longer Nobody Gets Killed. If you click on their Facebook page, we’re alerted that they are now In Air. Well, In Air, you don’t have a WLYS page, so I’ll be focusing on your (I suppose) earlier music to get a sense of you as a whole.

“Did I” is the first song available for listen, and it’s definitely got those pop melodies with a rock feel, much like many of my favorite bands. The beat is steady, but has a great feel to rock to in a crowd. “Wasted” is the following song, which is a little more raw, slightly with a more basement-recording feel. The scene is definitely darker and more introspective for this one, even if the band is feeling the song just as much. The blend of steady hitting and the scratching guitar are really intriguing.

We move on to the song “Blind & Naked.” These three songs are all from the album/EP titled “Demo,” so naturally I’m assuming this was for a demo. This particular one sounds highly computer-mixed, by which I mean that the instruments sound canned, not like they are even being played in a room. On a positive note though, it gives the song a cleaner sound than the rest, and for an un-prone-to-details ear like mine, it’d be an easily enjoyable, deep song.

“Shortwave” starts the two track from Just A Seed. Radio scratch leading in, and a piano and acoustic guitar ...

1st Sep


Essential Tips: Booking a Studio


Recording and mixing studio


So, why would you decide to spend some time and money in a professional recording studio? Because the process of recording and mixing music is highly skilled. Anyone can do it, but to do it well requires much practice and talent: audio engineers and producers usually work a ten-hour day.

Here are some ideas, based on managing a studio for 15 years:

1. All pro engineers will be able to do a good job with any kind of music, but will have their particular enthusiasms and tricks, so try to find a studio who can supply someone who has a track record with your style of music.

2. Send the guy a couple of tracks (no matter how badly recorded) ahead of the session and get any feedback you can about how much time you will need to book and how you plan to record - live? Click-track? Overdub? Etc.

3. Check out the studio drum kit - hopefully it will be properly tuned and will save time. (Your drummer can take his snare and cymbals along).

4. Tape is nice for some kinds of music, but it's expensive and slow. Forget it until you have more studio experience.

5. The engineer will record your music as YOU want it to sound (not as he might like you to sound) so make sure the band members are in general agreement before you enter the studio. If you are not agreed on this you will waste a lot of studio time.

6. Steve Albini was not the first person to do this!

7. If you are on a tight budget (who isn't?) then try to mix each track when you record it. This will save time. If you can afford a separate session for mixing, your ears will be fresh,but it will take longer.

8. FORGET DEMOCRACY WHEN MIXING - you will end up with something that everyone accepts but no one really loves. The engineer plus one is usually the best team.

9. The singer is king/queen. If the voice is not in good shape, postpone the session, even if a fee is payable. Auto-tune cannot perform...

28th Aug


Artist Review: King Loverr


king loverr


I'm on week 5 of my adventures with WeLoveYourSongs' artists, and that means I've made it to the last category on the page - OTHER!

As a first, I'm taking on an American artist. This one, King Loverr (growl that 'r') is from South Carolina (one of the lovely states I have yet to venture to) and is an R&B artist. His bio claims that if you type his name into Google, he?s everywhere - and that's actually pretty damn correct. He's got himself connected in all forms of social media and takes up the entire first page of search results, as any good artist should. His description continues on to tout his many page views (don't waste time on this - tell me why I should view your pages - not who already has).

Apparently he's “made for romantic ballads,” so let's see how he appeals to a single girl, shall we?

“Baby Come To Me” shows, immediately, his deep voice. It?s definitely a smooth jam, with a slight chorus in the background, and a sax slightly carrying its own melody. It only plays for a brief bit off of the site though, and just when you think you could get into it, things come to a screeching halt. Onto the next one, I suppose.

That next one is “Somebody Loves You.” The beat is just slightly picked up from comatose, and I get what the music is meant for. I have to say though, the vocals are not on pitch. The voice is too deep in too many spots, thought the potential is clearly there. The higher echo voice out in the back that sounds like it's through a computer is out of place, and once again, it\s cut off. I guess these are literally “Sexy Snippets” as the album name implies.

“I'm What You Need” takes another really nice attempt at seduction. Again, something's slightly off. It sounds like this voice has been distorted a bit through some filters. Before I can figure it out though, the snippet is over. “Ribbon In The Sky” takes the tone even farther down,...

24th Aug


Learn How To Build And Maintain Your Website


wordpress screenshot from wikipedia


These days, it doesn’t take a lot of specialized knowledge to build and maintain a great looking website.  You need to know how to use Wordpress and some basic HTML code, which you can learn by reading a book or two.

A well-maintained, professional website has kind of become a necessity these days.  It’s almost unprofessional to not have one, and if it doesn’t look professional, people are going to draw conclusions even before they hear your music.

There are a number of ways you can measure your return on investment (ROI).  If you don’t have a website, or the one you have is not quite satisfactory, you can measure ROI by how much new work and publicity it generates for you.  If you already have a professional website, measure ROI by how much money you saved in comparison to hiring a web designer.

Photo credit: Wikipedia. Article by Isaku Kageyama.



20th Aug


Artist Review: Kristjan



I love going international with these things. This week, we're traveling to Latvia with Hip-Hop/Rap artist Kristjan. The bio on his page gives a description of a "philosophical rapper/producer." He's got two albums under his belt, recorded in Latvian, and has been a part of the country's local scene for about five years. Particularly, he has been a part of the Latvian hip hop movement, Intelligent Recordings.

The next sentence sort of has me thrown off: "His musical career started in his childhood in 2001." In 2001, I was in middle school.. what does he consider a childhood? And we don't really get the good "stay in school" message here, because at 16, he left school and appears under his stage name "Kristians" as a hardcore rapper.
The rest of the bio reads as someone who basically could not make a break in any way shape or form, but kept on recording. Most recently I guess, he switched to rapping in English.

I apologize ahead of time if this winds up being a short one, but let's see what we get out of a listen, eh?

"Enough of This" is one of the three tracks offered up on Kristjan's WLYS page, and I have to say - I'm surprised, pleasantly, by the production work that went into this. It's definitely done through a computer, but what isn't these days? There's a loop in the background that doesn't hurt the song at all. The rapping sounds much more mature, vocally, than I expected. The message is even pretty good - focusing on the good instead of the bad. Okay, well, we may be on to something here after all.

In a weird Evanescence-meets-Eminem move, we get "Mystic." The female vocals being sung in what I guess should be labeled the chorus, is straight out of a horror house (and not in the cool Amy Lee way). The overall approach to the song is pretty simple and straight-forward, it's jus not altogether appealing. At least it's a little different from the first s...

8th Aug


Artist Of The Week: Sounds Of The Empire


sounds of the empire


The first featured artist to kick-off this new column is: Sounds of the Empire. I spent a lot of time moving from genre to genre within WeLoveYourSongs. I was looking specifically for that opening sound. That transcendent fusion when all of the single elements of a song fit perfectly together; greater than the sum of their parts. A sound that has you hooked from the moment you hear it. It was exactly that sound that I discovered when I listened to Sounds of the Empire.

Their profile explains that the band was formed in mid-2010. Though they are all residents of Great Britain it is interestingly noted that all of the members of the band originally hail from South Africa. I feel compelled to break this brilliant four-piece down and explain their individual roles. The vocals delivered by Stuart Dooley are sharp, soulful and unique. Dooley’s vocals are delivered with the sort of rock panache that conveys confidence and experience. Dooley’s voice is expertly supported by mercurial sound of guitarist Matthew Alston. Alston’s thundering and intoxicating riff leaves the melody playing in your head long after the song has finished. These two elements combine perfectly on track Swallow Up The Stars. The song with its pounding bass-line; courtesy of Clark Buys, is marshalled by the fantastic sense of urgency created in the rhythm by drummer Paul Dettman. The stand-out performer on this track however is Alston, who creates and instantly recognizable guitar hook that is punctured mid-way with a blisteringly gorgeous solo. I urge every reader to check this track out; it is pure gold.

The tracks following; Love To Love and Delilah Lie, continue in a different style than their opener. Love To Love sees Dooley’s lyrics supported to a greater extent by Buys’ rolling bass line. This technique offers a greater change of pace as Alston’s stunning guitar hooks are held until the chorus an...

6th Aug


How To Contact Media Personnel Part 2 - Local News


behind music


Last week we talked about writing a personalized letter to music writers, and how it’s more effective than sending out an e-mail blast.  This week we’ll be talking about how to approach writers for local news.

Here is a sample:

Dear Mr. or Ms. WRITER NAME,

Hello, I read your article in PUBLICATION about SOCIAL CAUSE A.  SOCIAL CAUSE A has been a personal concern for me, and I am dedicating my next show to raise awareness of it.  This is why I am interested in SOCIAL CAUSE A.  I’d like to talk to you more about the event at your earliest convenience.


Best regards,


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Article by Isaku Kageyama.


3rd Aug


Artist Review: The Credins


The Credins


Right off the bat, I love that this band has taken the time to complete a page for this site. They've linked all of their other social media outlets to make my job even easier, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know them better tonight.
the credins
Starting off with the general bio, The Credins are a band from Norway made up of three guys (wait... there are four in the picture...): Peter (vocalist/guitarist), Magnus (vocalist/bassist), and Stian (drummer). The picture makes them automatically look like The Beatles to me, but Momma just raised me that way I suppose. My favorite line here though is: "...their target was clear: To become the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time." And so far, on the way to achieving that goal, they've appeared on British and Norwegian radio, along with winning several competitions throughout the region. They've go an EP out (that I'd love to hear), but in the meantime, let's peruse what they've got up for us on WLYS.

"From Beyond" was a single released by the band in 2010, and right away it's got a great California/Weezer-esq beat, without the echo that I almost anticipated cringing at. The song is very simple in a way, keeping things raw and moving throughout the song. There's harmonies in the chorus, which I have to admit, you don't always hear these days. The guitar, I think, is what makes it. There's a total beach sound in the way it plays, but the vocals drag it back in-land. This could be a great dance-at-the-concert number. The other song posted from this single release is "Just Keep Looking Up." It's clearly optimistic, but I have to say that the lyrics are sort of interesting in the verses. They're not just your run-of-the-mill happy pop lyrics - there's more there. This is what people used to refer to as "how those kids from Dawson's Creek spoke." There's an elegant story woven throughout actually, despite it being young and em...

1st Aug


How To Contact Media Personnel Part 1 - Music Writers


Behind The Music


The most common mistake people make is to write a generic invitation and blast it to everyone on a list.  The problem with this is that you haven’t set yourself apart from the hundreds of other people that are doing the exact same thing.  You might get some media coverage using this approach, but you will be a lot more effective if you personalize the invitation.

Personalizing has been a lot more effective for me and I’ve been able to land some great articles, whereas e-mail blasts have usually gotten me a small listing in the “Events” section at best.  Here is a list of steps I use:

1.    Write down the basic information of the event.  Date, Time, Place, Price, and a Description
2.    Find writers and link your event to what they’ve written about in the past
3.    Write a template with the basic information
4.    Write a personalized header

Here is a sample:

Dear Mr. or Ms. WRITER NAME,

Hello, I read your article in PUBLICATION about BAND A and BAND B.  Since you are interested in GENRE OF MUSIC, we thought you might be interested in coming to our event on DATE AND TIME.  This is how we are similar to BAND A and BAND B, and this is how we are different.  If you’re able to come, let me know and I’ll put you on our guest list.


Best regards,


Next week I’ll have different examples of letters and talk about the situations in which you might use them.

Photo credit: Wikipedia. Article by Isaku Kageyama.


27th Jul


Leaving Richmond - Artist Review



For the first time in quite a while, I'm having trouble finding an artist on Spotify. Granted, this is a site that specializes in Indie artists (which i love), and given the mainstream growth of Spotify, it's hard to find the unsigned on the program. Nonetheless, we will push through and learn what we can about an Electro band, Leaving Richmond.

A 2007 New York Creation, Leaving Richmond now calls Los Angeles home instead. The description speaks of "rich ambient soundscapes, emotional melodies, and intricate acoustic and electric guitar work." As well as informing us that everything written is "underscored by electronic production and grooves." Any Swim Fans out there may have heard this sound throughout the programming as well. I can tell you, I'm almost positive I've heard "What Were We Waiting For" during an Adult Swim bumper. The sound's very regularly paced and light-hearted - perfect for those spots.

This sound is incredible actually, especially as this particular song builds. The description is absolutely accurate, and the use of guitars like this is something I never would have expected in an electronic composition.

A little further research on the web gives us the names involved: Jordan Pier on guitar, keyboards, and production, and Adam Sanborne on beats and production. The only band I've heard of off of any 'sounds like' list is Explosions in the Sky, and with good reason - this sound is very different. It's like a jam band finally learned how to use a computer program properly. "Slow to Exhale" is a little more electronically focused with the guitar treatments, utilizing layering in a really cool way. There's enough ambiance in the background to still fit the 'chill' vibe they're looking for, but maintain this sweet sound.

The last song available on the band's page is "And Now We Stand Up," and if I hadn't known any better I would have thought we were e...

23rd Jul


Time To Think About SEO


English: seo block


If you have a website, try searching for words and phrases in Google, and see where your website ends up in the search results.  For example, if you’re a rock band, try searching for “rock band” and see what number your website shows up in the search results.  This is depending on your website Page Rank, and the higher up, the more traffic you will be getting.

There are ways to get you a higher Page Rank, and this is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  I’ve personally tried a few DIY methods but it hasn’t really improved my Page Rank all that much, and I’m thinking of hiring a professional.

In order to get the maximum results without spending an arm and a leg, I need to focus on a few key phrases.  I can use Google Adsense to find out which phrases have large search volumes and low competition.  I would hire a SEO expert to get me the no.1 Page Rank for something like “rock band LA” as opposed to just “rock band.

Article by Isaku Kageyama.


20th Jul


Bad Jokes - ...just a matter of time Album Review



When I was asked to write my first WeLoveYourSongs article, I was lost as to where to start. There are so many bands on this site, and surely if I picked one I would somehow be missing out on something possibly even better. But since you have to start somewhere, I went the to rock genre section and clicked on the first band I saw - in enter to my life Bad Jokes.

What brought me to this band? Possibly fate - I was raised by a pure-blooded Italian family. The name's also intriguing. And hey, that bright orange in the background of the album cover does sort of draw you in. Whatever it was, Claudio, Dino, and Marco drew me in and kept me interested throughout the album, in one way or another.

Research on a few sites compares the group's sound to Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Paul McCartney. I?m going to go ahead and give them that, for the most part, and throw in a little Backstreet Boys and Daughtry as well. The songs vary from track-to-track as to where exactly in the genre spectrum they lie.

We start things off with a great pop rock song in “World Keep Tumblin' Down, ”which got me completely excited for the rest of the album. This sound was not maintained right away, or at least not throughout each and every track. I was so grateful to hear it come back in other tracks, including “Stay Tonight,” “The End,” and the final track, “Belinda - Reprise.” There is a good band in there, really knowing how to hit it hard with the music and the lyrics, certainly tugging on this girl's heart.

There were other songs that confused me as to their place though. The band takes a very 90's-boy-band-esq sound for tracks like “One More Chance” and “Beautiful Girl.” the group definitely shows off their unique harmonies, but after that initial journey into such a great rock mode, I was confused.

Then there were moments that threw me off completely, both in good and bad ways. The ba...

18th Jul


Hit Songs That Weren't Written by Who You Think


Nas Will Smith

We all know that some big musical artists don’t write their own songs. But sometimes the lyrics sound so personal and specific you think they had to come from the singer.  Often the real author of the song is either an unknown artist or someone famous for a totally different musical style. For instance…

Puff Daddy didn’t write his famous song “I’ll Be Missing You” to Notorious B.I.G. The lyrics of Sean “Puffy” Combs’s rap sound like they’re from personal memory. However, they were actually penned by an unknown rapper Todd Gaither, whose stage name is “Sauce Money”. Not only was it not written by Puff Daddy, but it wasn’t written with Notorious B.I.G. in mind. Gaither’s mother had just passed away and he thought of her while writing it.

“Getting’ Jiggy Wit It” is a classic 90’song and sure to bring a smile on anyone old enough to remember it’s face. Silly lines and an even sillier music video kept Will Smith in the public eye, albeit for being pretty corny. What’s surprising to most people is that Will Smith didn’t write the song alone- rapper Nas penned many of the lyrics. Nas is one of the most respected, hard core rappers of our era. He brought back New York style rapping to America and has constantly been censored and protested against for his edgy lyrics. It’s no wonder most people don’t guess him as the co-writer of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’!

There are many more stories just like this. Busta Rhymes and Cee-Lo Green helped write a song for the Pussycat Dolls. Prince has written many songs performed by others. Can you think of anymore? Comment below!

Article by Chelsey Fox.


15th Jul


Interview with Jeff Liberty


Bastard Town EP - JEFF LIBERTY


Jeff Liberty introduces us to his brand new EP.


Describe your style of music!

It's always hard to describe your music, but by categorizing it people have a better understanding of who you are. I certainly am influenced by pop music and music on the fringe... I'd describe it as Outsider Pop.

What inspired you to sing the way that you do?

Well my voice and it's colour and tone is what a higher power has given me.. It is what it is.. I guess inspiring vocalist for me have been Johnny Cash, Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields and Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears.

What equipment do you use?

Most of the songs I record at my friends Grant Heckman's studio we affectionately call The Bunker in beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. The Bunker has an English Allen and Heath soundboard. Grant also co-produced the "Bastard Town EP" with me.. Babette Hayward who co-wrote the original "Bastard Town" with me also has a producer credit for what we recorded in her basement. For demo's at home I have a Tascam 4 track portastudio!

What has it been like to be on WeLoveYourSongs?

I am new to the WeLoveYourSongs community, but I am loving it! It's home to some wonderfully talented unsigned artists and fans committed to promoting some of the best independent music today!

What advice could you give to other aspiring musicians?

Allthough I make a living in the music business I do it as a artist manager and music columnist. Check out www.jlartists.com .
My own music is all about self expression and therapy. My advise to any aspiring musicians would be to do what you love with passion, honesty and knowledge. Others will follow if what you do is REALl! Build a team around you of true believer's and be pro-active! It's not just going to fall in your lap!

What is your new song about?

My new song "Madeleine" off the "Bastard Tow...

13th Jul


Pride In Your Work


pride in your work


“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it.” – John Lennon

I won’t waste time explaining who John Lennon is, after all – you’re already on a music website! It goes without saying that he was a fantastic talent. Any ego John Lennon had was well deserved. But what about you? Is it okay, even beneficial, for your ego to inflate as your music gets recognized?

In short, Yes! There are numerous advantages to having a healthy self-esteem.  Self- confidence helps you manage life’s challenges, maintain a positive inner monologue, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments.  A lack of self- esteem can hold you back from success, even if you have tons of talent.

Happier and more satisfied people take bigger chances, like the kind of chances that pay off in the music industry. You’ll never have the nerve to move to a new city, send out demo tapes, or walk right up to a music executive if you don’t believe in yourself. With self-confidence comes more ease in social situations. You’ll need this skill to meet new people who can further your career.

If you want to be more productive, more assertive, and more successful, allow yourself to be really proud of what you’ve already done. Dare yourself to dream of huge success, and most importantly, believe that you have what it takes to get there. No musician has ever made it big by thinking they weren’t good enough. The fears of growing an inflated ego are always out there and we’ve all heard the horror stories. Let go of that worry and let yourself be a proud as possible!

Article by Chelsey Fox.


9th Jul


7 Days To The Start Of The Summer Competitions


Today we are announcing the come back of our contests, with the Summer edition of the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions that will start next Monday 16th of July. Great prizes have been secured also this time for you with some amazing partners!
tracks &  fields

Once again the biggest prize will be offered by the guys of Tracks & Fields (www.tracksandfields.com)!

For those of you that don't know them yet, Tracks & Fields is an international platform where musicians can pitch their music to projects in advertising, film and games. They strive to make the synch licensing process as easy as possible. As a musician, label or publisher you just need to screen the project briefings and decide if and which of your tracks to submit. Some of the projects they found music for include Final Destination 5, eBay, Porsche and Google.

For our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions they offer us two annual Advanced and one PRO subscription, worth approximately $760 (€600) in total, with which you will get full of premium features. You can find all details here: http://www.tracksandfields.com/page/premium_features .

MobBaseA free custom Android app for one year (worth $260) as well as a free Premium HTML5 Mobile Web App for life offered by MobBase.

MobBase is a platform that makes it free and easy for bands to create, launch and manage their own, custom mobile apps. With MobBase, artists share music, photos, videos, tweets, news, information about shows, merchandise and other content with fans on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. and other mobile devices. More than 500 artists and record labels have launched their own MobBase apps, including Tila Tequila, Pepper, Parkway Drive, 9:30 Club, Rebelution, Jump Smokers, John McLaughlin, Iration, the Jacka, Zion I, and Paul Thorn.

Thanks to our collaboration with Mondo Tunes, we are able to offer the free distribu...

6th Jul


Is Your Website Working For You?


website ideas

Here is an exercise you can do to see if your website is working for you.

You will need to know:

1.    How much does your website cost?  Designer fees, server fees, etc.
2.    How much traffic does your website generate per month?  Visits and page views
3.    How many albums did you sell per month on the internet?
4.    How many gigs did you get as a result of people finding your website?

The first question you might ask yourself is “Does more traffic mean more album sales?”  Compare your monthly website traffic with your monthly album sales and see if more traffic leads to more album sales.

Another question you might ask is “Is my website generating gigs?”  This is a little harder to answer but if you’re getting e-mails asking about your availability, or if clients tell you they saw your website, that’s a pretty good indication that your website is working for you.

If the answers to both these question is yes, great.  Your website is obviously working for you, so work on driving more traffic, and that will generate more album sales and gigs.

But what if the answer is no?  In that case, you can look at how much your website costs, and adjust the budget so that you only spend as much as it generates.  It doesn't make sense to spend $500 per year on a website if it only generates $200.  You should only be spending $200, so maybe you should design the website yourself.

Another possibility is that your website isn’t working because it’s not generating enough traffic.  You might look into building an internet marketing strategy or even advertising and see if this helps.  Or, maybe it’s not working because the site isn’t very user-friendly.  Perhaps investing in a professional designer would help.

These are some of the things you can do to visualize whether or not your website is working.  That way you can make the necessary adjustments to m...

3rd Jul




inspirational songs


Regardless of your musical taste and background, certain songs played at just the right time can give you the inspiration you need to get through the daily grind. Countless studies have proven the affect of music on relieving stress and helping boost moods. In the music industry in particular, it’s extra important to keep your spirits lifted and your eye on the prize. I’ve listed ten of my favorite songs that keep me focused on my goals here, do they match yours?

