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  • Acoustic Rock, Blues/R&B
  • wolverhampton england
  • Unranked
  • 6710


I have know tony for quite a few years now ,I used to go and watch his gigs when he was a drummer, but in the show he used to swap places with the lead singer/guitarist ,who also use to play the drums , but I often thought tony did a better job singing and playing guitar than the singer did ,he writes some great songs catchy choruses, he writes from the heart , about life/ love/ breakups /he plays all instruments himself , lead guitar/bass/keyboards. he does all vocals plus backing vocals, he mixes/masters/produces, all songs himself , his voice has a lovely rasp to it , he sounds like a lot of artists all rolled into one, he has learned his craft the hard way , gigging up and down the country for yrs he writes songs for other artists who are constantly asking for songs, I hope you enjoy tonys songs as much as I do. thank you for reading this article on tonyc .... andy downes

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  • tonyc tonyc new song suspicion please take a listen. andy downes

    01/08/2016 20:24:30

  • tonyc great new catchy song by tonyc please take a listen. thanks andy downes

    01/08/2016 20:38:37

  • tonyc great new song from tonyc please take a listen thanks for your time andy downes

    20/11/2016 19:43:55

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