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  • Rock
  • Hertford
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  • 1836


Childhood friends Brian Gore (guitars) and Rob Leeks (vocals) formed their first band in Hertford, England when they were 21 years old. A shared love of loud guitars, crunching grooves and the enjoyment of writing music was all that was needed to kick start the creative process.

2006 ? Enter Alan Miller (Music Guru, Producer, Guitarist, Keyboards) and Rob Shaw (Bass). The group embarked on a number of projects including Melonfinger and Edgepilotz that took the local music scene by storm.

Since the inception of Dekota in the summer of 2010, a common theme remains; a shared purpose to make music that matters, without taking themselves too seriously and have some fun. Going back to the roots of the grunge and rock eras that compelled Brian and Rob to start writing in the first instance is heavily evident in Dekota?s style. Influences shine through from iconic bands such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Faith No More and The Foo Fighters.

The name Dekota \d(e)-ko-ta\ is a variant of Dakota (Native American Indian), and the meaning of Dekota is "friend, ally". The strong 'D' of Dekota also refers to the 'dropped D' tuning prevalent in many of the songs, something which strongly influences the sound and points back to Dekota?s early musical influences.

The band's independent debut release, The Premedicated E.P., blends Rob Leeks's yarling with unhinged guitars to create a record full of pumping rock. With standout tracks like "Dirty Secret," don't be surprised if you find Dekota at the top of the rock charts and beyond.

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