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  • Acoustic Rock
  • Austin, Texas
  • Unranked
  • 1913

Han Ho

Brief bio: I was born in Vietnam, and I'm half Korean. My family fled from The War, in 1975, just days before the Fall of Saigon. I am one of ten, very deep and dear brothers and sisters who all share a unique insight into love, life, and death. I began playing guitar (left handed) at age 13 or 14 as a means of escape, rapture, coping, curiosity, self discovery... I sometimes catch myself wondering why I just don't put the guitar down, but I think it's because I really don't feel like I'm living much without it.

I'm a Colorado Native. My heart and my soul resides in a sacred place there, since it will always be home. I've also lived in New Orleans, where I studied music performance for a short stint at Loyola. Then, I was Austin bound, where I remained for 12 years, and continued to write and play/perform music whenever possible, while teaching elementary. I now am inbetween Portland Oregon, and Austin, and sometimes Colorado, or LA... Still finding my way... I hope you enjoy my music, and as always, I appreciate your active listening (and input)...

Much love, and peace... Han

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