10.  Lose Yourself- Eminem “…if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

9.  Billionaire – Travie Mccoy “ Oh every time I close my eyes. I see my name in shinning lights… I swear the world better prepare. For when I’m a billionaire.”

8.  You Get What You Give – New Radicals “ You’ve got the music in you. Don’t let go….You’ve got a reason to live. Can’t forget. We only get what we give.”

7. “If You’re Going Through Hell” – Rodney Atkins “ If you’re going through hell. Keep on going, don’t slow down. If you’re scared, don’t show it. You might make it out before the devil even knows you’re there.”

6.  Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson “ If you want to make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

5. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi “It’s my life… it’s now or never”

4.  Mean – Taylor Swift “ Someday I’ll be living in a big old city and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.”

3.  Fighter – Christina Auguilera “ Made me learn a little bit faster. Made my skin a little bit thicker. Makes me that much smarter. SO thanks for making me a fighter.”

2.  Stronger – Kanye West “Now that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.”

1. Baby Girl- Sugarland “ I know that I’m on my way… An’ I know it’s worth all the dues I pay, when I can write to you and say : Dear Mom a...

23rd Jun


The Sherlock's Dead Are The Winners


sherlock's dead


The Sherlock's Dead, a fresh unsigned indie rock band from Hackney, London, won the Spring edition of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions with a song called The End of Tomorrow.

For those interested to know more about them, is possible to read a great interview on our blog and listen to some good music on their WeLoveYourSongs band page.

Once asked if there was something they would like to say to comment their victory this is what they told us:

"At first glance we never thought we could win a competition like this, but with all the hard work of our fans we have and for that we'd like to thank them. We'd also like to thank WeLoveYourSongs and all the companies involved for supporting unsigned artists such as ourselves. The experience has been immense"

In the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest, we have for the second time in a row, Milos Vukomanovic, with his acoustic rock music from Belgrade, Serbia, followed by Kane, a talented rapper from Ottawa, US!

Thanks very much once again to all the fantastic people that have participated and our amazing partners for the great support to make this possible.
Keep this blog checked to stay updated with the news from our community, to have more details about the new competitions and to discover our plans for the future. Exciting news will be announced sometime soon!



16th Jun


Summer Music Festivals Worldwide


summer festivals

Summer is finally here and music lovers know what that means- summer music festivals! Check out this quick list of music events this summer and add more of your own in comment section.

Vans Warped Tour
June 16- August 5

The Used, Rise Against, Lost Prophets, and Of Mice and Men headline this year’s tour that starts in Salt Lake City UT and travels throughout the United States. Over 90 bands are scheduled to appear and if past summers are any indication, this event is sure to rock.

August 3-5

We all knew this one would make the list, right? This year’s headliners are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Black Keys, and Black Sabbath. But don’t miss out on the rest of the bill including Florence & The Machine, Jack White and tons of midlevel bands. The concert event is held in Chicago, Illinois.

Rock Werchter
June 28-July 1

This festival, held in Werchter, Belgium, is one of the five biggest European music festivals. This year it boasts Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Cure, Dropkick Murphys and way more. Can we start drooling now?

Fuji Rock
July 27-29

Japan’s biggest festival has amazing bands, expect The Stone Roses and Radiohead to headline this year, and a mystifying location in the mountains of Naeba, Japan. Some stages are only available after a trek through a forest or a gondola ride. There’s also a “stoned circle” where you can play drums and other instruments.

Splendour in the Grass
July 27-29

If you’re going to be in New South Wales, Australia this summer (their winter), this is the place to be. Hidden in the sleepy surfer town of Bryon Bay, it’s headliners include Jack White, The Smashing Pumpkins, and other top Aussie rock bands.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. So get out there, get creative, and enjoy some summer music!


Article by Chelsey Fox.

13th Jun


Are You Keeping Good Data?


A self created image of a confused doodle face...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A promoter calls you to play a music festival.  How much do you ask for in fees?  You’re about to release a new CD.  How much do you price it at?  These are some of the questions you should be able to accurately answer if you’ve been keeping good data.

A lot of musicians live under the false hope that someday they will get their “big break.”  Someday Dr. Dre will hear their demo, and turn them into the next Eminem.  Well, that might happen, but your chances will be a lot better if you keep good data that supports your claim to being a good investment.

If you were an agent or a manager, wouldn’t you want to work with the artist that is going to make you the most money?  If you can tell agents and managers, who are your potential investors, that you’re going somewhere (YouTube views, Facebook Likes, Website hits, CD sales) and that you have good business acumen (how you’re going to grow revenue) you have a much better chance of getting them on board.

Article by Isaku Kageyama.


11th Jun


10 Days Left To Win Big


wlys crowd contests


There are now just 10 days left from the end of the Spring edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions!

The top prize is offered this time by the Berlin based guys of Tracks & Fields. They will give out two annual Advanced and one PRO subscription, worth approximately $760 in total, with which you will get full of premium features. Other great stuff is offered by MobBase, with a free custom Android app for one year (worth $260) as well as a free Premium HTML5 Mobile Web App for life, JMD Distribution, with more than 20 songs globally distributed for free, and Tweak Music Mixing, which is going to professionally mix and master one song of the winning artist. You can check out the full list of prizes here.

How to Win:

-    Visit WeLoveYourSongs and create an artist profile (if you don't already have one).
-    Submit some of your best songs
-    Encourage fans to vote for you

Right now Milos Vukomanovic is the on top of the artists ranking while The End of Tomorrow by Sherlock's Dead is for now the most loved song. The first few artists are very close to each other and we think that there is still space for surprises.

Shout out to your fans now, it's time for them to give you back some Love! The voting deadline is Wednesday 20th of June.

As always best of luck from the WLYS crew!


7th Jun


Looking for Musical Inspiration


writing musi


It’s paramount to feed your creative side before attempting to write any new music. But sometimes you’re on a deadline. Whether it be pressure from band mates, an upcoming show you want to debut new music or (hopefully soon!) requests from a record company after you sign a contract, sometimes you have to create new music quicker than would come naturally to you. So how do you do it?

The first response of most writers is to focus on relationships. Whether it’s a crush from afar, full blown love, or an emotional breakup, most songs are about some form of romantic relationships. But get creative and take it one step further. Some musicians have written successful songs about the love they feel for their children, for instance “When I’m Sixty-Four” by the Beatles or “Isn’t she Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.  R&B legends Boy II Men had a hit with a song written for their mom “A Song for Mama”.

Also, try to write a song about a particular place that brings strong feelings. “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor is a great example. And imagine how stoked the home crowd will be when you sing about their favorite place!  Don’t feel obligated to write about a big city like New York or San Francisco to get audience relation. Adele wrote “Hometown Glory” about West Norwood, but has received a lot of praise for it outside of her local British fans.

Nature can also be a great inspiration. Inspiration comes from all around us and sitting in a park or on the beach might the perfect place to not only rouse your inspiration, but recognize it when it comes. Consider the classic John Denver song “Rocky Mountain High”. Even if being in nature doesn’t bring you to think of a song about the natural world, it will probably clear your thoughts enough to write a song about something else.

Lastly, consider writing about a certain event.  In recent years, songs that can be played at graduat...

5th Jun


New Interview: Sherlock's Dead


Sherlock's Dead Hackney London


Sherlock’s Dead debut EP ‘Indigo Sea’ is a bold attempt at trying to create a sound that is different to the current crop of manufactured bands churning out the usual drippy pop rubbish. The vocals are catchy and the singer has her own unique style that makes me think she will be set for big things, whilst the musical arrangement is quirky and when it all comes together you have a very promising band that people should look out for, best of all the EP is free to download, so don’t just take my word for it, go download it for yourself and make your own mind up.

Can you tell us a little about the band, who are you, why have you become a band?

Jake: I remember our first “jam.” Me and Henry on the upper deck of a bus with a stylophone were feeling incredibly cool because we had learnt 12:51 by The Strokes, and we had just got exactly the right sound. We even managed to get our first fans on that journey. It was from that point on we realised how much we loved playing music together and so formed Sherlock’s Dead, albeit with a different line-up.
Henry: It took us a while to realise that we couldn’t play all the instruments and realise that we needed to have other people, and a while longer after that to
realise that they needed to be the right people
Alex: yeah, I wasn’t in the band from the start, and wasn’t even a bassist when I joined the band. I play a lot
of jazz guitar and also saxophone in various bands. I’d played in crappy rock band for a competition, but it was nothing compared to when I joined Sherlock’s dead. The sound that we made when we first jammed was awesome. I just wanted to share that awesome sound with the world.
Maisie: I think I had sort of the same sort of entrance into the band as Alex, I’d been in a band in the U.S before here which helped

What equipment do you use to produce your music?

Jake: it’s...um...highly sophistic...

1st Jun


Who Do You Want To Surround Yourself With?


Quest Crew
(Photo credit: Greater Tacoma Community Foundation)


The people that you associate yourself with are the people you become.  If you want to be successful, you want to surround yourself with people that are successful. 

It’s different from being a follower or sucking up.  You can find plenty of successful people, so find ones that you respect and show these people you like and respect them.  If you meet someone that you like and respect, chances are the feeling will be mutual.

People talk about the importance of networking, but your real network consists of a core group of maybe a dozen people.  You want to make sure these people are the ones you want to become.

Article by Isaku Kageyama.



28th May


Your Calling Into Music


Your Call into Music


When did you know music was what you were going to do with your life? Did you grow up singing songs in front of your family? Maybe as you got older, you were particularly touched by a certain music genre. For some, an especially traumatic or life changing event leaves them wanting an emotional outlet.

Singer/songwriting legend Stevie Knicks has said her parents gave her a classical guitar for her 16th birthday and she began writing songs afterwards. That experience led her to the realization writing songs and singing them to people was her calling.

Adele has said that around the age of four she became “obsessed with voices” and starting singing in different tunes. Singing eventually became a creative expression for numerous family and relationship heartbreaks for her.

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s lead singer-songwriter, was born into a musical family. Several of his aunts and uncles were also in bands and singers. He began singing when he was two years old, and by four he started playing piano and was singing songs he had written about their trips to the park.

Not everyone knows as a child that music is for them. Maybe you’re still waiting for your true musical calling. Or maybe music isn’t your life’s work, just a hobby. For many, music doesn’t pay the bills it’s just a passion for their free time. All of that is okay! People fall anywhere from enjoying certain musical styles to devoting their entire life to their singing, song writing, and instrument playing. As long as it brings joy to your life, allow music into your life as little or as much as you want.

Article written by Chelsey Fox.


27th May


Where Will You Be In Three Years


coachella 2010
The Phoenix performing at Coachella 2010 (Photo credit: sta.helena)


Where were you three years ago?  Would you have been able to imagine being where you are today?  Perhaps the answer is yes, and perhaps the answer is no.  An important question you may want to ask yourself moving forward is, “Where do I want to be in three years?”  And most importantly “How do I get there?”

Having a general idea of where you’re headed and how you’re going to do it clears up a number of things.  What skills do I need, and what can I do to fix the situation?  What resources do I need, and what can I do to get them?

Having a road map of what you want to do in the future makes what you need to be doing today so much clearer.  It’s your career, so I hope you have fun thinking about it!

By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


23rd May


WLYS at HTML5Dev conference in San Francisco


html5devconf stackmob

Photo:  Dinner Social at StackMob (www.stackmob.com) in San Francisco  after HTML5DevConf.

WLYS joined the hundreds of technology innovators at HTML5Dev conference (http://html5devconf.com/) in San Francisco. While we all wanted to learn about the latest and greatest tools and best practices of HTML5, the excitement throughout the day was simply startup-buzz.  Really!  Almost everyone I met were either founders, developers, designers or marketing functions from startups around the world. 

There were speakers from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and a few big guys.  But the thrill was to tell the world about what we created, see what our peers were working on, figuring out how we’re different and how to partner, finding new potential users/customers…and be inspired or inspire others.  For WLYS, we’re on that ride, too, to inspire future artists with the opportunity to reach out to the world with their music. 

Rock on, San Francisco and the world of startups!

By Hoa Tran



21st May


New Interview: The Starkers


The Milkmen


The Starkers are a fresh indie rock trio of musicians joined together to bring a new sharp edge to music. The band is from Swindon and is preparing for their first gig on June 9th in their hometown.

1. Hello The Starkers, tell us all about yourselves and how you got together.

Toryn: Well we've all been in different various bands before and known each other for a while through friends of friends. I contacted Callum (drums) about starting a little project and he was keen and up for it so we started throwing ideas at each other.. well not literally throwing but emailing each other song ideas n that!. We found it was working really well and toyed with the idea of gigging the material and writing more.... I knew Darren (bass) for about 3 years prior The Starkers as he was a sound engineer at most of the venues round Swindon. I knew he was a good musician and a good bloke so I contacted him asking him if he was up for a jam and see what happens... So we had a jam together and it really worked, things really clicked! So then The Starkers were born.

2. You guys have been together for a relatively short period of time and you are set for your debut gig on the 9th of June this year, tell us why people should be at that gig?

Toryn: Yeah we haven't been together long at all. Well Since February and recruited Darren in March... But things have come along sooo well! Things are flowing nicely and we have gradually got a full 30min set together. If I was to tempt people to come to our debut gig i'd say …. Come and have a laugh with us, we play music with balls and we will make this gig one to NOT forget.. So don't miss it...

3.What artists influences the band?

Toryn: Well individually we are inspired by loads of different bands which I think its good because it creates a better contrast. We are mainly inspired by bands like Nirvana, The Cribs, The Jam, The ...

18th May


Make, Go to Sleep, and Check Again Tomorrow!


musicians sleep deprivation


We’ve all been there. You’re working, creating a musical masterpiece no doubt, but the clock is ticking.  The solution is simple, down an energy drink and keep going. Nothing could be worse than breaking your creative flow, right? Fortunately for you sleep lovers, its pure illusion that decreasing the hours of sleep will increase your productivity.

Sleep is important to your mental and physical health for a number of reasons. For one, your attention span shortens.  Trying to go on a lack of sleep also attributes to the inability to accumulate knowledge, compromising your imagination and memory in the process.  Your band mates and friends probably won’t appreciate your irritability and difficulty concentrating either!

But it’s more than the negative aspect of missing sleep, there’s been numerous studies proving that REM sleep actually improves creativity.  Even an afternoon nap can improve your cognitive skills by up to 40%!  If you’re trying to write new lyrics, learn chords, or memorize a new set list, that boost can be exactly what you need.

This information is far from ground-breaking. In fact, many famous musicians have used this trick. Paul McCartney is quoted as saying the melody for the Beatles’ famous song “Yesterday” came to him in a dream.  Taking it a step further, Billy Joel has said the same for EVERY song he’s ever written. Not unique to music, famous authors like Stephen King and Marry Shelley literally dreamed up some of their most famous characters this way. 

If you’re anything like me, you can’t sleep all day and night waiting for an epiphany in your sleep. However, the mental state right before falling asleep is when all the clutter of the day washes away and you’re alone with your creativity. If you wrote a great song but can’t quite nail down the perfect title, try going over the lyrics in your head right before you drift to sleep.  Y...

16th May


Try A New Instrument




Learning how to play a new instrument could really broaden your range, and help you becoming a better musician.  For example, if you sing and play guitar, you might try learning percussion.  You don’t have to become a great percussionist, just take a few lessons or workshops.  You’ll notice how you begin to feel rhythm differently, and how it helps you groove a little better.

But the biggest advantage is being able to articulate what you want from the other musicians more clearly.  If you know what it’s like to play percussion, and you know some of the techniques, you can tell your drummer or percussionist what to do a little more clearly.

By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.



13th May


How can I record music on my computer for free?


Linux home recording studio
Home recording studio (Photo credit: wstryder)


To record music on your computer you don’t necessarily need an expensive music software program to do it.

There are a number of music software programs available on the Internet for Mac, PC and Linux, which allow you to record and edit your music tracks for free.

1. Audacity
Audacity runs on Mac, PC and Linux and has many of the features of the higher end audio programs, including effects, multi tracks and VST support.
If you have never used an audio editing program before, it can serve as a great introduction to the potential possible when recording your music on a computer. 
Audacity is generally favoured by podcasters and DJs due to its ease of editing.  It is also a fairly stable program, and is viewed as being one of the best free audio editing programs on the Internet.

2. Ardour
Ardour is available for Mac and Linux.  It is fully-fledged multi track recorder.  The program is free, but has certain limitations - if you decide not to donate.

3. Rosegarden
A Linux only DAW, that has full multi-track capabilities with audio and midi recording.

4. Traverso
Traverso is a simple and straightforward multi-track recorder available on Mac, PC & Linux.  It is well equipped for recording bands or multi tracking vocals.

By Chris Haines


10th May


New Interview: The Milkmen


the milkmen


Three-piece acoustic groove rock never sounded better as 'The Milkmen' deliver powerful melodies and captivating lyrics, along with the occasional electric guitar.

They have been called a musical fusion of different styles, with influences ranging from 'Dave Matthews' to 'Kings of Leon'. They have Conor Mcloughlin fronting the band with his highly original style of guitar playing and amazing unique voice, 'The Milkmen' have something special going on that you would have never heard before.

They won 'Battle of the Bands' at Rockingham Hotel in 2009 and walked away with $15 000 in cash and prizes funding their latest album 'The Man with the Plan' which is now available for download on iTunes worldwide.

1. The Milkmen are returning to the UK in June, after spending the past 16 years in Australia, tell us what have you been up to there musically and why you decided to move there.

Frontman Conor Mcloughlin and bassist Elliot Careswell emigrated to Australia in 1998 and 1996 with their families. Drummer Jonathan Riviere traveled to Australia on a 5 year working visa in 2006. We formed the band as a project at music college in 2006. Since then we have recorded 2 albums, 2 Ep's and have been featured on 3 compilation albums. We have also placed first in 2 'Battle of the Bands' competitions.

2. In 2009 The Milkmen won the The Rockingham Hotel's Battle of the Bands and walked away with $15,000 in cash and prizes, did winning this competition and the money help you with your music career?

Winning the 'Rockingham Hotel Battle of the Bands' competition funded our latest album 'The Man with the Plan'. As well as the media exposure we received, the title of 'Battle of the Bands' winners helped raise our profile.

3. You are doing quite well in Australia so far why have The Milkmen decided to come to the UK instead of pursuing your fan base in A...

8th May


Learn Something New Every Day


you learn something every day if you pay attention


If your objective is to play high quality music, make sure you’re learning something new every day that will help you in that direction.  If your objective is to sell 5,000 copies of your CD, make sure you’re learning something new every day about how to do that.  Knowledge is the tool that will get you where you want to be, and having more of it in better quality will only help you get there faster.

If you need suggestions for things to learn, try looking on the websites of any major music school and see what kinds of courses interest you.  You might try learning a thing or two about sequencing or recording.  That kind of knowledge could really come in handy when it comes to producing an demo track or even an album.

The other advantage of continuous learning, at least for me, is that it keeps me down to earth.  I may think I know a lot about music, but there are so many things I don’t know that might really help me if I did.  I need to keep an open, receptive mind to all that is out there, and always being on the lookout for new knowledge is a great way for me to do that.

By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


2nd May


Music on the Web a force for Good?


internet music


The creator of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee has criticised the music industry for stiffening musical creativity, and preventing openness. Berners-Lee who created the World Wide Web in 1989 was quoted in Wired Magazine saying that people stealing music from the internet is not a as big a deal as record label’s have implied claiming ‘laws have been created which makes out as if the only problem on the internet is teenagers stealing music’ he continued ‘the internet is bigger than the music industry ’.

Berners-Lee’s comments are a reaction to three recent pieces of legislation designed to protect privacy on the web. The US Government has recently passed three bills, the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), all of which protect individual rights and creativity on the Internet. Berners-Lee has called for the music industry to keep up with the changing times by coming up with a better system to generate revenue from music. 
The internet has transformed the music industry which has been battling illegal downloads for over a decade. The introduction of file sharing site Napster in 1999 allowed people to obtain music for free. Downloads have became a vital part of life with the rise of MP3 Players epitomised with the launch of Apple’s iTunes in 2005. Internet downloads have been given further credibility with their incorporation into official music charts from 2004.
With its potentially infinite audience the web could be the perfect marketing tool for budding artists, and getting on to established sites like We Love Your Songs can be a perfect marketing tool. Berners-Lee’s comments are a reflection of the changing time of the music industry with social networking becoming vital in the rise of new stars. It seems that the debate over file sharing and illegal downloads for those trying to break ...

30th Apr


The 3-4-3 Principle


The 3-4-3 Principle


The 3-4-3 Principle states that out of 100 workers, 30 will perform well, 40 around average, and 30 below average.  Let’s say you have 3 teams of 100 workers each, and you take the top members of each team to create a “dream team” of 100 workers.  Theoretically, you should get a great team that performs impeccably.  But the 3-4-3 principle states that you will still end up with the same ratio of top, average, and poor performers regardless.

There are various applications to this principle.  First, it means that you really don’t know how a person will perform until actually put the person in the situation.  Someone could be a great musician, but if it’s not the right band or the right kind of music, the result could be very bad.

It also tells you something about your audience.  If you are going to play for a room of 100 people, the 3-4-3 Principle tells you that 30 will like you, 40 will be undecided, and 30 will not like you.  It’s up to you to decide whom you want to play for.  Is it the 30 who like you, the 40 who are undecided, or the 30 who don’t like you?

By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


28th Apr


New Interview: Jonathan Fastborg


jonathan fastborg


I had the pleasure of speaking to Jonathan Fastborg recently. Mr. Fastborg is a 23 year old musician, from Umea, Sweden. He is a one man band and self-produced musician. From guitar to piano spreads an ongoing search for musical balance. For his own creative process Jonathan makes music that can´t be written or played out of thin air.

1. Mr. Jonathan Fastborg; interesting music; interesting name, tell us about both.

My birth name is Jonathan Fastborg so it was easy to put a name on something that I made from scratch. When you’re a part of the music and the music is a part of you then to labeling it something else would only create a distance between the two.

2. How long has your one man band been going on for now and how did you start out?

The process of creating songs has been going on for some five years. Initially I started with drums at age 17 and short after the interest for writing and composing songs grew.

3. There are millions of unsigned bands and artists trying to make it in the music business every day, how do you think you differ from these other artists?

I´ve questioned myself if I wanted to “run” my music like a company (with a lot of focus on making product that differ from others, in this case musicians). And I´d like to think that if the main focus lies on making the music you want the demand for it comes naturally. I think the best way of being different now days is to don´t give a shit about being different.

4. Name some musicians or people that have influenced you musically.

One person comes to mind. I have tremendous amount of respect for Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails. Both musically and the way he gets the changes in the music industry. And then the list goes on for every musician making his or her own music (band or artist).

5. How did you find out about weloveyoursongs.com?

I´ve been a member for a couple of w...

