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  • Gabon, Africa
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Carlo Koosh

Artist Name : Carlo Koosh

Full Name : Tchikoundzi Charles Axel René

Genre : Rap/Hip Hop/Crunk/Jerk

Birthplace : Libreville (Gabon)

Birth Date : 19 novembre 1991

Carlo Koosh is a music artist previously known since 2010 as Master-Boyz TRN with several singles from his first mixtape "A New King Was Born" currently available on Soundcloud for most of them. At the beginning of his career in 2010, he worked with two producers/beatmakers : DJ Angeles and El-Griv. These two guys were in the same high school as Carlo Koosh and made many of the first instrumental he recorded on. They are the start button for Carlo Koosh's interest in rap music but also source of inspiration. They were in twelveth grade and Carlo Koosh was in eleventh grade when they undertook those events. When they finally succeed at their A-Level graduation, they left the floor to another beatmaker of their entourage named Lil King because both of them were going to move about. Carlo Koosh comes back out in 2011 and 2012 with one idea in mind : making an album entitled "Deep Truth" which finally came out in June 2013. During 2012, Carlo Koosh recorded many tracks for a second mixtape entitled "Unofficial Mixtape" but until today, it did not go through but he published tracks along with time but not the entire mixtape ; it seems like he dropped the project. Most of those songs are remixes but some are exclusive productions from beatmakers such as Conscious Beats, Kelly Roberts and DJ Ill Sound. Carlo Koosh, mainly work with worldwide producers and beatmakers but locally speaking, he worked with Hustler Beats and SlayerBeatz who are popular in his country. He's mainly made music promotion on his own via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Hulkshare and so on. Today, he takes stands by working with promotional network to help him with his exposure to the world and it's working well so far. He is into Rap/Trap/Crunk music mostly and coming up with new singles for 2014 including "Twenty Two". In january 1st 2014, he changed his artist name to Carlo Koosh.

He started writing poems since the age of 9 and he kept going this way until 15. At first, he wanted to become a singer but his voice had changed during teenhood so he switched to rap music because he liked it too but not as much as singing. With time, he's learnt to love rap and hip hop more and now he does it with all my heart. he wrote his first pure rap lyrics when he was 17. People liked his style from the beginning to now because it was different from what they used to hear locally. He has always made music in english whereas his native language is french. His music pulls influences from Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Ace Hood and Soulja Boy Tell'Em. You can recognize that through his songs.

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