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  • Folk, Dubstep, Singer/Songwriter, Electronica/Dance, Pop/Rock
  • Denver, CO
  • Unranked
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Kellie Anne

Kellie Anne was born and raised in sunny South Florida. She began singing as young as five years old, when she performed in her first talent show. Not too far along the road, her piano teacher suggested voice lessons, and the passion grew stronger.

Following her greatest interest, Kellie auditioned for and was accepted into Bak Middle School of the Arts for their prestigious vocal department. Those three years were filled with fantastic experiences, which included performing in locations ranging from Boston to Anaheim, and an extensive amount of classical training and music theory. At the age of thirteen and, afterwards, fourteen, Kellie attended Power Chord Academy, a well-known summer camp for aspiring musicians that provided attendees with experience in recording, performing live, and how music videos are made.

When Kellie moved on to high school, her interests turned to the theater department, but that didn't stop her from singing. In her sophomore and junior years, Kellie studied with Helene Kaufman, formerly Helene Lundström, who performed the original singing voice for the Swedish dub of Disney's Pocahontas; during that time, Kellie recorded a Christmas album in her at-home studio. During high school, she also performed in district theater competitions in the musical category, and sang partial lead vocals for a band called Unavailable, put together to perform for the school's annual haunted house, X-Scream Halloween.

Since graduating high school, Kellie has moved to beautiful Colorado, and has been working out of her home, writing her own lyrics, creating her own music, and producing her own vocals. Kellie has also performed a couple of collaborations, and performs singing gigs on websites like Fiverr.com.

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  • chalam Hello Kelly, Please start with a small step.The first step is always difficult.Never mind.When you believe in YOU, you can.Please come out with a single,give it all you got.Fear not, fear is a lie.Mail me at chalam47@gmail.com.I am a no nonsense type of person.I'm writing for youngsters Ronja and Nancy from Germany.I sincerely wish to see you at the top.And remember to make a BIG 1st impression. KELLIE CAN. Greetz!

    01/06/2011 12:10:17

  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    22/07/2011 22:55:31

  • Bernie Tonning You have a beautiful voice Kellie! Your playing is excellent too! The only critique I have is the recording quality.. there is a lot of noise that takes away from the beautiful tunes.. I live in Denver too, do you do any shows in the area?

    12/10/2011 12:35:08

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