26th Apr


Creating Chords


music chords


Chords are a fundamental element of music.   Without them, music would be very boring.   Chords often set the mood or feeling of the music, while the melody of the music is the bit you will often end up whistling on your way back home.

There are four basic triads that you should really be aware of: Major, minor, augmented and diminished.  These are written above in traditional notation.  Don’t worry if you can’t read music notation.  All you need to understand is the basic principles.

Even if you know nothing about chords or music notation you can still create them easily.  For this you will need a computer with a music program that has a MIDI Piano Roll section.  

The Piano Roll allows you to draw in notes one by one.  If you are not a virtuoso MIDI keyboard player – and let’s face it, not many of us are these days!  This is going to be your “go to” section of your music software program (DAW) for creating chords and melodies. 

If you scribble in a few notes in this section and then play them back with a MIDI instrument assigned to the channel, you will find that some sections sound good, but most of it will probably sound pretty bad.  This is because when you scribble the notes in there will be harmonically clashing notes.

If you now try and copy the chord below, which is a C Major chord in root position held for one bar, you will find that this should produce a cheery sounding C Chord.  If you wanted to make this a minor chord all you have to do is move the middle red bar down one space.  Now that same chord is C Minor.  For an augmented chord, all you have to do is move the middle bar back to where it was originally, and move the top bar, (G), up one space.  Now the chord is augmented.

After you understand the basic principles of creating chords, the next stage is to start making chord patterns and chord inversions.

chord root position

By Chris Haines


21st Apr


Know Who You Are And What You Sound Like




Building a brand is important because it’s what separates you from the rest of the musicians out there.  People don’t want to just hear any guitarist, we want to hear a specific musician, such as Eric Clapton, Santana, Joe Satriani, John Scofield.  The ultimate brand building goal for musicians is to have people hear you playing in their head when they hear your name.

You can do this, even if you’re not world famous, by describing your sound in context.  Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What genre of music do you play?
  2. What other bands do you sound like?
  3. What makes you so special?

Incorporate your answers into 1-2 sentences that will intrigue people, start a conversation, and get them to listen to your music.

And finally, don’t forget a call to action.  What do you want people to do once they are interested?  Do you want them to visit your website?  Check out your album on iTunes?  Come to your show?

Working out all this is not easy.  Approach it like writing a new song, and take your time, try different things out, and see what works best.

By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


18th Apr


Never Run Out Of Merchandise


music merchandise


I made the stupidest mistake the other day, when I was at a huge show and I ran out of merchandise to sell.  Who knows how many CDs I might have sold?  When you’re on tour, merchandise sales can be the difference between making a profit and falling into the red.  And over time, this can really add up.

How do you decide how much stuff to bring?  If you end up hauling a lot of stuff that you don’t sell, it can be a hassle, as well as a potential risk.  If you’re travelling by plane, for example, too much merch can lead to baggage fees.

If you’re in a situation where you can bring as much merch as you can pack, my advise is to ask yourself the following question:  How many sales would I be satisfied with?  Try and think of a dollar amount, and pack accordingly.  This way, you will only run out after a satisfactory sales figure has been achieved.


By Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


16th Apr


One Week Away From The Start Of The Spring Competitions


Hey guys we are here today to announce the come back of our contest with the Spring edition of the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions that  will start next Monday 23rd of April. Also this time we have secured great prizes with new partnerships that are on their way and will be announced in the coming weeks!
tracks &  fields

The biggest prize will be offered this time by the Berlin based guys of Tracks & Fields (www.tracksandfields.com)!

For those of you that don't know them yet, Tracks & Fields is an international platform where musicians can pitch their music to projects in advertising, film and games. They strive to make the synch licensing process as easy as possible. As a musician, label or publisher you just need to screen the project briefings and decide if and which of your tracks to submit. Some of the projects they found music for include Final Destination 5, eBay, Porsche and Google.

For our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions they offer us two annual Advanced and one PRO subscription, worth approximately $760 (€600) in total, with which you will get full of premium features. You can find all details here: http://www.tracksandfields.com/page/premium_features .

JMD DistributionThanks to our collaboration with JMD Music Distribution, we are able to offer the free distribution of 10 songs to the winners of both competitions, as well as 1 song distributed again for free for the 2nd and 3rd ranked of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest.

JMD Distribution supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, JMD Distribution reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions “without” any monthly or yearly fees. JMD Distribution has the ...

13th Apr


New Interview: Stone Cold Fox


stone cold fox


New York based indie rockers, Stone Cold Fox, talk about their nostalgia inspired tracks from their debut release ‘The Young EP’.


1. I heard you play a take-away shows. Can you explain me what is this?

Take away shows are just little spontaneous shows in odd spaces.  Usually they are filmed.  It's a once in a while thing.

2. Your music has got a hint of nostalgia. Is it because you live in New York? Is New York nostalgic city?

Our music has a lot of nostalgia in it.  I don't think it's because of New York.  I am actually from Maine, so if anything it's more about leaving home in Maine, and less about being in New York.

3. Aren't you personally too young to be nostalgic and to play nostalgic music?

Haha.  No I really don't thing anyone is too young to be nostalgic.  There are always times to look back on your life.  This album deals with that specific time for young adult when they have left home and are gearing up to find a new place to call home.  It's about being in limbo between home and home.  As a man in my early 20's I am in this limbo and I have nostalgia for what once was my home.  So I write about it.

4. You try to incorporate pop music and rock music. But I think incorporating pop and rock music is one of the hardest thing in the music world. Do you agree?

Honestly I feel like "Pop" is a constant revolving door.  One decade it's Classic Rock, the next it's Disco.  Where we stand now we have a whole melting pot of genres that we call pop.  And I feel it has actually become easier to combine genres and place it under a "Rock Pop" category because there is now so much to draw from and be inspired by.  Because we have become saturated with all these genres I've found it easier to write with them in mind because these combination are everywhere.  At the end of the day we try and create honest, catchy, accessible music.

5. Of co...

10th Apr


Stereo Microphone Techniques


The phrase: “Stereo microphone techniques”, refers to the use of two or more microphones to create a stereo image.

Recording stereo sound is generally favoured because it sounds more natural to the human ears than a mono recording. 

There are several common stereo microphone techniques:

1. Spaced Pair

Space Pair Image
Source: http://www.deltamedia.com/resource/stereo_microphone_techniques.html

This technique generally uses two matched microphones placed a few feet apart in front of the performer(s). It is one of the most popular stereo microphone techniques.

If positioned right, the spaced pair, or “AB” technique, can create a beautiful natural sounding stereo image.  However, if the position of the microphones is not quite right, then you may risk getting a “hole” in the stereo image.

2. X/Y


Source: Wikipedia

The XY technique uses two identical microphones pointing at an angle (90° to 135°) against each other in front of the sound source.

The XY technique is generally considered to give a narrower, but more focussed stereo image

3. M/S
M/S Image
Source: http://www.uaudio.com/blog/mid-side-mic-recording/

The M/S (Mid-Side) technique uses two closely spaced matched pickups.  In the classic M/S stereo microphone technique, one of the microphones is designated to be the M (mid) and faces the sound source.  The other is chosen to be the S (Side).  The S, or side, is generally a figure of eight microphone and picks up the ambient and reverberant sound.

The outputs of these microphones are then combined through a decoder. (There are many computer plugins that can do this automatically these days).  One of the big advantages of the M/S technique is that it allows you to alter the stereo width and depth at a later time.

4. Decca Tree

This is a less popular and more classical microphone technique, which was attribute...

6th Apr


Why It's Still Better To Get CDs Manufactured


CDs Manifactured


If you’re an independent artist, expenses are a big concern, and getting CDs manufactured is definitely a significant expense.  If you just sold downloads, you could cut that expense out of your budget and save yourself some money.

A lot of artists choose this route, but I’m going to argue that in the long run, you would be better off investing the money to manufacture hard copy CDs.

1 - Raise your profile – A physical CD is evidence that you take your work seriously. There are a lot of artists out there who don’t have CDs out, and having one is a great way to separate yourself from the pack.

2 - Learn about music business – Producing a CD is a great way to learn about copyright, rights management, and distribution.  Not only do you gain essential knowledge from first hand experience, it will be a great way to build a foundation for branching out into producing or owning a record label if you choose.

3 - Sell them at shows – You can’t sell downloads at your show, but you can sell physical CDs.  It may take a while, but eventually you’ll be able to cover all your expenses and make a profit.

Speaking from my own experience, I invested about $3000 in recording equipment, studio time, hired an engineer, and manufactured hard copy CDs.  I can use the recording equipment not only for myself, but to produce albums for other artists as well.  If I sell 300 CDs at $10 each, I’ve essentially gained all that for free.  I say hard copy CDs are still a worthy investment.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


3rd Apr


The Power Of Radio


With a minefield of new artists appearing everyday it is hard to know how to get yourself discovered by the general public, a great way to be heard is to get onto the radio. Getting on the airwaves may just be one of the best things that you could do to publicize yourself, with 85% of the population of the UK listening to the radio every day. Not only will you people get to hear your work, hopefully if you are played on the right show people will get to know something about you, and often if listeners like your music they will take the time to search for you.

vintage radio
There is no dispute that being played on the radio is great for publicity, but with so much radio out there getting featured is a potential minefield. You will need to research where the best place to send samples of your music, target places that are either promoting new artists, or play your style of music. Radio stations have a limited number spots, and there is a lot of competition you are not only up against other emerging acts, but songs from established artists and old favorites for airtime.
A good place to start is with a university radio, they are non-commercial so they have a greater opportunity to experiment with new artists.  Once you have decided which radio stations to approach, you need to know the best way to get them to notice you. It’s no good just sending a sample to the station in general. You should find out who the music programmer is, it is their job to pick the content of the station. Send any samples either directly to the music programmers or to the head of music.

When sending samples it is important to be professional. Make sure that anything you want played is clearly labelled and includes some brief information about yourself in a press kit. Success in the music industry works like a snowball effect, so keep you press kit updated with all of the plac...

1st Apr


What Is Dither? Why do I need to use it in my recordings?


Dither is a small amount of low level noise added to a recording.  The purpose of dither is to improve the accuracy with which the system can deal with amplitude. In other words, it deals with digital distortion when converting from 24 bit to 16 bit.

Most music software these days will encourage you to record in 24bit.  This is higher quality than the 16bit (CD quality).  So if you are planning to put your music on to a CD, you will need to apply dither. 

Some music software packages will have a special dither plug-in which will you insert on the track.  Other packages will allow you apply dither when you bounce down your recording.


Article written by Chris Haines.


27th Mar


Make A Gig Day List


make a gig day list


How many times have you found yourself scrambling around before a gig or rehearsal, packing your car, trying to find things, only to arrive at the gig and find that you’ve forgotten something.

If that sounds like an all too familiar episode, you might want to remedy it by making a Gig Day List.  Your List consists of all the equipment you usually bring with you on gig days.  If you’re a guitar player, you might include ¼-inch cables, picks, strings, sheet music, pencils, and an extension cable for your pedals.  Drummers like myself bring dampening gels, tuning keys, an extra hi-hat clutch, and shakers or other small percussion.

When you go overseas, you’ll definitely need your passport and some cash.  I also bring vitamins with me so I don’t get sick on the road.

The better prepared you are, the better chance you have of playing well, and thus the better chance you have of getting called again.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


26th Mar


Ticket Giveaway for Future Music Forum Barcelona's Social Music Jam


fmf barcelona


This is your chance to win a €130 worth ticket to attend for free to the Future Music Forum Barcelona’s Social Music Jam: April 27th 2012 @ Estrella Damm Factory !

Here a description of the event from their official press release:

The Future Music Forum Barcelona will be hosting  a one day Social Music Jam focusing entirely on the Spanish Digital Music Scene. This One Day Event will be taking place the 27th April. We will be inviting special guests who are at the forefront of the Spanish Music Industry. We are delighted to announce special guest speakers from Spotify, Jamendo, Neilsen Online,  Mixcloud, The Orchard and many more. The Social Music Jam will focus on The State Of The Digital Music Industry in Spain, Music On Demand, Digital Distribution in Spain, Music & Synchronization, The Live Music Scene in Barcelona, New Social Media Platforms
The Social Music Jam provides a professional yet relaxed platform to explore, engage and discuss these topics with a carefully selected group of music futurists, label owners, managers, music and technology entrepreneurs and digital music consumption analysts.

If you are already involved in the industry and would like to extend your knowledge of current trends & network with your peers then the Social Music Jam is the event for you.

The Future Is Already Here: The Social Music Jam, please visit our website for more information & ?book your seat @ http://www.futuremusicforum.com/social-music-jam-2

The Social Music Jam follows the successful launch of The Future Music Forum in 2010 which is becoming one of Europe’s leading Music & Social Media events. Over the last 2 years has seen an impressive array of music technology companies, entrepreneurs, musicians & music industry related executives descend on Barcelona.
If you want a free ticket to attend this great event, you have just to chose one of the meth...

22nd Mar


Write your way into the music Industry


emili sande

Sometimes the indirect route is the best way to achieve a goal. If music is your passion and you have a talent for writing why not utilize your skills and write songs for others. This approach is one that has been incredibly successful for up and coming soul and R&B artist Emeli Sandé who recently won the Critics Choice Award at this year’s Brits.

Sandé, who released her debut album Our Version of Events in February, first appeared on the music scene when she featured on Chipmunks top ten hit Diamond Rings. Sandé though has been working behind the scenes as a songwriter creating songs for many artists including UK X Factor contestants Leona Lewis and Cher Lloyd. So the unconventional route that Sandé took to get into the music industry may be an ideal way to get into the business. Not only will you get credit for being a songwriter, you will also get the opportunity to get a sense of what the current trends in music are, which could influence your choices about how to style yourself as a performing artist.

To get into writing music the most important thing that you will need is to find a publisher whose job it is to promote and collect the revenue from your songs, which could support your own aspirations to perform. Songs can earn money in a number of ways so it is important that if you want to generate revenue from your work then it is vital you know what entitles you to get paid. First up is mechanical, this is when you earn money because somebody records your song. Once your song has been recorded you can then collect money from performance rights, when your music has been played or sung in public. Finally if your work has been used as a backing track in a film or on TV then you are entitled to performance rights.

Before signing a contract it is important to do some research so that you have found the deal that suits you. You can choose to sell a single song, ...

20th Mar


The Excellion Won!


The Excellion

As previously announced through our social networks pages, the cool Mexican guys of the Excellion band won the Winter edition of the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests!

The amazing prizes they will be awarded with are: a $1,200 package, kindly offered by Mobile Roadie, to build their own Android or iPhone App, an annual PRO membership worth $380 offered by Tracks and Fields, up to 20 of their songs distributed for free all over the world by JMD Distribution and one of their songs professionally mixed and mastered by Tweak Music Mixing.

For those interested to listen to a bit of their music you can check out their WeLoveYourSongs band page. Some great tracks there!

When asked if there was something they would like to say to comment their victory this is what they told us:

"It's been a blast and an honor for us to be able to participate and win over the winter competition from weloveyoursongs.com. We really appreciate your support for unsigned acts all over the world and the opportunity to take our music a step further; you're a great team!
We'd like to thank all of the sponsors as well for their contribution to the contest and for believing in all the WLYS community talent. Thank you guys!.

And at last but not least, we want to thank all the people out there for believing in us, our music and always be there supporting us; there are really no words to express our gratitude to all you guys. As we already said, you are simply the best! and we're in debt for all the 'love' (pun intended) you gave us to win this competition; we hope we can compensate that soon, THANKS!"

In the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest we find Milos Vukomanovic, with his acoustic rock music from Belgrade, Serbia. After him we have T.Byrd / RoxxHoffner, from Shingletown, California, followed by two Canadians artists - the hard rock of Cal Jon from...

15th Mar


What Is MIDI?


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.  It is the standard communication language for musical equipment, that enables two or more MIDI equipped devices to communicate with each other.

In times gone by, MIDI compatible equipment was easy to identify as it had a MIDI DIN socket on the back panel.  These days MIDI compatible equipment will often have a USB port instead of a traditional DIN socket.  This is due to the fact that the computer is now the main focus of the recording studio.

The difference between MIDI and audio is best explained by looking at a screenshot from some music software.  There are two types of track that you can create on music software:  An audio track, or a MIDI track.  An audio track will record the actual sounds visually as a waveform, whereas the MIDI track will only record the data from a compatible MIDI device.  The data it receives is usually recorded visually as a series of dashes.

pro tools midi

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Protools9screen.png

These dashes will occur when a key is pressed on a MIDI instrument, such as a MIDI enabled keyboard.  When the key is released, a note off message is then sent, which determines the length of the dash.  Other messages can also be sent to and from MIDI equipment.

On a computer sequencer such as Pro Tools, (as shown above), you can then assign a particular sound to the MIDI data, for example, a Harp or a Grand Piano.  If you are not fortunate enough to own a Steinway Grand Piano or a Harp, MIDI will allow you to assign your data to an instrument from a sound bank on your music software.  Even if you are lucky enough to own a Steinway Grand Piano, the chances are you wont be able to record it at the airport or on the train.  Whereas with a laptop computer and a MIDI keyboard you can access and sequence those sounds.


Article written by Chris Haines.


12th Mar


New Interview: Xelomen




Known for her captivatingly swirling atmospheric tones, French ambient artist, Xelomen, speaks about her experiences and inspirations for composing music.

1. You describe your music as downtempo ambient. But you tend to mix downtempo with uptempo - that in my opinion is very interesting. How do you create music?

To be honest, I don’t really think about the style of music I compose. To me, downtempo music is not a specific style but a “grouping” or genre, like trip-hop, chillout or electronica. However, it’s true, I use tend to use slower tempos in much of my music. Maybe it comes from the fact that I’ve listened to breakbeat or drum and bass in the past.
How do I create music? First of all, my guideline is to try to mix my melancholic ambient side with the energy of my beats… My point of departure is always my background atmospheric musical lines. However, as I never formally learned music theory, I’m working on instinct and by ear. For instance for melody lines I have to embroider them note-by-note. I also often make different versions of the same track and choose the closest to my personality.

2. You recorded a cover version of Mylène Farmer "Light It Up". But it sounds like your own song. And I really like that tune. It’s very uptempo. Why did you decide to do this remix?

Of course this remix sounds like my own, I made it how I heard the song in my genre, btw I kept the melody of the original track. In my opinion this is the most interesting part of making a remix, and one of the reasons why I decided to make this remix? However, I originally got the idea because there are a group of fans called “ReMyxes” that wanted to release a compilation by choosing the best remixes of titles from the new album of Mylene Farmer. So I thought why not. I took “Light me Up” because I felt closer to this song than the others. What was interesting for me was working wi...

11th Mar


Midsummer Festival Dream (part 2)


And just as few weeks ago we were looking at summer festivals in the warmest lands of the old Europe now we are moving up, to northern countries, but not necessarily colder, as we are sure these festivals will rise up the temperatures wherever they are held!

roskilde festival

First of all lets go to Scandinavian territories to discover one of the oldest and biggest European festivals, created by to students in 1971, Roskilde Festival has been directed since 1972 by a non profit foundation for the development of humanism, culture and MUSIC! So a part of enjoying good music you can also feel good about yourself paying this ticket festival! This year Roskilde will be held between the 5th and the 8th of July and the line up includes musicians like Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Bjork, Bon Iver, Friendly Fires, tUnE-yArDs, The Roots, Jonathan Johansson, Wiz Khalifa, Refused, Cerebral Ballzy, Warbringer, Devildriver, Nasum, AraabMuzik, Yelawolf, Terakaft, Boubacar Traore, Causa Sui, Cold Specks, Royce Da 5'9", El Paraiso Ensemble, I Got You On Tape, Larsen & Furious Jane, and Papir. This year weekend ticket will be around £210.


sziget festival

Moving down from Vikings territory we arrive to Sziget Festival in Hungary, which could be called a “total” festival as we can find all type of activities a part from music, from Sports, to Films, cabaret performances and special programmes for kids are among the activities this festival has to offer. Sziget is held in an island on the Danube which I’m sure can be as warm as any in the Mediterranean! This year the festival will run from the 8th of August till the 13th and will include people like The Stone Roses (it seems those guys are really gonna enjoy a summer full of festival…) Placebo, The Horrors, Hurts, Noah and the Whale, Crystal Fighters, Mando Diao, The Subways, or the Friendly Fires.. Although those are just a few na...

10th Mar


New Review: Jennifer Lee Nickerson


Jennifer Lee Nickerson


Singer, songwriter and pianist, Jennifer Lee Nickerson’s music may only consist of just her voice and her keys, but that is enough for her to produce simply stunning music.

The singer was born and raised in Central Arkansas, right outside of Little Rock. It was here that she discovered her love for music at an early age. Her mother plays the piano and Jennifer took interest in it the moment she could reach the keys.

In 2010 her track, “I Can’t Fix You” featured on the album, "Between the Deep", a compilation of unsigned artists released by Deep South Digital. The track showcases her talents as a songwriter as the lyrics are deeply moving which is enhanced by the melodic playing that accompanies it.

The singer sites her influences as The Beatles, Van Morrison, Foreigner and Led Zeppelin, although her music differs greatly from them.  Her other tracks, such as “Don't Be Ashamed” and “Love Me” are a million miles away from her rock influences with their soulful and soothing sounds.

Jennifer Lee Nickerson’s music is the perfect example of how when it’s done right a single instrument can be as powerful as an entire orchestra. The mixture of her soulful voice and the elegantly simplistic nature of the tracks create truly beautiful songs that are likely to lead her to success.

Review made by Kate Laura Teasdale. You can follow her on Twitter at @Kate_Laura .


7th Mar


Staying Creative



What is creativity and how can we stay creative at any age?  In an interview, Jonah Lehrer cites the work of Dean Simonton of UC Davis, who studied creativity in a variety of fields and found that a decline in creativity over time can be attributed to acculturation.
“If you’re a painter you fall into a style, you develop your clichés – your shtick.  If you’re a scientist, you know how to apply for certain grants from the NIH, and if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how certain ideas work and you stick with them,” says Lehrer.
As musicians, it’s really easy to fall into this trap because we have a live audience right in front of us that expects us to play certain songs.  How many times have you found yourself writing a song for similar instrumentation, using a similar chord progression, or similar lyrics, as your other songs?
Trying something new is definitely taking a chance, but it’s an essential part of staying vital professionally.  You don’t have to go overboard, just try a few new things and see how people react.  It will go a long way towards maintaining your creativity.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


5th Mar


Last 10 Days To The End Of Our Contests


wlys gig crowd contests


We are now just 10 days away from the Winter edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song contests!

The top prize is an annual package offered by Mobile Roadie to the winners of both competitions to build an Android or iPhone App for your band (worth $1200 each). Other great stuff offered by Tracks and Fields, JMD Distribution and Tweak Music Mixing. Check out the full list of prizes here.

