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Femi Jubal

Femi Jubal was born in Lagos state to yoruba parents

Having a strong influence in spirituals & playing the piano since the age of six Femi Jubal has formed an eclectic sound which swings between african beats & folklore. His fave tunes are Afro soft rock, pop with a blend of reggae

He is an ethno-social crusader whose inspiration rises from artistes such as Sam cook, Maroon 5, Wyclef Jean,Third day etc

Femi is passionate about people,His vision is to create a passion for change,

justice,freedom,equality and love in Africa

and beyond using music as a tool and weapon.

As a prolific songwriter his strongest tool is his words and his music a driving force.

Femi Jubal is a Speaker,human right crusader

His single ?Cry of Africa? released in 2007 is a song that reflects

the pain,the people,the travail and triumph

of the people of Africa has received

accolades in and outside Nigeria featuring in compilation cds and winning competitions.

Femi Jubal is presently working on his album titled MY NAME IS FEMI!!

and also doing collaborations with artistes in and outside Africa.

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