How to Win:

-    Visit WeLoveYourSongs and create an artist profile (if you don't already have one).
-    Submit some of your best songs
-    Encourage fans to vote for you

Right now Milos Vukomanovic is leading both rankings, with Cal Jon and Kane right on his heels.

It’s not too late to get your fans to Love your songs. The deadline is Thursday 15th of March.

Best of luck from everyone here at WLYS!



4th Mar


New Interview: Milos Vukomanovic


milos vukomanovic


After spending much of his life in Athens, Greece; Milos Vukomanovic is back in his native country, Serbia. The multi lingual singer-songwriter opens up about his family life, musical inspiration and much more.

1. You were born in Serbia, you live in Greece, but you were so close to becoming Italian. I read a story about it. Do you regret not being in Italy now?

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview.
It really means a lot for me. On your site www.weloveyoursong.com, I heard very good songs and I met some good artists. I am really glad that I belong in that group and I thank you again.
Yes I was born in Serbia, Belgrade in 1987.
In 1994 my parents decided to go to Italy via Greece, but when we arrived to Corfu we had financial and other problems so we didn’t manage to get on board for Italy. After that we decided to go to Athens. I don't regret anything that I have done in my life, and I am really happy for all. I am very proud that I spent 19 years in Athens. I miss Athens and my friends very much.
2. You live in Serbia now, place where you were born. Is it your home?

Yes, I live in Belgrade right now and that is pretty good question 'is this my home'. I am Serbian and I will always be, the point is, I never lived here and I do not know the lifestyle. Many people ask me 'do you love Greece or Serbia’?
I believe that this kind of question should not be asked to a person who cannot answer it. I love Serbia because I was born there and I love Greece because I was raised there. This time it is true that I really miss Athens, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t love Belgrade; I love both the same.
3. But you sing in Italian. Why?

I don’t sing only in Italian hahahaha.
I try to sing in many languages and to learn many as I can. I love Italian language because it’s very beautiful and I love Italian music too. I am a huge fan of ...

2nd Mar


Diversify Your Portfolio


diversity your portfolio


Diversify – you hear this a lot when talking about investing, and simply put, it’s the same as saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  For independent musicians, this means to work in a wide variety of fields so that you’re not relying on a single income source.

In order to work in different fields, you need a wide variety of skills, and you can only obtain these by putting your mind to it and working hard.  It’s a lot of work, but I can tell you from experience that this will pay off, and it’s one of the few ways musicians can begin to have a stable income.

For example, if you’re primarily a performer, try working on composition or production so that you can work as a songwriter or producer.  If you’re doing a lot of wedding gigs, you might start teaching on the side.

Even if it’s not a lot of money in the beginning, when you combine several trickles, it becomes a stream, and that’s what you’re trying to build.  Try setting aside some time to analyze where you’re income is coming from, and if there are any untapped opportunities.  This will really go a long way.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama .


29th Feb


Microphone Polar Patterns


If you have ever bought a new microphone, you may have noticed some strange looking circular diagrams on the side of the box or in the instructions.  These diagrams are known as polar graphs.

The polar pattern of a microphone indicates how sensitive a microphone is to sounds coming from different directions.  This is sometimes referred to as its directionality.  The polar pattern of a microphone is represented in a polar graph, as shown below.

An Omnidirectional polar pattern, as the name suggests, is great at picking up sound from all directions.

mic polar patterns

A Cardioid polar pattern has a heart shaped pickup pattern.  Sound from these mics is mainly picked up from the front and to a lesser extent the sides.

Cardioid polar pattern

A Bidirectional polar pattern looks like a figure of eight.  It is good at picking up sound from the front and back.  Many ribbon mics have a figure of eight polar graph.

bidirectional polar pattern


Some microphones will also allow you to change the directionality of a microphone through a simple switch.

It is worth taking some time to experiment with different mics to get a feel for what will suit your particular recording situation.

Article written by Chris Haines.


25th Feb


New Review: The Dirty Words


the dirty words


The Dirty Words are a fresh British group offering a contemporary take on the Indie Rock genre – mixed with a distinct punk influence and not afraid to slow it all down at times.

This punk influence is most discernible in the track entitled Ride. This is initiated first by the drums (Brendan Walsh) and joined by a power-chord based riff, utilising the simple yet effective technique of the genre. A brief halt from the instruments filled by the line “there's always someone better” delivered Pete Doherty-style by James Manning  adequately kicks off the song. Some backing vocals from Andy Clayton help establish the catchy chorus; I envisage this would sound great at festival (or the downstairs of a manky pub!)

Beat is much more of an indie track. Some trendy licks from the rhythm guitar generate a rough texture here, especially in the chorus, which again stands out as a real sing-along. Think The Fratellis or The Kooks on this one, though without disingenuous emulating. A breakdown between the second and final chorus, carried by Tom Nightingale's stylish bass, adds another dimension to the song, taking the tone right down and seizing listeners. Some tasteful lead guitar here also. If it came to releasing a single, this would be my recommendation for the Northampton lads.

Another indie number is Nine Months, though more intimate than Beat. The continuous riff becomes slightly hypnotic underneath Manning's vocals, which embody more feeling than previously mentioned tracks. This riff, with a little distortion is also the chorus, with nothing more than some “uh-uh-uh-oh's” for lyrics. This simplicity and repetition works well and is interrupted only at the end by a melodic guitar solo followed by a heavier outro. Not a sad song, but one for a solo, late night train journey.

The Dirty Words understanding of their genre is clearly conveyed in their well-crafted songs,...

24th Feb


Get Business Cards Printed


business cards


Do you have business cards that you can readily pass out to new contacts?  If not, I definitely recommend getting some printed.  Business cards not only make it easier for people to contact you when they want you to come and perform, they also boost your credibility.

The minimum information you need on your business card is your name, your website, phone number, and e-mail address.  I also recommend printing a postal address, mobile phone number, and fax number if you have one.

Don’t just pass out business cards to people you meet.  Leave them out when you’re busking or post them on notice boards.  Business cards don’t cost a lot, and you can really get a lot of mileage out of them!


Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama


22nd Feb


SF MusicTech Highlights




WeLoveYourSongs attended the 10th SF MusicTech Summit (www.sfmusictech.com) held in San Francisco.  There could not have been a better time for music innovators to get together.  These innovators came from all over world, including musicians, developers, entrepreneurs and some major music labels.  (Yes, Google, Yahoo, and Pandora were there as well.) Very similar to ours, their mission is to help musicians connect better with fans, empower people’s discovery of new music, and change the ways musicians and innovators grow their fanbase and bottom-line.

What are some highlights that musicians can do to grow their fanbase?  Let’s check some of them out:

OneSheet -- allows musicians to set up a web presence in minutes by bringing in content they already have on other websites. Think of this as a one-stop website full of content already posted across the web: music, videos, photos, concert dates, blogs, social streams, mailing list signups, online stores and more.

Bounce Mobile -- creates interactive music-focussed applications accessed via mobile devices. They offer a more fun way to interact with music as the user listens.

The Social Radio -- allows users to listen to their tweets while playing music.  (In private beta)

Mobbase -- allows artists to create, manage, and update their custom mobile app (Android, iPhone) and desktop app.

-- helps connect artists with their fans at events, with social media sharing functions.

Is there one best technology or platform for artists to maximize their fan-base?

Even the biggest labels, like EMI, and marketing/media experts say “NO”.  They all try out new strategies, tools, and techniques depending on who the targeted fans for an artist may be.

Writer:  Hoa Tran
Email:  ht@weloveyoursongs.com


20th Feb


New Interview: Christa Vi


Christa Vi


Christa Vi is a talented Australian / German singer/songwriter, based in East London. Her debut EP is produced by George Shilling (Coldcut, Yazz, Teenage Fanclub, Primal Scream etc), and is due for release on March 26. Visit her page on WLYS and her website for previews and remixes.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your musical background?

I grew up in Australia but have also spent a fair bit of my childhood in Germany as my mum comes from there. I am bilingual and definitely was brought up with a lot of German culture as most of my family live there. Music - especially classical music - is simply part of German life and everyone seems to learn to play an instrument growing up. All of my family play classical instruments. I learnt classical piano from the age of 7, went on to learn some jazz piano, jazz vocal training and learned acoustic guitar from about the age of 10. 

I've always liked to write my own songs and have been in original bands since about 2000 including a live electronica group in Australia called Casper. My writing for this solo project is a bit more folky but also includes an electronic element as I love electronic music. I like to collaborate with electronic producers to see how the sound of my songs can be translated into something new. At the end of the day a good song is the most important element though. I try to write accessible pop/folk music that I hope will stick in people's minds a little bit!


2. Music is a big part of your life, when did you know this was your way to go?

Well since highschool and in church as a teenager I started singing in bands and just loved it. I guess being brought up in churches does encourage you to sing and perform music from a young age. But when you have the desire to sing, play or write music it's  something you simply have to do so you just do it. I've always had other day jobs, s...

19th Feb


What Microphone Should I Use?


microphone mic

The choice of microphone is definitely a personal preference.  There is no definitive answer to this question!  Great records have been created with some of the cheapest microphones and also some of the most expensive microphones.

If you are looking to spend under a £100 on a microphone to record vocals then the most popular option is the Shure SM58.  This microphone has been used in countless recordings and is seen as a good “all rounder”.  The mid range of this microphone is emphasised, making it excellent choice for rock and rap vocals.

In order to understand which other microphones might suit your needs, it’s necessary to understand a little bit about the different types available.

1. Dynamic

A dynamic microphone has a moving coil and uses electromagnetic conduction to capture sound.  Dynamic microphones are commonly used in live music because they are rugged and relatively cheap to replace or repair. Examples include: Shure SM58 / 57.

2. Ribbon

A ribbon mic is similar to a dynamic mic, but the diaphragm is a ribbon of conductive material, which is usually aluminium.  Ribbon mics are often considered to be the most smooth and natural sounding mics, but they have gained a reputation for being quite fragile.  Ribbon mics also don’t require a power supply or batteries in operation.  Examples include: Beyer M130 & M160.

3. Condenser (capacitor)

Condenser microphones are often more fragile and expensive than dynamic microphones. They are generally more sensitive than other mics, which means they are good at picking up soft or distant sounds.  Condenser mics require additional power to operate.  Examples include: AKG C3000, Octava MK-219

4. Electret

Electret microphones are another type of capacitor microphone and require a pre amplifier.  Examples include: AKG C1000.


Even if you are lucky enough to find a mic th...

17th Feb


Midsummer Festival Dream (part 1)


summer music festival crowd


What’s better to survive this cold (really really cold weather for us folks living in London) than to think about summer...long days…warm nights…cold beers…sandy beaches…and music festivals! Because yeah, summer is coming guys and its time to start preparing your agendas, planning your holidays, buying tickets!..so you don’t miss your favorite festivals this season. To help you decide here is a list of some of the best European festivals and what they have lined up for us this summer 2012!

And to start with lets go south to the beautiful, sunny, passionate, tasty and also my home country Spain! Every summer you can enjoy a lot of festivals, but I’ve chosen 3 to start.

Fiberfib - Benicassim 2012: One week to enjoy alternative rock and electronic music besides the beach in the Spanish Costa Azahar. It started being local but now FIB is getting bigger and bigger every year.The tickets cost around 155 pounds and include the camping in the site and many activities. According to the official website this year line up goes with The Stone Roses, New Order, Florence + The Machine, Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds, Dizzee Rascal, David Guetta, Bombay Bicycle Club, Cooper, Crystal Castles, De La Soul, Example, The Horrors, Joe Crepúsculo, Katy B, Kurt Vile & The Violators, Miles Kane, The Vaccines, Thee Brandy Hips, Department S, Disappears, Howler, Maverick Sabre, Spector, Los Tiki Phantoms, Todd Terje and many other groups.


summer indie music festival

Sonar 2012 : one of the most important events for Electronic music lovers worldwide this festival will take place in the heart of the charismatic Barcelona on the 14, 15 and June 16. The tickets are around 155 euros and the line up for this year includes The Roots, deadmau5, Hot Chip, Modeselektor, James Blake dj, Fatboy Slim, Richie Hawtin, Amon Tobin’s ISAM, Squarepusher, Nicolas Jaar, Luciano, Azari...

16th Feb


Modern Composition Needed for Internet Video



Hey guys, we are currently looking for a fresh and modern composition to be used as soundtrack for the new video of Grow VC (http://www.growvc.com), the first global, transparent, community-based platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and their needs. Grow VC enables great ideas and great teams to get visibility with the right investing audience, funding and support earlier with less effort. Grow VC is more than crowd funding, it's a nurturing ecosystem where entrepreneurs can connect with experts, funders, team members, new customers and partners to realize their ideas.

With a community of over 12,000 users, the homepage of their website, where the video with your music will be placed, receives ten of thousands of visualizations every month. The selected artist will be also featured on our blog and track reviewed by someone of the WLYS team.

Here the video you have to submit your music for:

All what you have to do is to send us a stunning track of 1 minute and 23 seconds, by email to submit@weloveyoursongs.com .
The best track will be selected by a committee composed of members of both Grow VC and WeLoveYourSongs.

This is definitely a great opportunity for you to get great exposure through a truly international audience!

Here some more details:
- Music genre: All genres are welcome
- Duration of the track:  1:23 - One minute and twenty three seconds.
- Submission deadline: March 31, 2012
- Track format: MP3
- Media distribution: Internet
- Territory: World

How to participate:
1.    Be an artist part of our community on WeLoveYourSongs.com
2.    Compose a tailor made track for the Grow VC video
3.    Send it to us by email at submit@weloveyoursongs.com




14th Feb


The 80 - 20 Principle


80 20 pareto principle


The 80/20 principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  The 80/20 principle is often applied in business as a guideline to say for example, 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers, or that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your products.

For musicians, this means that you will be doing yourself a huge favor by taking care of the core 20% of fans that really support you.  If you haven’t already, you might consider making a fan club, and offer these core fans special benefits like opportunities to meet the band or visit a recording session.  Even if you don’t take it to that extent, you might create an additional mailing list of people who have bought your products, and give them special benefits.

In my own case, the 80/20 principle acts as a reminder for me to review how I’m using my time to make sure I haven’t fallen into a rabbit hole.  Sometimes I find myself working on things that really aren’t worth the time and effort, and I have to decrease their priority or cut them out entirely so that I can be more efficient.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


12th Feb


What Is Indie?


indie rock music


If we turn to books to define what the concept of Indie is, they tell us that Indie music or Indie rock is a genre of music that originated in the UK and USA in the 80’s. Even though Indie is traced back to the 80s the term Indie itself was used since the 1950’s to identify music produced by independent labels who looked for artists unsigned by major companies.

Most people, specially the younger ones, identify Indie rock as a style or genre of music, rather than as a way and philosophy of producing it. These two different ideas blur the concept of Indie music today.

If we go back to the 80’s inside the indie music etiquette we could include musicians from many genres like rock, pop, grunge, and punk that although diverse, had something in common --- the low budget with which they produced their music. Although This was a disadvantage for most musicians Indie musicians and the small labels that stood behind them took it as an opportunity to explore sounds, lyrics and aesthetics without the pressure of having to please the mainstream audiences.

Nonetheless the explosion of Indie music as a recognized genre happened in the 90’s paradoxically when it started to lose its essence. During this decade, groups like Nirvana started to have a huge backup by major labels. For example, although we can categorize their first album, Bleach as independent, their second album Nevermind doesn’t lie inside the strict meaning of this term. The so called “Indie” groups in this decade continued to produce the music style borne in the 80’s but now they had all the resources and money of the big music companies.

As mentioned before, the concept of Indie may be a little bit confusing, often related with alternative and non-commercial music. The truth is that the sales of the groups identified as “Indies” continued growing during the first decade of this century. Many detractors arg...

10th Feb


New Review: WKB



The UK hip/hop scene has never been more illuminated by mainstream lights than it is today. Whether its the steady-paced poetry of hip-hop or the accelerated energy of grime, the UK charts will host singles from it's own artists every week; some of which have began to spread over the pond to the US.

Utilising both genres, is West-London rapper WKB. Listening to Paradox, which appears on Noel Clarke's feature film “4:3:2:1”, its clear that he can spit at a grime tempo and his voice matches the style. The same applies to Daily Medicine, although I think this track does more to emphasise WKB's voice with a darker beat behind it.

Perhaps more beguiling to a wider audience are tracks such as Trust Is A Gamble and Fallen Soldiers. These exhibit more hip-hop elements, although there is still a discernible grime tone. Trust Is A Gamble allows WKB to offer listeners some urban poetry: “F**k love, I put the cuffs on Cupid, 'cos out in these streets, man, trust is useless. I see a dark face, I'm in a dark place, I make dark movements so I leave a dark trace.” Lyrics are a strong part of WKB's material; I detect aspects of Taskforce and Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars) on this.

Moving even closer to the mainstream are Your World and Touch Me, which are both complete with a sung chorus from a female artist with interjections from our MC. In both tracks the theme seems to be love and heartache: “If a shank don't tear your heart then love will, so then I guess that means I'm in trouble. I been through it all, from street fights to bar brawls but I'm facing the toughest fight above all.” (Touch Me). These verses, again of a more hip-hop nature, work very well in setting a poignant, street-life scene which is ever relevant in WKB's music.

For new listeners I would recommend Trust Is A Gamble and Touch Me as I feel these are where WKB is at his best. Although the grime works ...

8th Feb


New Gear Vs. Used Gear


new gear vs used gear


Used gear is cheaper than buying brand new gear, but you also run the risk of it breaking or malfunctioning after using it only a few times.  With new gear, you can usually get a replacement for free or just a fraction of the original price, but that’s not always the situation with used gear.

So what are some of the things that you can buy used?

  1. Hardware – If you’re a drummer, this means cymbal stands and drum thrones.  For vocalists and guitar players, this means mic stands, guitar stands, and cases.  You can usually tell if something is in good condition, and getting parts repaired is usually not that big of a deal.
  2. Software – Run a trial version on your computer to see if a piece of software works in your environment.  Then go purchase it used.  You don’t get support, but who calls support just to wait on hold for an hour anyway?
  3. Acoustic instruments – If you have a chance to play the instrument beforehand, this could be a good way to save some money.

I generally tend to shy away from electronic equipment such as mixing boards, mics, and amps but if you know what you’re doing, these could be good purchases too!

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


6th Feb


Free Downloads For Your Fans


Free downloads for music fans


Allowing your fans to download your music for free may not seem like one of the smartest ideas if you are a struggling artist; but it’s certainly one of the best ways to promote yourself, or your band.  The idea of giving your music away for free is one that Trent Reznor has talked rather candidly about on his blog:

“Forget thinking you are going to make any real money from record sales.  Make your record cheaply (but great) and GIVE IT AWAY.  As an artist you want as many people as possible to hear your work.  Word of mouth is the only true marketing that matters”.

Source: NIN Forum

When putting the download on your website, make sure it is clearly visible on the front page.  Don’t hide it away in another page.  Imagine you are in the position of your fans: You came to the website to get the free download - it needs to be in front of you, otherwise you’ll just go back to what you were doing before.

If you are intending to give away multiple free downloads consider letting your fans know when they can download each new track.  For example: Every Monday evening at 7PM.  This will help to bring regular traffic to your website, and help build your fan base.

Of course you don't have to give all your music away for free, but as Mr Reznor rightly points out above, it is crucial to get as much exposure as you can.

Article written by Chris Haines, a new London based contributor to our blog.


3rd Feb


New Interview: Heart-Sick Groans


Heart-Sick Groans


I had the pleasure of speaking to Henric from Heart Sick Groans

Heart Sick Groans are like the cheerful surf hums and the sandy bleak streak hair that beach boys have, with the playful electronic vibes of three gentlemen from the misty Swedish forests. Violins! Vocal harmonies! Killer melodies! FUN!

1. Tell us all about Heart Sick Groans and how you guys started out.

We've been friends since role playing days in our early teens, then our group of friends started making short films, then music. Then everyone left our hometown Sundsvall, and we're the only ones left. That's when we started boiling and frying up these little pop gems. That was back in 2007, we got a sound early on, Johan's enigmatic folk voice, Martin's epic drumming and Henric's philantropic productions made way for our indie pop folk surf tropic style. We're also often blissed with the guest work of bass player Gunnar Carlén and Marcus Brännström.

2. There is obviously some Beach Boys style in your songs what artists inspire yous?

We always read a lot so, on the writer side, Sture Dahlström, Ivar Lo Johansson, Simon Gärdenfors, Jan Fridegård and the likes. Musically, we as a group, basically only agree on the greatness of Edmundo Ros and Lou Christie. Christie used to open up for Rolling Stones in the mid 60's and had some kind of fling with Diana Ross. Martin's favorite band is the Swedish techno group Antiloop, Johan loves Roland Cedermark and Henric is a long time fan club member of the defunct Swedish space opera band Big Money.

3. You guys have a new single coming out soon, tell us about it

YES WE DO! We're back to our folk roots with a poignant electronic production, atmospheric, and brilliant pop, our best song so far! It's number 2 out of 6 in a new batch of singles we'll be releaseing about every fifth week during the spring. It has Johan on vocals, Marcus Brännström...

1st Feb


More Doing, Less Thinking


more doing less thinking


The only way to move your career forward is to take action and make something happen.  Unfortunately, when a lot of musicians decide they are going to take action, they end up overworking themselves for 2-3 days, before falling back to their normal routines.

In order to avoid falling into this trap, you need to first realize that success in music does not happen overnight, the same way you didn't learn how to sing or play overnight.

You practiced a little at a time for a long timeframe.  Think of your marketing in the same way.  Only do what you can handle on a long term basis.

In the end, this makes a lot more sense and will get you better results than pushing yourself to the max for a limited timeframe.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


30th Jan


New Review: Dekota




Listening to Premedicated, the EP from English four-piece Dekota, I recall exactly how I became such an advocate of rock music. Here is a band that have seemingly resisted any urge to carelessly thrash out some distortion and scream throughout every song, but produced a raw, moody sound still exhibiting some hard-rock moments.

First track, Dirty Secret is the optimal way to introduce the band to new listeners. Within the first minute one can identify how tastefully the musicians play together and cannot fail to acknowledge how suitably Rob Leeks' voice rides the steady groove of the verse. From Dekota's list of influences, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are, for me, the foremost discernible (I would also include Black Stone Cherry). The vocals undoubtedly reflect those of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and also Scott Stapp (Creed); their harsh finish fundamental to the band's torn-jeans grunge sound.

Much of the same can be said for the song Rain. From intro, to verse and into chorus, there is a fluid change from heavy riff to acoustic – again Leeks vocals inextricably appropriate. There is an effective play with structure in this track, as with others on the EP, emphasising the last chorus and instrumental finish, where Brian Gore offers some stylish lead guitar.

Dekota demonstrate some versatility with softer, more mellow tune Show You. This is a superb addition to the EP; in the guitar parts and overall tone I am reminded unmistakably of Incubus. A mature, acoustic-based track that succeeds in avoiding clichés. I must however highlight the enervating inclusion of out-of-tune backing vocals in the mid-section. Songs Save You and Shattered  are more akin to the first two songs, although both host more sing-along, melodic choruses. Especially with Shattered, these are the kind of choruses that linger in one's head for days after hearing.

Premedicated is a great EP...

26th Jan


What lies beneath SOPA?


stop sopa

SOPA and PIPA were put to rest early this week after the fall of MEGAUPLOAD and the extreme opposition of sites like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. Nonetheless, its shadow remains present, and likely to come back at any time to disturb internet’s main nature-, freedom of speech, a context in which today’s generation has been born and raised.

There were many videos circulating trying to explain what lies beyond this act and why it is a direct threat to our freedom. One of the best examples is this one: http://gu.com/p/34aqv.

But why are SOPA and PIPA so dangerous for us? Well, first of all because they change the liability rules around copyright infringement. Before, under 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act websites that allowed their users to upload content were protected of any charges regarding piracy as long as they kept their eyes open against infringing content, removing it from their site. But now, SOPA substantially alters this system, and the companies can be held responsible for whatever is in their domains. Somehow that measure will seem logical for many people, but if we think on how we deal with the Internet nowadays, this is plain and simple a back step for us. Users couldn’t be anymore the creators of websites like Wikipedia, or Youtube as those companies would have to return to a model of editing everything before publishing to protect themselves from any legal action. Webs like us, at weloveyoursongs.com may be obligated to change all the process that makes us who we are, since  the worth of our site lies on the will of our users to share their work through us. With SOPA we would have to be the main character in a process in which we don’t want to have any protagonism, because as long as we can be proud of ourselves, YOU, and not us, are the artists who create this site.

Along with us, if SOPA revives, there is many small business, NGOS, and even e...

25th Jan


From YouTube to the BRITs


ed sheeran at academy

From YouTube to the BRITs: how one self made singer/songwriter shot to fame

Ed Sheeran, at only 20, has become an example of how hard work and perseverance can lead to success in the music industry. With his debut album having sold 100,000 copies in its first week, it has recently been announced that Sheeran leads the board at this year’s Brits with nominations for best male solo act, best break through act, best British album, and best British single for The A-Team. Although having burst on to the music scene in 2011 Sheeran’s success is not a reflection of a quick ride but a reward of years of hard work. Ed Sheeran’s accomplishment is a uniquely Twenty-First Century story as it was his appearance on the YouTube channel SB.TV which showcases new talent that propelled him to fame and leading to him being signed by Atlantic Records.

With the release the number one album +  last year Sheeran rocketed onto the music scene, but + was the result of years of hard work as he had previously released five E.Ps in 2010, each being inspired by a different genre, before being signed by Atlantic Records. The E.Ps caught the attention of the public and Sheeran was able sell 7,000 copies on iTunes of his No.5 collaboration without promotion or a record label. 

One of the forthcoming singles on the new Album +, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You is a critique on the music industry itself and Sheeran’s journey to establish himself on the music scene. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, is a turning point on the album as with its influences from rap music, the single seems to be a departure from the tone of the rest of the album. Sheeran describes himself in the lyrics as an individual going up against the vast might of the music industry, trying to become successful whilst retaining his own musical identity. With his first three singles all reaching the top five in the UK this approach may ha...

24th Jan


Finding A Manager


music manager


The first step to finding a manager is to figure out what exactly you need help doing.  Is it booking gigs, taking care of logistics, managing press and SNS, or something else?

The second step is to let people know you are looking for a manager.  Start with your friends, and ask them if anyone would be willing to help.

But be careful when you delegate work.  I feel a lot of musicians delegate tedious work they don’t want to do, and expect people to do it for them for free.  Don’t make this mistake or you will end up losing both a friend and a fan.

Make sure the exchange is mutually beneficial.  Let your friends take risks, try new things, and mess up every now and then.  Let them gain experience they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get in a professional working environment.

And be sure to thank them.  Give them free lessons or tickets to your shows and merchandise.  Make them feel like part of the family.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.


20th Jan


What A Remix Can Do For You



Remixing a famous artist is one of the most powerful ways to gain new fans.  Even if you are not a producer or a studio whiz, you can still create your own unique interpretation of a track with a little bit of imagination.

There are lots of remix competitions on the Internet.  Unfortunately, most of the contests require you to pay for the different tracks (stems) of the song. Entering a lot of these competitions has therefore become an expensive process.

Even if you aren’t completely keen on remixing or covering someone else’s work it is still worth entering local competitions or ones on the Internet. If you have some original tracks, a great way to start could be to enter our competitions!

More details here!


Article written by Chris Haines, a new London based contributor to our blog.


17th Jan


The Tip Jar Effect

tip jar effect

To be totally honest, when most of us give someone a tip, we want them to see us doing so, and we want to be acknowledged for making a contribution.  As musicians that mean we can improve merchandise sales by placing merchandise booths near the stage, and stopping by after a show.

In most cases, the stage is the most visible place in the venue, so if you put the merchandise booth near the stage, people will see that you’re there after a show.  They will be more inclined to stop by and purchase your products if they know you will be there to thank them in person and see that they made a contribution.

You can also try thanking people who pre-order your CDs on your blog or on Twitter.  When people pre-order your CD, send them an e-mail with a link to the blog article or Twitter post with a short thank you message.


Isaku Kageyama - @isakukageyama


13th Jan


Contests Are Coming Back With Prizes Bigger Than Ever!


Here we go, a new year, a new season, and new WLYS competitions are starting!

We are here today to announce new partnerships with three great music companies and the come back of our contests with the Winter Edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song that will start next Monday 16th of January.

mobile roadie

First things first, Mobile Roadie is still with us, offering an annual package worth $1,200 (€950) to both the competitions winners. For the winning artists it will be possible to create and manage either an Android or an iPhone App with industry-leading quality, customization, and flexibility. Please note that if you choose the iPhone App you will be required to set up an Apple iOs Developer Account and make a $99 payment directly to Apple.

Mobile Roadie allows anyone to create and manage their own iPhone and Android apps. Founded by Brock Batten (Creative Director) and Michael Schneider (CEO) in 2009, they have created over 1500 apps for musicians, sports teams, athletes, venues and businesses. Mobile Roadie is headquartered in Los Angeles and has operations in the UK, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Australia and Brazil.

tracks &  fields

In addition of Mobile Roadie this time will have with us also the cool, Berlin based guys of the Tracks & Fields (www.tracksandfields.com)!

The Tracks & Fields is an international platform where musicians can pitch their music to projects in advertising, film and games. They strive to make the synch licensing process as easy as possible. As a musician, label or publisher you just need to screen the project briefings and decide if and which of your tracks to submit. Some of the projects they found music for include Final Destination 5, eBay, Porsche and Google.

For our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions they offer us two annual Advanced and one PRO subscription, worth approximately $760 (€600) in total, with which ...

11th Jan


What A Podcast Can Do For You


podcast networking opportunities

To me, the greatest thing about a podcast is the networking opportunity it presents.  Other people or bands that hear about your show will ask to be on it.  That’s a great way to make a new connection, which might lead to you doing a show together.

In order to keep the show interesting, you might choose to have guests.  This is also a great networking opportunity because...

10th Jan


New Interview: Matthew Meyer


Matthew Meyer: ‘I promised myself that I would always play music for the pleasure of it regardless of whether I was the only one who was listening ‘

matthew meyer


Cristina Torres. London

Born in North Carolina to a teacher and a university professor, raised in Connecticut and now an adopted Brooklinite, Matthew Meyer is a simple and easy approach guy. As many artist he has a secret life, one that allows him to make a living and another one dedicated to his major passion, music. Although simple for him the way he creates music remains, somehow, a mystery for us. Nevertheless, his songs have managed to reach the weloveyoursongs.com users. Here we present you an interview to Meyer so you can get to know better this synasthesic artist.


What was “the soundtrack” of your childhood, the music you remember when you think about your early years?

The soundtrack of my early childhood was, without question, ABBA and Neil Diamond, as they were the two cassette tapes my parents had in the car.  We would go on these incredibly long car trips for vacations where we would drive 12 hours to get somewhere and those would be the tapes we listened to over and over again.  When I hear “Forever in Blue Jeans” I can still feel the hot vinyl seat in our 1979 VW Bug sticking to my skin. 

Later on, when I first started to buy music of my own, it tended to be bands like The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs.


When did you start writing? Was your first song a heartbroken song or a love song?

When I was nine I began taking trumpet lessons and played in the school concert and jazz bands.  Three years later, a friend and I wanted to start a band so I started to learn bass guitar by borrowing a neighbor’s ancient acoustic guitar and learning scales.  That Christmas I got my first electric bass guitar and we started to play both in the jazz band and on our own.  Our first so...

5th Jan


#WeLoveYourSongs Is Giving Away a FREE Ticket to attend #SFMusicTech


SF Music Tech Summit


This is your chance to win a $799 worth ticket and attend for free to one of the most prestigious music and tech conference in the world. The SF MusicTech Summit will take place next Monday 13th of February in San Francisco, California.


Here a short blurb for you to learn about what this event is about in case you don't know it yet. "The Summit brings together over 1000 visionaries in the music/technology space, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce. We meet to discuss the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem in a proactive, conducive to dealmaking environment. 

Some of our fantastic speakers include Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose, Jeff Price from TuneCore, Bram Cohen from BitTorrent, Ian Rogers from Topspin Media, Kristin Thomson from Future of Music Coalition, Brian Zisk from SF MusicTech Summit, and many more! For more information, check out http://sfmusictech.com"


If you want a free ticket to attend this great event, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1) Like our Facebook Page:


2) Then do one of the following:

- Retweet this post, including the #WeLoveYourSongs hashtag
- Or leave us a comment below here


The contest starts now and ends next Thursday 12th of February, at 1PM PST.

We will choose at random and contact the winner of the ticket next Thursday with more details.

Please kindly note that we are offering 1 ticket only, while accommodation and airfare are not included. 


Good luck everyone! 


4th Jan


Promoting Your Podcast

Promoting Your Podcast


Use your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and website to promote your podcast. If you have an e-mail list, this would be a good time to send out an announcement about a “freebie” that your fans can enjoy. Don’t just limit your promotion to the online world – post flyers, print your podcast URL on the back of your business card, and tell your friends about it!

When you promote your podcast, don’t just focus on getting people to listen to your podcast. Think of how the podcast fits in with all the other stuff you have going on, primarily your other promotions.

Try to create a never-ending flow of traffic from one media to another.  For example, fans come to a live show, where they find out about your website. On your website, direct them to your podcast, where one listener will win a free T-shirt. In order to win the free T-shirt, fans need to Retweet a Twitter post about your next show.

Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama


2nd Jan


New Interview: No Stars In The Perimeter


Meet No Stars in the Perimeter. The quirky indie/alt rock duo Tiffany and Chris are from Miami and ready to rock you into 2012.

No Stars In The Perimeter

1. No Stars in the Perimeter formed in 2010. Can you tell us how that happened and what made you choose to form a band with 2 members?  

Well, I (Chris) have been trying to put a band together for many years, but there's always a bad egg in the group that spoils the rest. You might have the drummer hook up with a new girlfriend and don't show up for practice, the bass player refusing to learn the songs and show up to rehearsal unprepared or having to argue with the one person who doesn't like what the rest are doing. 

With a two piece band you eliminate all the unnecessary stress and we've been able to churn out more songs this way than with the so called musicians I've dealt with in the past.


2. What inspires you to create your music?  

Different things. One day we might be inspired by something we might have read about extraterrestrial life, another day it might be some asshole we ran across that pissed us off. Inspiration is everywhere you look.


3. I like your song Strangers from a Distant Land very much. How would you describe your music to say a stranger from a distant land who has never heard your music before?

We would describe our music as being hard hitting and stimulating. We make music that gets you moving without it being "happy". If people are not bobbing their heads, then we haven't done our job. At the same time we don't mind throwing in some songs with a psychedelic feel to them.


4. Name some of your favourite Artists?

I (Tiffany) have to say Mary J. Blige and The White Stripes. Chris is a huge fan of The Doors, The White Stripes, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Tupac, to name a few.


5. What do you hope for No Stars in the Perimeter to achieve in 5 years time?

First, we really hope ...

27th Dec


Publishing Your Podcast

Apple Itunes

Once you’ve edited your podcast, save it as an MP3 file and upload it to your blog. Most blogging platforms have a way to automatically embed an MP3 to your article. If your blog doesn’t have one, you need to upload the audio file and manually embed it to your blog. If that sounds too technical, you might consider signing up for a free Blogger account.

Another problem you may run into is the type of feed your blog generates. If your blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, you can use FeedBurner to create one. Again, if that sounds too technical, you may consider signing up for a free account on blogging platform.

The next step is to submit your podcast to the iTunes Music Store:


Generally speaking, your podcast will be available within a week, and people can start downloading and listening to your show from the iTunes Music Store. If your listeners subscribe, they can get new episodes downloaded automatically. How cool is that!


23rd Dec


A Merry Christmas To You All


Kiva Christmas WeLoveYourSongs

Hey guys, all the crew of WeLoveYourSongs would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2012!

As we have done last year, in the spirit of the season, we wanted to renew our invitation to join our lending team on Kiva, a micro-lending non-profit organisation with a simple but very smart idea to enable people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs across the globe.

You choose who to lend to whether a baker in Lebanon, a farmer in Latin America, a restaurateur in Ghana, or a tailor in India - and as they repay their loan, you get your money back. It's a powerful and sustainable way to empower someone to lift themselves out of poverty. You choose who you lend to, see the progress they make and once the money's been repaid you can re-lend it to others.

At the link below you can find our lending team. We'd love if you decide to join us:


In the meantime, we hope to see you soon, in 2012.

Our warmest regards,

The WLYS Team


20th Dec


Recording Your Podcast


Recording Your Podcast

Once you’ve planned out your show, go ahead and record yourself. If this is your first time doing a talk show, you’re probably going to sound uneasy or like you’re reading from a script. That’s OK – the only way to get better is to keep doing it. It might help if you imagine yourself addressing your audience at a live show. You can record as many times as you like, so take your time.

When your recording is ready, use an audio editing program to make sure the volume is stable, and to edit out any awkward pauses or “ums and ahs” that you want to get rid of. Many podcasters use Audacity because it’s free and easy to use.

The two main functions you will be using are “Normalize” which makes sure the volume is stable throughout the show, and “Edit” which will get rid of the pauses and unwanted segments. If you’re having trouble using Audacity, check on YouTube for a variety of tutorials on how to edit podcasts.

If you want to get real fancy, you can add tracks so that you can have music playing in the background as you speak, or jingles when you switch segments on the show.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama


18th Dec


Roller Genoa Are The Winners!


Roller Genoa

The Roller Genoa a cool unsigned indie rock band from Ukraine, with a song called Freak Show, won the Autumn edition of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests! As a prize they will be awarded with a $1,200 package, kindly offered by Mobile Roadie, to build their own Android or iPhone App.

For those interested to know more about them, is possible to read their interview on our blog and listen to some good music on their WeLoveYourSongs band page.

“We'd like to say thank you to every single person who voted for us, we couldn't win without your support. Thank you for appreciating our music, spreading a word about us, you all are an integral part of this win. You showed us that everything we do now is not in vain and that's the most exciting part of it” said Bohdan, the lead member of the Roller Genoa, when asked if there was something he would like to say to his fans. “Since this competition is opened for musicians and fans from all around the globe we'd like to say our special thank you to WeLoveYourSongs team for creating such a fantastic opportunity for undiscovered starting bands like ours to reach more fans worldwide. This win is extremely important for us as it's the very first contest we were participating in since we've started the band and it made us being confident now that we have a promising future. It's an amazing feeling, as we are very excited at the moment and striving to impress all you with more good music. Thank you!”

In the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest, we have Matthew Meyer, an extremely talented songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. doing some great indie electro rock. After them, the Floor from Indonesia, the Otherness from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Alin from Italy, are arrived in the third, fourth and fifth positions respectively. What a joy to be a truly international community!

Thanks very much to all t...

13th Dec


Producing A Podcast


Producing a Podcast

The first thing you want to do before you start recording, is to create a rough plan of your show. Think of a good title for your show, as well as the kind of topics you will be talking about. You also definitely want to think about a co-host. If possible, I recommend co-hosting the show with at least one other person, so that your shows don’t start sounding like speeches.

The idea is similar to writing a blog - try to create content that other people will benefit from. That means you don’t want to limit the subject to you and your own career.  But you definitely want to keep the focus on yourself. You can do this by thinking of the people around you and the music community that you are a part of. Who are these people, and what are they interested in? How do you fit into the picture?

My recommendation is to find something you are an expert at. For example, you might be really into new gear. Create a segment on the show that talks about new products. Another thing you can do is use the time you spend on YouTube to your advantage and create a segment about interesting videos your listeners might be interested in.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama.


10th Dec


Last 5 Days to Win a $1,200 Package with Mobile Roadie


WeLoveYourSongs Contests

We are now just 5 days away from the end of the Autumn edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song contests where you could win a $1,200 package from Mobile Roadie to build your own Android or iPhone App.

The deadline to upload your songs and get voted is Thursday 15th of December 2011 (10PM GMT). Both competitions are free to enter but open only to unsigned artists. By registering on Weloveyoursongs.com you will automatically enter both contests.

Mobile Roadie

Roller Genoa are leading both contests, with Matthew Meyer and the Floor respectively in second and third position, but there is still space for an outsider coming from the back. 


How to Win:   


- Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile   

- Submit some of your best music

- Encourage your fans to go vote for you


Best of luck from all the WeLoveYourSongs crew!


6th Dec


Create A Podcast To Promote Your Music




What’s a podcast? If you think of a blog as a self-produced newspaper, a podcast is a self-produced radio show. Radio and music make a great combination, which make podcasting an extremely effective way to promote your music.

Creating a podcast is quite easy. To get started, all you need is a computer, internet connection, and a mic. Since you’re reading this, you probably already have the first two – now all you need is a mic.

In order to create your very first podcast, you really don’t need a high quality mic. A lot of computers have built-in mics which you can use, and you can even use your mobile phone’s voice memo function if you like.

Once you have all your hardware in place, let’s move on to actually producing a show.

Thanks for the support to our friends at Foxy Bingo.

2nd Dec


New Interview: Otherness


This time our interview is with Otherness, a young electro rock & pop collective from La Patagonia, Argentina, now on 4th position of our Best New Unsigned Artist contest. 


1. Tell us about the story of Otherness; how and when did you get together and decided to start a band?

Martin (vocals and guitar), Gonzalo (vocals and bass) and Adrian (music synth) met each other at school, when they were in their early teens. They were born in Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina). OTHERNESS hometown is almost 13.000 km far away from London. After a brief project called “Bizarre”, Martin moved to Buenos Aires and 2 years later he was joined by Gonzalo and Adrian and the boys started to play music together again. 

In 2009, Pablo (drums) entered the band and they finally become what OTHERNESS is now.

Music is the universal language. It means freedom of expression and doing what you are. OTHERNESS think GLOBAL CONCIOUSNESS is the main element of rock and pop culture, so being in a band it’s awesome ‘cause it gives you the chance to keep on learning and exchanging new experiences with people from all over the world. It improves your communication skills and it’s such a thrill itself. 


2. What is your musical background?

Well, it’s really diverse. Each member of the band listens to different stuff but at the same time they share lots of music in common. The Clash, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Indian Music, Motown, some electronic music and old pioneers such as Leadbelly, Ray Charles and Johnny Cash. All mixed up by 4 boys from La Patagonia and used to wake up every day with a gust of dry wind punching their faces.


3. How would you describe your music? Who or what are your inspirations?

“All the things you could be by now if your mother in law was pregnant by electro rock & pop young fans in the middle of a Patagonian wild ...

29th Nov


How To NOT Broadcast


The other method of broadcasting is e-mail, which can be extremely effective and dangerous at the same time. It’s effective because you can make a compelling call to action, but dangerous because you could also be labeled a spammer. That’s why I only send out a mass e-mail when I have some kind of freebie like a free download to offer.

How often, and what you should put in a mass e-mail is going to depend on your mailing list. If you’re sending to a group of people who have agreed to receive updates from you, there’s no problem, but you risk dropping off of people’s radars and missing out on opportunities that might arise from simply being on someone’s mind.

My e-mail list consists of people I exchanged business cards with, so I will not send out a mass e-mail more than once a month, and I always try to enclose some kind of benefit such a discount or freebie.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama


23rd Nov


How To Broadcast


weloveyoursongs broadcastingBy “broadcast” I’m referring to ways you can speak to multiple people at the same time.  The most common way musicians do this is when they talk to the audience between songs.  When you say to the audience, “We have a new CD out and it’s on sale along with T-shirts at the entrance,” that is a form of broadcasting.  It’s the same thing if you appear on TV, radio, or get an article printed in a newspaper or magazine.  You’re doing the talking while many people listen.

Social media has opened up a lot of ways we can broadcast. We now have websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a lot of musicians use audio sites like SoundCloud and WeLoveYourSongs. The first caveat I’d like to share is to use all these sites as one social media conglomerate, rather than trying to do everything on each individual site.

You can do this by designating certain tasks to each piece of social media. For example, rather than uploading videos to both YouTube and Facebook, upload only to YouTube and post the links on Facebook.

In my case, I use YouTube strictly for video, SoundCloud for audio, I post videos and music on my blog, and I use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic there. Designating roles to your social media will make their purposes a lot clearer, save you time, and make you more effective.



15th Nov


How Twitter Can Help You


One way you can generate interest in your music is by building a strong following on Twitter. A larger number of followers mean a larger audience, and hopefully more CD sales. Your Twitter following can also be used to generate ideas, facilitate contests, and drive traffic to your website and blog.

Twitter Logo

For example, run a contest where everyone who Retweets a post about your new CD gets a link to download a free track. Or, ask your followers which one of your songs they like most, and do a remix of it. Twitter is a great way to make the creative process more interactive and involve your fans.

The best way to generate a strong Twitter following is to follow people who have similar interests. If you sound like Bob Dylan, search for people who are tweeting about Bob Dylan and follow them. Check back every once in a while to see if these people followed you back, and if they didn’t unfollow them and follow new users.

You can automate this process by using services such as Followernow.


Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama


13th Nov


New Interview: Roller Genoa


The Roller Genoa are a polyhedric indie rock band from Ukraine, at the moment ranked in the first position of both Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song contests on Weloveyoursongs.com .      

Roller Genoa

If you want to discover a little more about them here there is an interesting reading for you guys! 


1. Tell us about yourself! How did you all get together and formed Roller Genoa?

There's nothing special in the way we get together, I'm afraid, it's just a story of three close friends who wanted to play music, that's it. The best thing in Roller Genoa is that from the very beginning we were different. I mean in our town they play heavy music, you know, metal-, hard-core, but we were definitely the first ones who started to play garage rock, post-punk stuff. Though everyone of us have played in various bands before, I consider those bands to be nothing more than a joke really. We all are very proud of what we're doing now and that's an amazing feeling, you know.

2. Which acts have shaped and inspired you?

These are definitely The Strokes, most of all, The Rascals and Twisted Wheel. I'd really like to say thank you to these bands as they formed our vision on the way how good music should be written.

3. How would you describe your music?

Well, I consider Roller Genoa to be a rock'n'roll band. I'm afraid people forgot what is rock'n'roll nowadays. I don't mean "sex, drugs & ...",I mean music that will make you dance even if it's the worse damned day of your live, your dog's dead, you've been fired, y'know what I mean. I don't wanna change the world with my music. I'm tired of all those idiots who say such things. I just wanna make people dance you know, and that's it. We are a rock'n'roll band, nothing more and nothing less. 

4. What can you tell about your music making process?

Today we don't really have regular rehearsals, there's no need to h...

7th Nov


Part 3 - Drive Traffic To Your Website


Submit articles to e-zines or online forums, and link back to your website.  When you write an article, make sure it’s something the community you’re involved in will benefit from.  For example, choose an artist you sound like and write an article about the artist.  Add a short note saying, “If you enjoy the music of this artist, you may also enjoy my band.”


The following website describes the process in detail:



Isaku Kageyama  -  @Isakukageyama


1st Nov


Part 2 - Make Your Website Work


seo sem

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that makes sure your website comes up as high as possible in search results.  This is actually a very technical process, and you may consider hiring a company to handle this, but here are two basic things you can try.

1. Incorporate your blog into your website – Seach engines such as Google like pages that are updated frequently.  Making your blog part of your website ensures your site is updated frequently.

2. Generate quality backlinks – When related pages link to your site, this improves your search results.  You can search for sites to add your link on Webconfs (http://www.webconfs.com/backlink-builder.php)


Isaku Kageyama  -  @isakukageyama


25th Oct


Build a Website


If you’re building a career in music, one of the things you’ll need is your own website.  You can use your website to promote upcoming shows, sell CDs and merchandise, post videos and music, and tell your audience more about yourself.

website building

If you don’t already have one, try services like Wix.com (http://www.wix.com) that offer free templates for building a website.  If you like, you can also connect your website to a domain name such as yourname.com.  It looks a lot more professional, and it’s also much easier for people to access your website.


21st Oct


Future Music Forum - A Social Business


One of the wonders of the modern world is that we’re all so connected, and yet also not. To illustrate the point: here I sit, typing this blog post on my Blackberry, in a cafe full of people. Go on. Judge me. But this is the world we live in.


However, I have wondered about John Mayor deleting his Twitter profile. I have wondered about how effective this whole thing really is.

Let’s face it: social networking and the Internet are great tools, but there’s something to be said for taking time out to think and speak with your contemporaries about what kind of business you’re actually doing.

Such is the great benefit of the second annual Future Music Forum, in which this year, around 70 delegates gathered to chat through models of the music industry, ideas going forward and where the future of successful music making, management and publishing lies.

The irony is that the FMF is a meeting of minds about social media to fulfill a function which, I would argue, social media cannot.

The keynote address by U.S. entrepreneur Angela Gambino addressed two key issues in business success: velocity and scale. In other words, the capacity of a business to grow quickly and grow large.

“How easy is your business to contemplate? How easy is your business to copy?” she asked delegates. Food for thought.

One of the highlights for me of the FMF was the collaboration of Marc Marot and Ian Neil on two different panels. The first panel was How To Get Your Music in TV and Film and the second was a broader focus on Music Synchronisation – which is the association of music with different brands (TV adverts, clothing, etc).

Both Marc and Ian have worked in the industry over the past three decades and their casual approach at the FMF and anecdotal reflections were a real treat. But beyond that, through the discussion with other panellists, they were able to give a perspective that i...

18th Oct


5 Things Songwriters Can Do To Move Their Careers Forward


I recently stumbled upon an article on BMI.com about 5 things songwriters can do for their careers.  

The five things are:

1. Do One Business Thing Every Day

2. Join or Start A Songwriting Group

3. Don’t Wait For A Publishing Deal To Act Like You Have One

4. Make One Song Pitch Every Week

5. Reply Promptly To Any Opportunity, No Matter How Small.


There are 5 separate bits of advice in the article, but they can really be summed up into “Take Small Steps Every Day”.  Try to build a schedule for yourself where you have 1 hour every day aside from practice to work on your career as a musician.  It’s better to do a little bit of consistent marketing every day, than to do a lot of marketing once every six months.




Isaku Kageyama


14th Oct


Why Get An Attorney?


Many people think they need a manager before anything, but the truth is, you need an attorney before you need a manager. Why? 

Music Attorney

An attorney can and may open doors for you just like a manager, but will not be working with you day to day; scheduling sessions and helping you build records. An attorney will protect your interests, and try to get you the best deal, everytime.

A prominent entertainment attorney will also represent artists, songwriters and producers that you would not normally gain access to, or just may have not connected with yet. Some of the biggest deals have been created through attorneys. If you are able to gain their representation, you take a huge step in gaining access to people who seem unreachable.

If your goal is to get management AND you’ve been with an attorney for some time, your attorney will point you in the direction of managers that they trust and do business with. 

To start this process I would suggest researching or asking other music creators who their attorney is. Even if you want to start feeling a couple people out, it is never too early to start. Hopefully you have a couple things in the works that may require his/her advice, if you’re a producer it is never too early to have an attorney draw up some independent production agreements!




Nicholas Velo


11th Oct


Become Better Known


Why do certain bands sell more tickets than others?  In what ways are they “better” than the bands that don’t sell as well – and most importantly what can you do to emulate their success?  Well, one difference is that the bands that sell a lot of tickets tend to be well known.

Name Brand

When you stop by a club and see a myriad of flyers strewn on a table, you tend to pick up the one of a band you already know.  It’s the same thing at a CD store.

What can you do to become better known?  This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but start by eliminating people.  Only go after the people who are going to be interested in your music.  How do you know who is going to be interested in your music?  Talk to the people who come to your shows.  Find out who these people are and where they hang out.  Go there and reach out to that community.  Become well known in a niche market and that will begin to set you apart.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


7th Oct


Easier Said Than Done: Gain Attention of A&R's


I’ll make this simple, an A&R's main goal is to find a hit song that can (hopefully) change the landscape and direction of music for the next 6-8 months. If you want break into the Music Industry, you must create something that is unique and different. Do not attempt to copy Dr. Luke’s sound or whatever songs are currently on the radio. There are already enough established people attempting to emulate others. As a newcomer, you will not succeed in the long run. Every once in a while a producer/songwriter lands a Top 40 single out of nowhere and is never heard from again. Remember “Womanizer”?

Be Different

With the decline of albums being released, the harder and harder it gets to have your song(s) officially released. The truth is, A-List & B-List producers are going to get a majority of the cuts. Not solely because of their name, relationships, and track record (although these things have a lot to do with it). But also because they are in working with the BEST songwriters, and typically have direct access to an artist, manager, A&R, etc. If you are new producer, you MUST create something that is unique and GREAT to get the attention of others.

If an A&R wants a record that sounds like Dr. Luke produced it, they will get a record from Dr. Luke. By creating something unique, you increase your chances of being heard. There is nothing better than creating a new "sound" Want an example? Look at what “Nothin’ On You” did for Bruno Mars. It opened the door for HIS sound. He then capitalized on it, and went from just being known as a talented songwriter to one of the most widely known artists in the world.

Article written by Nick Velo, experienced music industry professional from Los Angeles,  California.


5th Oct


Voting Re-Started, WLYS Contests Are Back!


The Autumn edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions have started and the voting is now open!

Concert Crowd

We are pleased to have such great prizes for you guys also this time, with 2 annual packages worth $1,200 each, offered by Mobile Roadie, with which we have strengthen up our partnership, to create and manage either an Android or an iPhone App for your band.

Look at the prize list on WeLoveYourSongs to have more info about that! 

Here some more details about the Autumn edition of the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests:

Starting Date: Today - October 5, 2011 

Deadline: December 15, 2011 

Cost: Free

Prize: 2 X $1,200 packages from Mobile Roadie to get your own Android or iPhone App (more prizes to be announced later on)

How to Win:

1.    Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile.

2.    Upload some of your best music

3.    Encourage your fans to go vote for you!




4th Oct


Unpaid Gigs


What do you do when someone asks you to play for free?  Try asking some of your friends – they don’t all have to be musicians – just people who do freelance work.  Ask them why they choose to do or not do unpaid work.  Be sure you ask people who actually do a lot of work because those are the people you want to emulate.

Free Gigs


The most important thing is to develop your own policy about unpaid gigs.  Should you do all work, paid or unpaid, simply because it’s better than sitting at home?  Or do you protect your brand by doing only paid work?  Still another option is to do unpaid work only in certain situations, such as a cause you believe in, or large amounts of exposure.


There is no correct answer to this question – just make sure you develop your own policy on how you want to handle it.  If you’re a musician, you’re going to get asked to do free shows.  Save yourself a headache and think it through beforehand.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


29th Sep


A New Blog Contributor from LA


Hello music creators,

I’m Nick Velo - Every week I will be contributing to the blog section here at WeLoveYourSongs.com. I currently work in the music industry in A&R, Management, Publishing & Social Marketing. Since entering the music business in 2005 I have worked with a number of top labels, publishers, producers, artists, songwriters, etc etc.

Nick Velo

There are a number of books out on the music business that aren’t relevant and/or realistic. Because they don’t answer the one question I’m asked most, which is “How do I get INTO the music business”. There is no right answer. The rules are broken daily. In this climate it is all about creating unique, hit songs & if you’re an artist, it’s about building a real fan base, one fan at a time. What I want to do is tell you what I believe to be the best ways to get into the music business as a creative person, give you advice based on my personal experiences in the daily grind of the music business, and help you take creating music from a hobby, to something real.






Nicholas Velo


28th Sep


New Interview: Black Vendetta


Black Vendetta is Nathan Virica, a singer and songwriter originally from Harrogate, now living in London. He has so far released one EP ”Cigarettes, Alcohol, love and Injustice’

Black Vendetta Weloveyoursongs

Firstly who is Black Vendetta?

Black Vendetta is my good self. It used to be the name of my band up north (which, incidentally I came up with!) and then when I went solo I just thought it would make a cracking alias and, to some extent an alter ego. Glad you haven’t asked me what it actually MEANS though because I haven’t got a fucking clue!


What’s your musical background? Are you self taught or academic trained?

Well I suppose for pigeonholing purposes you would say I’m self taught but I never really learned the guitar to a very high standard. I just wanted to get to the stage where I could write good songs and now I can. I regard myself much more a songwriter than a musician per say. I had a few guitar lessons when I was at school but that was mainly on classical guitar and the teacher wasn’t exactly up to much. Put it this way, after 7 months of weekly lessons all I could play was “Happy birthday to you”. Felt it might be an idea to teach myself after that!


What were your first musical memories?

My first musical memories were kinda based on trips we used to take to Italy every summer. My grandad has an olive farm there and an old house so we always used to go there during the school holidays and we used to drive down there. My first musical memories were basically of whatever cassettes my grandma put on during said journeys. There was a weird mix of all kinds of suff! Bowie, Queen, Lennon and even Cher! But yeah I used to love that cos I would just stare out of the window for hours on end with the music feeding into my imagination and it kept me really entertained. It’s bizarre too cos at that age I used to think “How the fuck do you write a song?” little knowing that ov...

27th Sep


Recording Devices and Headphones


Recording Devices and Headphones

What kind of device are you using to record your rehearsals?  And what kind of headphones do you use when you listen to music?  A lot of musicians I know are comfortable recording rehearsals on their cell phones and listening to music on their iPod headphones – but somewhere down the line you’re going to want to invest in some kind of recording device and some headphones.

Why? Listening to yourself will make you a better player, and so will listening to music in finer detail.  No need to go overboard – a lot of good recording devices are available in the $100-150 range, and good headphones are available for less than $100.  You’ll be surprised to hear things you didn’t notice before, and that will be sure to change your playing as well.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


22nd Sep


Start Now, No Funding Needed


Becoming a musician and starting a business have a lot in common.  If you’re an independent musician, you’re in business for yourself, and the product you’re selling is your music. It’s a lot of work and responsibility, and sometimes the task can seem daunting – so daunting that it prevents musicians from taking the necessary steps to get work done.

In an article titled “Start Now. No funding needed,” CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, says starting small is the first step to creating something big.  It’s important to turn your ideas into reality by actually doing something – even if it’s something small.  

If you don’t have a record deal, produce a CD on your own.  If you don’t have expensive equipment, find cheaper alternatives.  Regardless of what your ultimate goal is – playing at a prestigious venue, or with musicians you idolize – it starts with you going out and doing something today.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


19th Sep


Balanov is the Winner!


For the second times in a row the winner of our competitions is coming from Africa! Balanov, with his “Take it Hard”, won the Summer edition of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions! As prizes he will be awarded with a $1,200 package, kindly offered by Mobile Roadie, to build his own Android or iPhone App, and some cool merchandise offered by CMO.


For those interested to discover more about him, is possible to read his interview on our blog, listen to some good tracks on his WeLoveYourSongs artist page and check his Facebook fan page!

“I would like to thank every one votes for me, it’s an amazing feeling to know that i have some wonderful people behind me” said Balanov when asked if there was something he would love to say to his fans and followers. “I’m honored to have won the WeLoveYourSongs competitions, I pour my heart & soul into my music. "This award has provided me with a confidence boost in my career and has encouraged me to go releasing my next & first professional album. I want to expand my international fan base, so i believe winning this UK based contest is going to be a vital part of that growth.I encourage any and all artists to participate in the WeLoveYourSongs competitions next time around!”

In the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest, we have a cool unsigned band called Perry Acker, with some fresh pop rock music from Gig Harbor, Washington. We have to going down few thousands kilometres, in the beautiful city of Bogotá in Colombia, to find Claudia Valencia, another very promising unsigned singer songwriter, who got the third the position in the competition!

Thanks very much to all the unsigned musicians, bands and fans that have participated directly or indirectly in the Summer edition of our contests on WeLoveYourSongs. More details about our new contests will be revealed shortly. Stay tuned!


14th Sep


Last 36 Hours: Who's Your Money On?



The last 36 hours before the winners will be announced for the Summer edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions where you could get a $1,200 package from Mobile Roadie to get your own iPhone App and some great merchandise from CheckMineOut!

Gig Crowd Contest

Once again the deadline to upload your songs and get voted is tomorrow, Thursday 15th of September 2011 (10PM GMT). Both contests are free to enter, but open only to unsigned musicians and bands. By registering on Weloveyoursongs.com you will automatically enter both contests.

Balanov is leading both competitions, with Perry Acker pushing hard in the second position, but there is still space for an outsider coming from the back. 

Just another day and we will have the name of the winners!


12th Sep


How to Get Booked a Year in Advance


how to get bookedIn the September 25, 2010 edition of “The Business Side of Music” podcast, hosts Tob Sabella and Traci Snowe talk about how to “Get Booked a Year in Advance.”  While there’s no easy way to get booked a year in advance, it begins with planning.  Take the number of shows you want to do in a year and divide that by 52 weeks.  This will tell you how many bookings you need per week.

Making as many connections as possible is the most effective way to get booked – so if your schedule allows, take the time to visit some clubs the next time you’re making a trip out of town.  It helps to develop a relationship with club owners so that you can book periodical shows.  If you’re playing at a club every other Friday, you no longer have to worry about trying to book those dates.  Make friends with musicians who will call you to play with them – another day you don’t have to book on your own!

Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

6th Sep


How to Make a Stage Plot



An accurate stage plot makes it easier for the venue managers, club owners, lighting and sound engineers, and other people you’re working with, because it makes it easy to see your how all the players and equipment need to be set up.

Stage Plot

Your stage plot should include the following:


  1. Where each musician will be positioned
  2. What instruments will be used and where they will be positioned
  3. List of necessary equipment
  4. Positions of equipment such as mics and amps
  5. An ordered list of songs and their approximate length
  6. Transitions if any equipment is going to be moved during the performance


A lot of musicians use software like Adobe Illustrator or Stage Plot Pro to create their stage plots.  You can also use FreeStagePlots.com.  Once you get used to it, creating a stage plot only take 15-30 minutes and it saves a lot of time and energy.  Make it easy for your staff and they’re going to want to work with you again.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

2nd Sep


2 Weeks To Win $1200 For Your Own iPhone App



We are now just 2 weeks away from the end of the Summer edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song contests where you could win a $1,200 package from Mobile Roadie to get your own iPhone App and some great merchandise offered by CheckMineOut worth few hundreds Dollars!

Mobile Roadie

The deadline to upload your songs and get voted is Thursday 15th of September 2011 (10PM GMT). Both competitions are free to enter but open only to unsigned artists. By registering on Weloveyoursongs.com you will automatically enter both contests.

Weloveyoursongs gig crowd

The winners of the last competitions were the cool South African guys of the Ryan Calder Band, to which goes once again our sincere congratulations! At the moment Balanov is leading the ranks, but the competitions are still completely open and because of so many great musicians on our community it’s really unpredictable to forecast who will be named as the Best New Unsigned Artist!


How to Win:   

  1. Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile   
  2. Submit some of your best music
  3. Encourage your fans to go vote for you


Best of luck from all the WeLoveYourSongs crew!


30th Aug


A Smarter Way To Network

Harvard Business Review
As musicians, we know we should be networking – but what is the best way to network?  According to Harvard Business Review, top executives have “diverse but select networks made up of high-quality relationships with people who come from several different spheres and from up and down the corporate hierarchy.”
In other words, it’s not the size of your network, nor is it making connections to corporate and industry leaders that matters.  The effective core networks range in size from 12-18 people from diverse hierarchical, organizational, functional, and geographic spheres.  The people in your inner circle should be positive, enthusiastic, authentic, and generous.
The article specifically says to avoid being:
1. The Superficial Networker, who engages only in surface-level interaction with as many people as possible, mistakenly believing that a bigger network is better.
2. The Chameleon, who changes interests, values, and personality to match his audience and ends up being disconnected from every group.
Use your network to grow as a musician and individual – not just to get what you want.
Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

23rd Aug


Making a Music Video on a Budget


The following videos show you how to make a music video using free software such as iMovie


or Windows Movie Maker

When you’re done making your video, you can upload it to YouTube and promote your music.  If you’re not good at shooting video, just use photos!

The important thing is that by adding a visual aspect, you can now tell the song’s story visually, as well as through the music.  It also opens up additional channels for promoting your music such as YouTube and Vimeo (maybe in the future it will be possible on WeLoveYourSongs too).  Don’t limit yourself to just audio outlets – use video too!
Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

18th Aug


New Interview: Balanov


Ranked in the second position of the past edition of our competitions, Balanov, with his great electronica music, is now on top of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests on Weloveyoursongs.com .

Balanov WeLoveYourSongs

1.Balanov, What’s your real name Balanov?
Mahmoud Zak. Balanov is my nickname. I am a young music arranger & producer [unsigned artist].
2.What is the best contact email address for you / your band? 
3.What are your band websites / profile links?
4.When and where did you start playing? 
I started producing my music in October 2010. In Cairo, Egypt.
5.Describe the moment that you knew you would become a musician or form a band.
Initially, I was afraid and I feel I will not be able to do something because I didn't study music but was just a hobby.
Then, I found that music is just a sense of the heart translated to sounds and melodies.
I started arranging, and by trial and error, I started to learn from my mistakes every time.
My favorite genre was House/Dance Music, so I produced my first music album "Kick Off" in January 2011. It was just an experiment, and people liked it, hence, I found that I must continue in this field, develop my band heading toward professionalism.
6.How did you come up with your band/performance name? How has it evolved?
I'm known as Balanov, and I chose this name to become the name of the band as "Balanov music", and especially that I am still the only member of the band until now, but I'm looking forward to teaming up with some of my friends as songwriters, vocalists, guitarists etc , to develop my band.
7.What would you say your band/performance is best known for?
I am still in the beginning of ...

16th Aug


How Dieselboy Became A Household Name



Early adopters of a movement are usually the ones that profit the most.  Dieselboy was one of the early adopters of the rave movement in the 90’s and he describes how he did it:
"I'd see the post on alt.rave about a party five, six, seven hours away," explains Higgins. "It'd say, 'Plus more DJs to be announced." That's when he'd make his move: "I'd call the info line and be like, 'Hi, I'm Dieselboy from Pittsburgh. I will play for gas money if you book me at your party.' I was so small-time at the time that no one was going to fly me. So I drove around all over the place. I remember I drove 11 hours to play in Rhode Island."
You don’t always have to be the first person to be a leader or pioneer. CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers describes how a movement is made in his “First Follower” speech. It’s a risk to stand out, but it’s worth it to become the leader of a movement. 
Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and new WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.

9th Aug


Using Twitter To Promote Your Music


twitter logo weloveyoursongs

Twitter search results will now return photos and video, which means more ways to improve your internet presence.  When you share an image on Twitter, be sure to include related hashtags.  For example, if you’re a rock band in Detroit, use the hashtag #detroitmusic and your photos will pop up in search results.

Another way to use Twitter more effectively is to Tweet when your followers will be near their computer and have time to read what you’re saying.  The best time of the day to Tweet is 9:00 AM PST because you’re hitting three major break times.  And according to Fast Company, the best time to get re-tweeted is at 4:00 PM EST on Friday.
But if you want to cover all the bases, use an application like TweetDeck to post tweets 8-12 hours apart. Do it sparingly so it doesn’t become spam. In most cases, since the volume of tweets is so high most people check in about the same time every day and won’t notice repeat tweets.


Article written by Isaku Kageyama, music professional at Berklee College of Music, traditional Japanese drummer and new WeLoveYourSongs collaborator. 


1st Aug


A New Contributor For The WLYS Blog!


Hello All,

Isaku Kageyama

Hi - I’m Isaku Kageyama and I will be writing a weekly column here on Weloveyoursongs.com focusing on ways to promote yourself as a musician.  If you want to book better paying gigs, sell more CDs, and establish yourself as an artist, my column will help you do all that and more.

If you have any particular areas where you need help, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at isaku@isakukageyama.com and I’ll be sure to answer your questions.

Best regards,

Isaku Kageyama



11th Jul


Best New Unsigned Artist And Best New Song Contests Are Back!


The Summer edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions have started and the voting is now open!

Best New Song - Best New Unsigned Artists competitions

We are pleased to have such great prizes for you guys also this time, with 2 annual packages worth $1,200 each, offered by Mobile Roadie, to create and manage either an Android or an iPhone App for your band, as well as some great merchandise from the cool guys of CheckMineOut.co.uk (CMO), which have just confirmed they will be in for the next two editions of our competitions.

Here the prize list with all the details of what you can win!

In case you have missed our previous blog post please find below the details about the new contests:

Starting Date: Today - July 11, 2011 

Deadline: September 15, 2011 

Cost: Free

Prize: 2 X $1,200 packages from Mobile Roadie to get your own iPhone App and some great merch offered by CheckMineOut worth few hundreds Dollars! (additional prizes will be announced in the coming weeks)

How to Win:

1.    Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile.

2.    Upload some of your best music

3.    Encourage your fans to go vote for you!


5th Jul


Win Your Own Iphone App !



We are here today to announce the come back of our competitions with the Summer Edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song kicking off next Monday 11th of July!

We told you last week of some new exciting prizes and here we are!

This time we are partnering with Mobile Roadie, the most innovative startup in the development of mobile applications.

Mobile Roadie Logo

Mobile Roadie allows anyone to create and manage their own iPhone and Android apps. Founded by Brock Batten (Creative Director) and Michael Schneider (CEO) in 2009, they have created over 1500 apps for musicians, sports teams, athletes, venues and businesses. Mobile Roadie is headquartered in Los Angeles and has operations in the UK, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Australia and Brazil.

The winning artists will get a Mobile Roadie annual package worth $1,200, with which it will be possible to create and manage either an Android or an iPhone App with industry-leading quality, customization, and flexibility. Please note that if you choose the iPhone App you will be required to set up an Apple iOs Developer Account and make a $99 payment directly to Apple.

You can find out more about this such a fantastic prizes on the MoRo website!

Pretty amazing, isn’t it??

Here some more details about the new competitions:

Starting Date: July 11, 2011 

Deadline: September 15, 2011 

Cost: Free

Prize: 2 X $1,200 packages from Mobile Roadie to get your own iPhone App  (additional prizes will be announced in the coming weeks)

How to Win:

1.    Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile.

2.    Upload some of your best music

3.    Encourage your fans to go vote for you!





27th Jun


Tip # 2: Have Management.


With this being the second of five essentials for a successful career as an artist, it is definitely an important one. It can be easy to think, especially when you are first starting out, that a manager is unnecessary.  The opposite is definitely true.
Music Management
Having some type of management can be key in a multitude of ways, one of the most obvious ones being that it allows you as the artist to put more of your time and energy into writing and playing music. Management is also the tool that sets an artist up for promotion. It gives you someone to take care of setting up gigs and putting together press/promo kits. As well, this person can walk you through any business or career decisions that may come up. That being said, it is important that you stay in touch with the business side of your music career so that you are still in the driver’s seat and can stay in control of which direction you would like things to go. 
It is not impossible to act as your own manager but it will come to a point where anyone in the know would advise you to have a second party do it for you. The more people looking out for the best interest of advancing your music career the better! A great way to get linked up with industry management companies is thru the ‘Music Industry’ portion of Weloveyoursongs.com. From this page it is easy to browse many different types of useful companies including; management, labels, venues, promoters, and much more! 

Article written by Kaelan MacNeill, Audio Professional, Event Coordinator and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


23rd Jun


The Ryan Calder Band Won !


The nice guys of the Ryan Calder Band finally made it!  The RCB is a 5 piece band playing a positive, upbeat South African acoustic rock. They have spent the last five years touring around South Africa, released the second album “On the Edge” in 2010 and have now won the Spring edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions with a great song called Loving Every Day ! 

Ryan Calder Band

For those interested to know more about these cool guys is possible to listen to their songs on the band page they have on WeLoveYourSongs, read their interview on our blog and take a look to the RCB official website !

Contacted immediately after the end of the competitions to let them know they were the winners, here it is what they wanted to say: “We’re very pleased to have gained so much momentum in this competition. We like the concept behind the WLYS website and we are very thankful to everyone who voted for our songs, as well as anyone who just listened to our music! We hope that anyone reading this is inspired by the message in our music, and the RCB is looking forward to getting around to different continents in the near future.”

After them, in the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song, we have a very talented unsigned artist, again from Africa, Egypt to be specific, called Balanov, that with his Electro music has been in the first position for long time, duelling with the RCB until the very last day of the contests. The third place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest has been taken by Chris Raw, from the Philadelphia Area in the US, with his underground indie hip hop music.

A big hug is for every unsigned artists and bands that have participated in the Spring edition of our contests on WeLoveYourSongs.com and to all the music fans that have voted for the tracks they loved more! A huge thanks goes as well to our partners, that have kin...

17th Jun


First Tip: Create Buzz

As artists we all have a couple things in common: a passion for music and a dream  of building a life long career doing what it is that we love. Even the most talented musician cannot stay above water without putting these 5 elements into practice. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for each of these fantastic tips! 

 Crowd at a gig

 Let's start with our first tip - CREATE BUZZ

People have to be aware of y ou and your music. A great way to do this is to promote yourself both with online and offline promotions . Uploading your best music, making it easy and free to be listened by anyone on Weloveyoursongs.com and spreading the word through your favorite social  networks is a great start no doubt, but it’s essential that you go out playing gigs as well! Play live gigs until your voice is hoarse and your frets are worn. By doing so, you let fans do the promoting for you. Word of mouth becomes your friend. Even if a few people see you play and enjoy it, they tell their friends who then check out your site and send a link to their friends, that will check you out on Weloveyoursongs.com, and all of a sudden you have a larger fan base to whom you can promote your future shows!  Remember you can now list your upcoming gigs on Weloveyoursongs.com – to do so you have to login to your account, click on "My Events" on the top right corner of the page and insert from there your list of upcoming concerts. A box with your list of future events will then appear on your artist page.


Article written by Kaelan MacNeill, Audio Professional, Event Coordinator and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


15th Jun


Designing Your Band's Website

A recent article on Hypebot.com by Michael Brandvold, a music industry marketing veteran, made it clear that the most important things to keep in mind when creating design factors websiteyour band’s website is for it to be user friendly.  FAN FRIENDLY. The use of Flash and great-looking-over-the-top graphics are good but should come secondary to ensuring your site is easy for fans to navigate. “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want,” was the answer given by 76% of consumers when asked what really matters when is comes to a website.

This holds true for an artist’s site; you want it to be easy for a fan to find your bio, stream and listen to a song off your newest album, be able to sign up for your email list, find out when your next show is, and the list goes on.

As well, it is key to make sure fans know of your site and can get to it equally as effortlessly. Put a link on your WeLoveYourSongs profile page could give you a bit of help for obtaining that. This way, for all the traffic of fans and industry people that comes through WeLoveYourSongs, they can be directed to your website if they would like to find out  more.


Article written by Kaelan MacNeill, Audio Professional, Event Coordinator and WeLoveYourSongs collaborator.


13th Jun


1 Week to Know the Best New Unsigned Artist

weloveyoursongs logoWe are just 1 week away from the end of the Spring edition of our Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions where you could win a ticket worth €250 for the Future Music Forum in Barcelona, some great merchandise from CheckMineOut and a uPlaya promotion package !

The deadline to enter your songs and get voted is Tuesday 21th of June (10PM GMT). Both contests are free to enter but open only to unsigned artists. By registering on Weloveyoursongs.com you will be automatically part of both competitions.

The winners of the last competitions were the Roman Holiday, an alternative pop rock band from Seattle, followed at short distance by the Tyrannosaurus Grace with their exhuberant synth pop music! At the moment Balanov is leading the ranks, followed by the cool South African guys of the Ryan Calder Band and by Chris Raw with his underground hip hop music. Tons of other artists are just few votes away. It looks extremely difficult to make a bet on the winners, everything is still completely open!

How to Win:

  1. Visit WeLoveYourSongs.com and create an artist profile.
  2. Upload some of your best music
  3. Encourage your fans to go vote for you

Good luck buddies and keep rock on!


6th Jun


Featured Artist: Chris Raw


Chris Raw is an underground, indie, hip-hop artist from the Philadelphia Area. He began writing in 2002 and started recording in 2005 and has been experimenting and expanding his mind to the world of music ever since. As of now, he is unsigned and plans on staying that way for a while.
Chris Raw lyrical abilities mixed with his own style of raw flows with a different variety of beats makes for great music that any underground hip-hop head can enjoy. Chris Raw describes his music as “Underground digging it’s way to the top” and with more and more listeners every day, he is definitely on his way up…
Anyone who makes or produces music is going to find motivation in music itself, and Chris Raw is no exception. Music is his life, or, at least a huge part of it. Chris’ influences in music spands across various different generes; whether it’s hip-hop or heavy metal, acoustic rock or country, dubstep or techno, Chris finds inspiration in it all. Like he says, “If it’s good music, it’s good music!” Other influences on Chris and his music includes: current events that shape our world, his family, friends, and supporters and his own life and the daily experiences he encounters (positive or negative). Chris tries to incorporate all of these things in his music while also being laid back, being random, using clever punchlines, and just having fun showing off his lyrical talent.

Chris Raw

If you listen to Chris Raws music you can tell how diverse and lyrical his songs can be. 

In 2009 he released his fan-appointed single “Drink Ya Haterade” which featured Australian superstar Skyo along side Bostons up and coming hip-hop aritst J.Lye. It was an instant classic with underground rap fans and will be featured on Chris Raws up and coming mixtape “Raw & Uncut: The Mixtape”. Another song that you will find on the mixtape is the raw and rugged song “Ima Monst...

1st Jun


Updated Prize List for our Contests



A brief note for you guys with the updated prize list for our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitons, which are now just 3 weeks from the end!


Best New Unsigned Artist competition:


1st Place

1. A ticket worth €250 to attend the Future Music Forum, taking place next September in Barcelona, Spain

2. A great merchandise package from CheckMineOut comprehensive of:

- 100 free T-shirts with your design to sell at your merch table.  (3 colour screen print)

- Design help from their CMO T-shirt designer

- Insider tips and hints booklet on how to make the most of your T-shirt merch.

- CMO Premier account. (Some extra perks including your T-shirts promoted on their homepage, personal Url and QR code to make it easy for your fans to buy your merch)  

3. A Suite of uPlaya Premium Services comprehensive of:

- Hit Song Science Analysis/Score for 17 uploads

- uPlaya’s global digital marketing widgets for those 17 songs uploads. Marketing tools can be efficiently distributed to nearly 300 sharing sites and contain lots of useful information about the artist’s music.

- uPlaya Press Kit, which is fully-customizable with biographies, photographs, album information, press clippings, music videos, show dates and more.

- Premium functionality of the uPlaya marketing tools. This includes the ability to feature four songs in a Featured Song Player on the uPlaya® Press Kit.

- Access to newsletter features that enable the artist to more easily build and maintain relationships with fans.

- 15 Contest tickets good for use in any uPlaya Contest or Talent Search.

- Ability to place music in uPlaya’s Hit Song Game, a music discovery application on Facebook.

- Because the artist is able to enter more music in uPlaya’s Music Universe, you will increase your chances of being considered for special promotions and of...

27th May


Interview with Record Producer Legend Stuart Epps


Today we are honored to interview Stuart Epps, with no doubts one of the most influential producers of the last 50 years of the music industry. He started is musical career in 1967 as a 15-year old office junior at Dick James Music. He quickly moved up the industry ladder to become Chief Engineer at DJM Studios, and later toured the USA with Elton John as personal assistant.

Stuart at his Wheeler End studios with MCI desk

Epps was involved from the start when Elton's producer, the late Gus Dudgeon, built The Mill Studios on the banks of the Thames, near Maidenhead. It was not long before Dudgeon asked Epps to become Chief Engineer, Studio Manager and Producer.

He worked on many projects with artists including Elton John and Chris Rea. Later, Jimmy Page bought the studio in the early 80’s and Stuart became the Studio Manager and began to work with Heavy Metal artists like Led Zeppelin.

After gathering enough experience, he took over Alvin Lee’s private studio “Wheeler End” in 1994 and turned it into a comfortable commercial studio. Among his customers were John Leckie (Beatles, Stone Roses, Muse) and Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie). Oasis, Robbie Williams and Paul Weller are just few other names on the list of artists he has worked with.

stuart , Elton and Kiki Dee on 1974 USA tour

In the last few years Stuart is actively involved in the music business, working with big name artists as well as helping a host of promising new and up-and-coming artists to sound their best, both on demo recordings and in full studio productions. He is also doing lectures through Skype and instructs students at the SAE in Oxford, UK. 

You have worked with some of the most influencing artists of the last century, what are the ones you have enjoyed more to work with ?  Any funny stories you want to share with our community ?

Stuart with Liam and Noel Gallagher at Wheelend End studio

I’ve been lucky to work with some of the greats. Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, Bill Wyman, Robbie Williams, Oasis…

When Liam Galla...

24th May


WeLoveYourSongs featured on KillerStartups.com


Hey folks just to let you know we have been featured on a cool website called KillerStartups.com - if you want to give us a bit of help please follow this link and vote for Weloveyoursongs.com !  It’s free and the registrations to the website is not required.

Below you can find the nice words they have used to describe us:

“WeLoveYourSongs is a new community site for young and unsigned musicians. It has the aim of letting them promote their art, and make fans much easier than they would by any other means.

The moment an artist signs up for a profile on the site, he is enabled to upload as many songs as he wants. He can also add notes, images and (once he has them) promo clips, and videos of live performances. Fans (who also have to sign up for their accounts, by the way) will be able to start commenting on all that media, and (hopefully) start spreading the word around.

And the site actually encourages bands and artists to do their best by hosting regular competitions where those who play the same kind of music can go against each other, and battle for supremacy on the provided charts. In any case, both the newest artists and fans are highlighted on the site, along with these songs that have been more popular as of late. Finding someone or something to listen to will be anything but difficult”.

 It makes for discovering bands and songs in a way that is as exciting as it is easy.” 


19th May


New Prizes: Great Merchandise from CMO!


We're excited to announce a new collaboration with our friends of CheckMineOut.co.uk (CMO), which have agreed to offer some great prizes for the winners of the Best New Unsigned Artist competition on Weloveyoursongs.com !

The additional prizes offered by CMO are:

1st Prize
- 100 free T-shirts with your design to sell at your merch table.  (3 colour screen print)
- Design help from their CMO T-shirt designer
- Insider tips and hints booklet on how to make the most of your T-shirt merch.
- CMO Premier account. (Some extra perks including your T-shirts promoted on their homepage, personal Url and QR code to make it easy for your fans to buy your merch)
2nd Prize
- 60 free T-shirts with your design to sell at your merch table.  (2 colour screen print)
- Design help from our CMO T-shirt designer
- Insider tips and hints booklet on how to make the most of your T-shirt merch.
- CMO Premier account.
3rd Prize
- 30 free T-shirts with your design to sell at your merch table.  (1 colour screen print)
- Design help from our CMO T-shirt designer
- Insider tips and hints booklet on how to make the most of your T-shirt merch.
- CMO Premier account.

Below here you can find out more about what CMO is about!

"CheckMineOut.co.uk is here to offer help in a crucial area for bands, T-shirt merchandise, which is a vital thing to get right. Anyone can make money with their merchandise, without worrying about handling shirts, by creating a free virtual shop on checkmineout.co.uk. It costs nothing. You choose the price and share your t-shirt and song or story behind it, to all of your fans easily through your social network and even download your own merch store widget for your website or blogspot. When an order is placed, we handle all production and delivery. And as soon as your designs sell like hotcakes, you can move...

12th May


New Interview: Ryan Calder Band

Ryan Calder Band is a five piece acoustic rock band based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The band has spent the last five years touring around the country, has released the second album "On the Edge" in 2010 and is now leading both competitions on Weloveyoursongs.com !

What's the story of Ryan Calder Band? How did you all find each other?
We started performing together at a local music festival about five years ago. Since then I haven't been able to get rid of them.

What's your musical background? And how did you get involved with create/playing music?
Most of the band self-started into music... for me, it began in school where I started as a drummer, and then moved to singing and playing guitar in theatre productions and cabaret shows during my varsity years and paid my way through university by gigging in pubs.

Your latest album "On the Edge" was released last year. What can you tell us about it?
The album is the first we've delivered as a band. It was recorded it over a month, and I had it mastered professionally. There are some very big ideas in the lyrics, and there are a range of different styles and influences on the album. I think this album is just the start of a career of different sounds and genres. I like the diversity of rhythm - it's the starting point of my songwriting.

You've spent the past five years touring and playing around in South Africa; what's the best thing about performing live? Any good stories you'd like to share?
It's where the magic happens - where we get to witness first-hand people's response. We've worked hard on our live shows and have had a really good reponse to every show we've played... so good in fact, you would confuse us with mainstream artists. You know - screaming grannies, fainting women, wild crowds... it must count for something, even if they are just our immediate families.

Your music has been described as po...

10th May


The Best New Unsigned Artist to attend FMF Barcelona for free

We are happy to announce a new great prize for our Best New Unsigned Artist competition, made possible by a new collaboration with the cool guys of the Future Music Forum (FMF). In addition to the 2 Marketing Suites of uPlaya Premium Services, the winner of the contest will now get also a €250 ticket to attend this fantastic international music conference!

Below here a piece of their press release that will let you better understand how great this event could be for you to attend to!

"The 2nd Annual Future Music Forum Barcelona will be taking place this September 22nd & 23rd in Barcelona. This year the FMF are inviting Dave Kusek from Berklee College of Music Boston as our Keynote & Angel Gambino, WIRED top 100 executive & serial entrepreneurs as a special guest speaker. The 2nd FMF will focus on Entrepreneurs in Music, The Music Cloud, Music Synchronization, Brands & Music, How to get your music in TV & Film, Music & Social Gaming and Music & Mobile.

This year speakers include: Rootmusic, Sony Music, Domino Records and Compost Records amongst many others.

FMF provides a professional yet relaxed platform to explore, engage and discuss these topics with a carefully selected group of music futurists, label owners, managers, music and technology entrepreneurs and digital music consumption analysts".

"The 2nd Edition follows the successful launch in 2010 which saw an impressive array of music technology companies, entrepreneurs, musicians & music industry related executives descend on Barcelona for 2 days of lively discussion on where the music industry is heading. Participants included Shazam, Mixcloud, LastFM, Forrester Research, Soundcloud".

Such exciting times for the WeLoveYourSongs community, we really hope you are enjoying it! Good luck for the competitions and stay tuned for new announcements and articles as well as intereviews to our talented unsigned artists!


29th Apr


#WeLoveYourSongs Is Giving Away a Free Ticket for #SFMusicTech Summit



We are here again with another chance to win a ticket worth $600 for the SF MusicTech Summit that will take place next Monday 9th of May in San Francisco. 

The SF MusicTech Summit brings together 800+ visionaries in the music/technology space, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce. We meet to discuss the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem in a proactive, conducive to dealmaking environment. 

Topics being covered at the event include: The Future of Publishing, Artist Revenue Streams, Tools for your Band, Music in the Cloud, Digital Sheet Music, New Musical Instruments, What's Your Stack, and many more!


If you want a free ticket to attend this great event, all you have to do is follow the steps below:


1) Like our Facebook Page:


2) Then do one of the following:

- Retweet this post, including the #WeLoveYourSongs hashtag
- Or leave us a comment below here


The contest starts now and ends next Wednesday 4th of May, at 8PM GMT.

We will choose at random and contact the winner of the ticket next Thursday 5th of May with more details.

Please kindly that we are offering 1 ticket only, while accommodation and airfare are not included. 


Good luck to all you folks! 

Update: The winner has been chosen - congratulations to N.Sputnik !


28th Apr


Interview with Alin !

Alin joined our community from the very beginning and is currently in the first position in both the Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions. She’s an Italian Hungarian artist that creates inventive computer based electronic dance music!

What’s your story? How did you get into producing music?
Since my childhood I’ve loved music. When I was 8 years old I learned to play guitar, that let me know people with the same passion.
During high school, I had experiences in some band and years later those experiences moved on a stage.
After that, I decided to dive completely in music and try to compose what really felt without come into conflict with someone else. So, since 3 years, Katalin/Kati become Alin, and still now I continue believing in my feelings.

What’s your musical background?
I’ve grown up with every kind of music: thanks to my parents, I’ve known old hits of 60-70 years and classical music; thanks to my brothers, I’ve known memorable rock and grunge bands; thanks to Hungary, I’ve known the folk music and 80s hits; thanks to friends, I’ve known pop-rock-disco and electronic music.

What instruments do you play?
I play guitar, piano and…computer!

How would you describe your music in one or two sentences?
I consider my music as a soundtrack: in front of you there’s a landscape or a picture and automatically your mind makes you think to a melody.

If you could cover any song – which would it be, and why?
If I could…I’d like to play and cover “Little Eye” by Elisa. Why? Maybe because it’s a beautiful, unknown and misunderstood song.

What was the first song you learned to play?
“La canzone del sole” by Lucio Battisti: every italian who wants to be a guitarist learns this song for first, because it’s composed by simple chords: A – E – D – E.

What artist(s) has inspired you the most?
I can just say that a lot of artists inspire me...

20th Apr


New Competitions and New Features!

After have gifted last week 5 tickets for the MusicConnex conference in London, worth £199 each, to Lauren Housley, WKB, Lorena Cueva, C.T.G. (Change The Game) and Neutral Nomad, winners of a contest hosted on our blog, we are now here to announce that the Spring edition of our Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions have now started!

We have now also implemented some new features on the site for you, such as the possibility to add your next gigs/concerts in your page. To add an event you have just to login on your account and once logged go on "My Events", in the top right corner of the page.

For the happiness of most of you in this edition you will be able to listen and vote for the songs you love for free, just by clicking on the LOVE button!

The competitions will finish Monday 21 June 2011, when the winners will be announced. The Bew New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist contests are open only to unsigned artists, free to join, with great prizes such as 2 Marketing Suites of
uPlaya Premium Services, online promotion and lot of exposures from WeLoveYourSongs.com through our media contacts and a community, that counting the people following us on our Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages, is now composed by more than 50,000 persons. Other prizes will be announced later!

Now it's time to call your fans to action! Rock On!


1st Apr


Free tickets to huge music industry networking event


WeLoveYourSongs has teamed up with an exciting new music industry conference for independent artists called Music Connex.

The event is a perfect opportunity for independent artists to network with over 100 different music industry executives on Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st of April 2011 at Kings Place in London.

Music Connex will be attended by record label A&R's, music journalists, music managers, artists, social networking sites, stylists and many more.

Throughout the three days there will be a range of different seminars on a range of different topics related to the new music industry landscape and also listening sessions giving artists the chance to play their music to a panel of record label reps, journalists and radio producers.

Among the panel of over 100 distinguished speakers are: Keith Harris, manager to Stevie Wonder, Mark Wood manager to Imogen Heap, artist and producer Labrinth, Twin B from BBC 1Xtra and representatives of YouTube, Facebook and Spotify (to name a few).

We’re going to be giving away five free tickets to the event (worth £199.00 each), all you have to do to be there is simply get as many of your fans as possible to comment on this blog post, on our Facebook page with your name or band name and possibly the link to the artist page on Weloveyoursongs.com (to participate you have to be registered on weloveyoursongs.com). If you prefer in alternative you can send us an email at info@weloveyoursongs.com. The five artists, bands or music fans with most votes will win a ticket and get to attend this fantastic event!

You’ve only got two weeks, until Friday 15 April, so get voting!


23rd Feb


New Music Industry section, new artist page and a refreshed homepage!

After have concluded our first competitions and discovered what was the best unsigned artist and the best new song last week, we have now also reached 10,000 fans on our Facebook page, another goal that make us feel very happy to have started this site a couple of months ago! But we are now writing this post to announce that a new section dedicated to the Music Industry is now live on the site. As explained before we aim to build the globally most comprehensive and complete Music Industry database, a sort of Bible for unsigned artists, full of resources, key contacts, and addresses. Tons of companies offering cool services for artists have already registered and are there just to be discovered.
In this section of  weloveyoursongs.com we list Record Labels, Press / Magazines / Blogs, Radios, Venues, Music Distribution, Promoters, Instrument Shops / Repair, Lawyers / Legal Advice, Training / Tuition services, Recording Studios, Industry Conventions, Festivals etc.  If you have a company and want to have that listed please fill the form - you can do that for FREE! Once submitted your entry will be reviewed by an administrator and once approved your services will appear on our Music Industry directory.

Other not less important changes have happened on the design of the artist pages and on the homepage of the site that we have tried to organize a bit better. We are really looking forward to hear if you like these changes!

More additional features and some news about the new competitions will be announced in the next days.


16th Feb


The Roman Holiday are the winners!


The first edition of our Best Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions is finally over, with the Roman Holiday, a cool new band from Seattle, Washington, composed by Shane Lance (lead vocals, guitar), Emerson Shotwell (drums, percussion), Daniel Collins (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Nick Howard (bass guitar, backing vocals), winning both contests with a great song called The Long Way Home. If you are interested to know a little bit more about the Roman Holiday you can take a read to their interview we have made a couple of weeks ago that you can find here.

We have been in contact with them in these last days asking what they were feeling to be the winners of the first edition of the WeLoveYourSongs awards and if they wanted to say something to their fans. Here a quote from their reply:

"We're honored to have won the WeLoveYourSongs competitions.  We greatly appreciate all of our fans for voting so passionately in support of us.  We pour our hearts and souls into the songs that we write, so your support means the world to us.  We feel that having won this competition is a stride forward in our career, and we look forward to seeing what comes from it.  One of our main goals this year is to expand our international fan base, so we believe winning this U.K. based contest is going to be a vital part of that growth.

We encourage any and all artists to participate in the WeLoveYourSongs competitions next time around!"

After the Roman Holiday, in the second position of the Best Unsigned Artist competition, and with 3 songs in the top 5 of Best New Song competition, we have another great band from Washington called the Tyrannosaurus Grace. In the first ten positions after them we have Alfia Yussupova, Mark Marshall, Kigity K, Saints of a New Age, Sertari, Dream Reaper, Alin and Rooster. All unsigned musicians of a very high artistic level!

A huge thanks go to t...

2nd Feb


New Interview: Sertari


Sertari is a UK based singer and songwriter, known for her comprehensive musical style, which includes RnB, electronica, hip hop and pop.
She has already worked with some of the most talented and influenced people in the industry and had several nominations, including; best live act, best song and a nomination in the International Independent Artist Awards.


Who is Sertari?
I am a singer/songwriter and producer, I love writing and being in the studio and not forgetting performing on stage, I get a huge buzz when on stage and love to entertain people, I come from a very musical Greek Cypriot family, I guess this is where i developed my passion for music.

You’ve been involved with music since you were young, how did you know this was your way to go?
From a young age I was introduced to all kinds of music from, Classical, world music, jazz, pop, rock RnB. My Dad played the accordion and traveled on cruise ships playing and singing the Greek classics and the chart hits, My dad would always play the accordion at home and we would always grab the mic for a good ol sing song!
Mum on the other hand was very operatic, there was always some sort of music being played or someone singing so it was for me my natural path and a desire of what i wanted to do.

What’s a typical day like?
I wake up thinking of music, i go to work humming music and come home recording music : )

Do you write your own songs? What’s your inspiration?
I write all my own music, I also work with a great producer Benjaming K, when we get together we bounce ideas off each other, it is so great to be in the same room where you can be open and creative. I use to write about personal experience but now i’m am having a lot more fun and write about anything i want, my latest single ‘ Platform 22′ was written about catching a train – simple, but it was written with many metaphors and ref...

31st Jan


10 days to discover the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song !

Three months after the launch of website, weloveyoursongs.com is now overflowing of great unsigned artists and sure hits right there to be listened and voted. We will discover now in 10 days which are the most loved artists of our community of the first edition of the Best New Unsigned Artist and the Best New Song competitions. The Tyrannosaurus Grace are actually leading both contests, with Roman Holiday, Alfia Yussupova, Sertari and Mark Marshall just few votes away from them. Just reminds that the voting, and the subscriptions, will be open until the 10th of February at midnight Pacific Standard Time - 8AM GMT of 11th of February, British Time.

It's now time to call your fans to support you in this final 10 days rush that is going to be extremely hot!


24th Jan


New Interview: Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in September 2008, the band consists of Shane Lance (lead vocals, guitar), Emerson Shotwell (drums, percussion), Daniel Collins (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Nick Howard (bass guitar, backing vocals). They released debut album “Paint This Town” last year. The band is known for their outstanding live shows (see them if you can!) and their “next big thing” sound!

So, what’s the story of Roman Holiday? How did you come up with your band name?

When it came time to name the band, we knew we wanted a name that would be classic, timeless, and worldwide. We were brainstorming name ideas and somehow got on the topic of “Rome”. So late one night, our producer and hidden 5th member Mark was watching the movie “Roman Holiday”, and sent a text to Shane, our front-man and said “How about Roman Holiday?!”. At first we were hesitant; we wanted to make sure it represented our music well. But we’re all big Audrey Hepburn fans, so eventually we grew to love it. It feels like a perfect fit now.

You’ve been described as a mix of Kings of Leon, Muse and Coldplay – how does this make your feel? Is this how would you describe your sound?

We’re totally fine with those comparisons. Those are all great bands. We work hard to write good songs that people can feel and connect with, and as people get to know our music, they find that our sound is very unique. But, we feel that being compared to those bands is a compliment. We’ve been told our sound is as melodic as Coldplay and U2, and as rock’n'roll as The Strokes and Kings of Leon. We like to agree.

What’s the best piece of praise you’ve received so far?

We’re often complimented on our songwriting, and our ability to put so much emotion into our music. That’s the greatest compliment we could ever receive. It’s all about good songs. Any...

20th Jan


What's Included in our Prizes?


Since we have received a couple of emails from you guys asking what was exactly included in the prizes we are offering for the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions on WeLoveYourSongs, we have decided to put here all the details for everyone. In case of any doubts please feel free do drop us an email !

The total amount of the prize is £1000 (approx. $1600, €1200) to be divided between the 2 winners.

In addition, a Suite of uPlaya’s Premium Services will be awarded to the winners of both the competitions.

£ 500 will be awarded to the most voted artist and another £ 500 to the most voted songs during the period of the competitions. This prize, have to be claimed from the winner within 21 days by the end of the competition, and it will be then paid within seven days from the claiming date.

The Suite of uPlaya’s Premium Services, offered by Music Intelligent Solutions Inc (uPLaya.com), is comprehensive of:

• Hit Song Science Analysis/Score for 17 uploads

• uPlaya’s global digital marketing widgets for those 17 songs uploads. Marketing tools can be efficiently distributed to nearly 300 sharing sites and contain lots of useful information about the artist’s music.

• uPlaya Press Kit, which is fully-customizable with biographies, photographs, album information, press clippings, music videos, show dates and more.

• Premium functionality of the uPlaya marketing tools. This includes the ability to feature four songs in a Featured Song Player on the uPlaya® Press Kit.

• Access to newsletter features that enable the artist to more easily build and maintain relationships with fans.

• 15 Contest tickes good for use in any uPlaya Contest or Talent Search.

• Ability to place music in uPlaya’s Hit Song Game, a music discovery application on Facebook.

• Because artist is able to enter more music in uPlaya’s Music Universe, y...

10th Jan


Who will be at the top of the table?

One month from the end of both the competitions on WeLoveYourSongs and we are really excited to see who will be at the top at the end!
What’s your take? Who will be named as Best Unsigned Artist the 10th of February at the end of the contest? 
Will the winner be the pop rock of the Tyrannosaurus Grace or the folk music of Rooster? Is Mark Marshall with his “Let it Go” your pick? Or maybe you prefer the pop music of Biba Coritsa? The acoustic rock of Paul Ferland or the Seattle’s rock of the Roman Holiday?
There is still a month of voting and there is room for some big changes in the ranking. The winner at the end could be someone that now is not even in the first 100 artists.
Below here the Top 10 most voted artists for the Best Unsigned Artists competition:

1st  Tyrannosaurus Grace

2nd Roman Holiday

3rd  Alin

4th  Mark Marshall

5th  Rooster

6th  Paul Ferland

7th  Adel

8th  The Higharts

9th  Biba Coritsa

10th Dream Reaper


Take a look around on weloveyoursongs.com and vote your favorite ones!
The site is now really full of talented unsigned artists that are just there to be discovered, listened and voted!

5th Jan



We are going to build the globally most comprehensive and complete Music Industry database. Our aim is to create a sort of “Bible for Unsigned Artists”, full of resources, key contacts, and addresses. This will give a great exposure to your company and to the services you offer and will means a lot more opportunities for our artists as well!

In the Music Industry page on weloveyoursongs.com we will list Record Labels, Press/Magazines/Blogs, Radios, Venues, Music Distribution, Promoters, Instrument Shops/Repair, Lawyers/Legal Advice, Training/Tuition, Music/Media Students, Recording Studios, Industry Conventions etc.

Please fill the form at this link if you want to have your organisation and your services listed, you can do that for FREE. This will be reviewed by an administrator and once approved the entry will appear on the Music Industry listings.


23rd Dec


uPlaya is Partnering with WeLoveYourSongs to Bring Artists More Opportunities


uPlaya® and WeLoveYourSongs are partnering up to provide some great prizes to talented indie artists!




Let your music earn you great prizes! uPlaya is partnering with WeLoveYourSongs, which is offering two compelling competitions for rising artists, to help out with prizing packages for WeLoveYourSongs competitions using its award-winning technologies, Hit Song Science and the Music Universe, which offer unique digital promotion and discovery capabilities to music professionals and fans across the globe. WeLoveYourSongs, created to allow unsigned artists to share music and compete with other artists, offers two avenues for artists to make a name for themselves in the “Best New Song” and “Best New Artist” competitions.

The winner of each contest, which will be determined by fan voting, will receive £500 (US $800) as well as a package of Premium uPlaya services that includes scientific music analysis of the music’s commercial potential, globally-reaching marketing widgets to increase exposure on the Web, attractive and professional press kits to showcase important information, and also promotion through uPlaya’s other unique promotion applications such as interactive music discovery games for Facebook. The winners will also be marketed through uPlaya’s music community, including the uPlaya Blog as well as a week-long spot in uPlaya’s spotlight feature, the “Up and Coming Artist of the Week” on the uPlaya Facebook.

uPlaya is excited to partner with innovative music companies like WeLoveYourSongs to do what we can to help indie artists across the globe.


Enter the competitions today!




To read the full post please visit the uPlaya Blog .


21st Dec


Help us make a difference



WeLoveYourSongs would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and our best wishes for 2011.

In the spirit of the season, we have decided to set a lending team on Kiva, a micro-lending non-profit organisation, the concept of which we love. The idea is simple - Kiva enable you to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs across the globe.

You choose who to lend to whether a baker in Lebanon, a goat herder in Uganda, a farmer in Colombia, a restaurateur in Ghana, or a tailor in India - and as they repay their loan, you get your money back. It's a powerful and sustainable way to empower someone to lift themselves out of poverty. You choose who you lend to, see the progress they make and once the money's been repaid you can re-lend it to others.

At the link below you can find our lending team and we'd love if you decide to join us:


In the meantime, we hope to see you soon, in 2011.

Our warmest regards,

The WeLoveYourSongs Team


17th Dec


Interview: The Eleven 37s


The Eleven 37s is a funk band! They’re named after the story of 11 groups of prisoners that were taken away to 37 separate prisoner of war camps in the 1950s due to all the men and women being dressed as half tiger, half elephant freaks of nature as part of a military celebration. (It was the time).



Front man and video blog maker of the band Jamie Topp was asked some questions:

How and when did The Eleven 37s form?

We formed way back when we were drinking milk from cows at a young age on a dairy farm. We’ve been raised by farm animals for 21 years, each by a different breed of swan or sheep, we decided to form a band when we kept getting laughed at for always having dip dabs for Christmas dinner instead of turkey, this was around 3 years ago. I hate to tell you this…. but most of that was a lie. We actually formed from the ashes of other bands in around early 2008, and decided we wanted to play something new and fresh, we all come from different backgrounds, which gives us a good hand for creating something new.

How would you describe your sound?
We are funk. We play funk rock music, and we’re a bit weird to say the least, it took about 2 years to settle into the solid sound that we wanted to follow, but we are happy with where we are heading. We play music that makes people want to dance, get up and enjoy it, smile, have a laugh and have fun basically. We mix it up between the fast paced fully funk powered songs such as ‘Here Comes The Storm’ and ‘Personality’ with slowly jazzier funk such as “Fires (Part ii).” We’re not all about the drive all of the time and getting people on their feet, its good to bring it back a bit sometimes and get deeper into people’s heads with what we’re trying to get across.

What does music mean to you?
I wouldn’t be doing much else besides this, its one of the rare ways in which we can express how we feel and th...

16th Dec


New Features and Prizes


As many of you have probably realized, some changes have been made on the site during this first period.

Here a brief summary of what's happened on the website maintenance side:

- It is now possible to the RSS feeds of the new We Love Your Songs blog.

- We have integrated Disqus on the site and you can now like, dislike and/or write your comments on every blog posts.

- The share buttons for which we have seen there were sometimes some litlle problems, are now working properly. So now you don't have excuses anymore, you can now share all your favorite tracks and artists with other people around the web!

- Some bugs here and there have been fixed and the site is generally working better.


Regarding the prizes for our "Best New Song" and "Best New Unsigned Artist" competitions, we have reached an agreement with uPlaya / Music Intelligence Solutions Inc.,  to offer a great Marketing suite of uPlaya's Premium Services to both the winners of these contests.

Just to give you an idea, uPlaya was called "the FICO credit score for music..." by the San Francisco Chronicle, and its unique technologies defined as something that "could profoundly change the way music is created..."  by The Economist, a world renewed business information magazine.

More info and an official communication from both companies about this great news for all the members of our community will be released shortly.

Other exciting interviews from our artists and news about the future developments on the site will be revealed very soon as well!


Stay tuned!


6th Dec


Let Us Introduce The Escape Directors


Escape Directors is a band that formed in 2009, in Colin Rieser’s basement as a way for Steve Carter to perform his acoustic material with a band. They released their first album “Ladders” – as a free download in 2010!

Who is Escape Directors? And what’s your musical background?

Steve Carter- Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Nick Wilson- Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Colin Rieser- Drums, Vocals
SC: I’ve been playing music for about 4 years and my background is self-taught.
CR: I’ve been playing the drums since I was 7 when my dad gave me his 1960s Slingerland drumkit and I took drum lessons for 11 yrs.
NW: Started on my fisher price keyboard when I was 7… still prefer that keyboard over anything else.

How would you describe your sound?

I would say we’re an indie rock band with pop sensibilities.


What is the best piece of praise you have received so far?

We played what we feel was our best show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck a month back. The energy from the crowd after we finished was enough praise for us. We’re fortunate to have great people who support us and want to see us succeed. We also surround ourselves with lots of influential individuals who give us great critiques on how to improve. It’s important to us to have both sides.
Honest Man


You’re involved in ‘The Project Matters’, what can you tell us about it?

The Project Matters is a foundation run by a wonderful woman named Karen High. TPM supports local New Jersey bands under 21 by providing resources for musicians to keep doing what we love to do. Our involvement in the project has given us opportunities that we never could have gotten without TPM. We owe a great deal to Karen High in believing in our band.

How do you promote your music?

Shows, free downloads, newsletters, advertisements, word of mouth, licensing, radio airplay, podcasts, anything and everything...

29th Nov


Lights on the Tyrannosaurus Grace !


Tyrannosaurus Grace is a new musical project based in Ellensburg, US. They have a unique mixture of upbeat pop, new wave-waves, electronic - and synth pop, and released the self-titled debut album in 2010.

tyrannosaurus grace

What's The Story Of Tyrannosaurus Grace?

The group initially started in the fall of 2009 when founding members Tim Held and Justin Foss were living halfway across the country from each other, Justin in Oregon and Tim in Michigan.  They had played music together growing up in various bands in their native state of Washington but had not worked together for years due to their distance apart.  At the time each one was working on their own solo projects and showing each other what they had done by emailing their songs to each other.  After a few months of this it dawned on the two that they could use the internet to collaborate on music together and for the next few months they traded files back and forth and soon had nearly and albums worth of material.  The two felt so good about the collaboration that the decided to move back to their native state of Washington so they could collaborate in person and in the spring of 2010 they did just that.  They continued diligently writing and recording.  As word of the project spread they were soon able to bring on some of the areas most talented musicians.  The first to join was drummer Dave Hoffman.  Dave had briefly played in a band with Tim in 2007 and Tim knew he would be a perfect fit for the project.  Shortly after Dave's joining, the group was recording a song which ideally would have a female voice on the track.  Dave suggested his friend Lakyn Bury who was a talented singer/songwriter.  Lakyn agreed and came in a few days later to lay the vocals down.  The group was so impressed with her abilities that they immediately asked her to join the project permanently to which she agreed.  The last member to join was bassist Jeff Gerre...

15th Nov


Interview with Mark Marshall !


This interview with Mark Marshall is the first in a series of interviews featuring the artists in We Love Your Songs community.
He's interviewed by Acuvi, a music blog focusing on new and unsigned music, and the people behind.


Firstly, can you please introduce yourself?
Sure - my Name is Mark Marshall.  I'm a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist from upstate New York.
Pleased to meet you.  :)

Music is and has been a big part of your life, when did you know this was your way to go?
I couldn't say. But as long as I can remember, music has touched me in a way that nothing else does.  So I suspect I've ALWAYS known that music would be an integral part of my life.

You are currently working on an online, multiple-album project “Four For 4” – what can you tell us about it?
Well, my last release, "New Eye" was a hodgepodge of genres - 19 tracks that ran the gamut from rock and roll to techno to ballad to 60's style pop. Some folks didn't know what to do with me!  So I thought this time, I'd divide the work up into genres... a pop album, a rock album and an instrumental album.  Plus a special "members-only" version of "New Eye" - called "The Other New Eye" - which makes Four albums.

For the first year of the project, it was closed to only paying members - who get all four albums when they're done, plus a DVD of video from throughout the project - and they get their names printed on the CD artwork.  Now the project is open to all, but folks can still buy "The Other New Eye", DVD and name-print package. 

What’s the best and worst thing about let people follow the process of your albums?
Worst part - I have to shave and figure out what to wear for the Video Blogs.  HA!

Seriously - the worst part is when things aren't working out well.  Sharing that is the hardest - because I feel like I'm letting folks down when writing i...

11th Nov


Interview with Kyle of Hypebot.com


A couple of days ago we spoke about We Love Yours Songs with Kyle, Editor and Community Manager of Hypebot, a great American website about Music, Technology and New Business.

In this interview we talk about the site, how we think to empower artists, and discussed about currect event likes the migration of users away from LimeWire.

Why did you create We Love Your Songs?
We created Weloveyoursongs.com to offer to unsigned artists a new place to share their music and compete with other artists, to help them to bring forward their passion for music and give them the space they can’t find on mainstream channels where major labels are ruling. We have created that also for the music lovers like us that are always looking for new interesting sounds to listen at and that are eager to discover new talented artists.

How will you empower artists and their fans?
First of all we are hoping to empower them by giving the visibility they deserve through our competitions. We are already in talk with other websites to give out additional prizes for the contests and services tailored only for our community. We are not able to reveal anything more than that at the moment but the plan is to gradually offer a full range of services mainly through partnerships/collaborations.

What separates you from other indie music sites?
We are trying to create a lovely community of music fans and unsigned artists where everyone can grow and interact with others in a constructive way, and not a place where people go to have “15 minutes of fame”. We don’t want to go in competition with sites like Myspace, we only look at the niche of unsigned musicians and people who love to discover new great music and songs.

How do competitions work and why should artists join?
We actually host 2 competitions, “Best New Song” and “Best New Artist”. Everyone that registers as an artist in Weloveyoursongs...

1st Nov


Let The Music Play


After almost an year of working, planning and dreaming we are now all exited to welcome you all to weloveyoursongs.com !

Weloveyoursongs.com is an internet community for unsigned musicians and music fans, on which you will find some interesting articles, interviews, competitions an
d tons of cool new sounds to listen at!

Our principal aim is to empowers artists that are not yet signed by any music label, and we are committed to provide the best environment possible for the artists that are part of our community to be heard on internet, and for the music fans to discover new talented underground musicians, hear some exciting sounds and have the possibility to interact with other people with similar interests.

On Weloveyoursongs.com you will always be able to take part to new challenging free to join contests where you can increase your popularity, get voted and if you are good enough be awarded with some money and other prizes! Two competitions are already on - Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist - and we really hope to see all you there! These contests are open only to unsigned artists, free to join and with a final total prize of £ 1000.

The WeLoveYourSongs team is composed by a network of inspired collaborators located all over the world, with a strong passion in common for music and innovation.

A big hug to all the people that have pre-registred and supported us through our social networks pages and an enormous thank you to Chris and his great team, of Anthony, Adam and Tom at Buckle Consulting, that have worked hard on the site in these last months and made all the previous work become something we now love. We are very grateful also to Fernando, Hugo, Emese and Samantha for their ideas and efforts on our logos, Sophie and Frankie to spread the voice and Elena for her help on organizing and planning. Thanks very much to help us to make all this possible...

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