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  • Austin, TX
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KB the Boo Bonic

Growing up in Houston, Texas dealt KB a pretty unique musical hand. As a child, she was exposed to country music that was the old, real, raw stuff. Her grandpa kicked it with Johnny Cash, her parents listened to Hank Williams Jr. and George Strait. The pain and the songwriting that goes into work like that is something that nearly anyone with a love for music can appreciate. As she grew older, she branched out and got her first CD, Biggies "Life After Death." It was edited of course because her mom was not down with the curses. Ever since then she began listening to anything and everything to do with rap and hip hop that she could get her hands on. She discovered the rap legends that began their careers in Texas such as UGK, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Lil Keke and Geto Boys. She recalls being in high school and seeing Chamillionaire and Paul Wall selling CDs out of their trunks, hustling and pushing their music. She soaked up all of these elements and found a way to bring them all together in a way that is her own. She is not scared to be different, and people respect that. Shes a raw country chick with a rappers confidence, an intelligent and poignant sense of humor and true MCs lyricism.

In September 2010 she independently released her debut album, "Scars Are Sexy" and is excited to have worked with Texas rap veteran DJ Rapid Ric, who mixed the final project.

KB began freestyling at the age of 16, while listening to old DJ Screw tapes and her friends turntables. All the dudes she was hanging out with were doing it, and she figured "Why cant I do that?" As KB began her college career and moved to the Austin area, she met a producer in San Antonio, Bad Boy Ben, who cut her first track in a professional studio, "Click Clack". From there out she continued recording and doing shows in the San Marcos and Austin area. KB also did several guest MC spots for a reggae band in Austin called Full Service. Venues she has performed in the past include: The Hot Spot, Club Rio and Boss Bar in San Antonio, Spiros, Flamingo Cantina, Beauty Bar, Club Deville, Ruta Maya, Betseys Bar, Barcelona, Headhunters, Club Mixx, Dirty Dog Bar, Fetish Lounge, Bayou and Karma Lounge in Austin. She has performed at venues in Chorpus Christi, Dallas and Houston as well. She has also played at some of the Wego Tour car shows where she opened for Trae and Rob G. In 2009 she performed at her first South By Southwest showcase in Austin during the four-day festival where she opened for Pugs Atomz, Devin the Dude, Reef the Lost Cauze and GLC of Chicago at Barcelona. She also opened up for Cappadonna of the Wu Tang Clan and 7th 7ign of the Killa Beez at Club Rio in San Antonio.

KB has been in rotation at Texas State's radio station KTSW, 91.7 KOOP in Austin where she was also featured as a special guest for the November 1st live show ,KRS Ones Temple of Hip Hop on Shadesradio.com, 90.1 KSYM in San Antonio, 420 Radio, NYU's radio station 89.1 FM, Cal State Fullertons Under the Radar radio show and Arkansas' 92.3 FM. She was the featured guest for the November 19th edition of Diamond Globe Radio on blogtalkradio.com. She has also been featured on IMRadio and RichardCranium radio on live365.com. Her first single "Click Clack" has been featured in the independent film On Impulse. Her track "Scars Are Sexy" was also featured on the compilation CD "The Incubator Vol. 1: The Ultimate Compilation Series".

UT student film maker Chelsea Hernandez took interest in KB after seeing her featured in the Austin Chronicle article "The Wrecking Crew- This Time Just the Girls", an article featuring females in the hip hop scene in Austin, Texas. The short documentary "FeMC" follows KB as she tries to make her way in the male-dominated rap game. "FeMC" screened at the Deadcenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City in June 2010. It also was featured at the Urban MediaMakers Film Festival in Atlanta in Fall 2010.

She was very honored to end 2010 by having her album, "Scars Are Sexy", place third on the Austin Chronicle's list of Top 10 in Texas for 2010. She was also listed fourth for the Top 10 Locals to Grow On for 2010. Da 420 Show on blogtalkradio also listed her ninth on their Top 20 Underground Artists of 2010.

KB feeds off of the shock value that her presence and rhymes deliver every time that she performs. The pretty face and tattoos throw people off, but she is certainly no gimmick or novelty act. She is a serious MC, but she doesnt take herself too seriously. She is fully aware that the fact that up on stage with a mic in hand is where she feels at home is funny. Rhyming is a way for her to release her creativity and make fun of life in general. She hopes that her music can serve as a way to show people that they can and should do whatever they want to if it makes them happy and enriches their lives, especially young women. She admittedly remarks that she is no role model or saint, but she is a strong, determined woman and believes that is something to be admired. She hopes that her journey and resiliency can serve as inspiration to women worldwide. KB is extremely excited to see what the future holds because her unique style, look, lyrics and passion for music are already creating a buzz in the industry.

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  • Chris Raw Heyy! Music is not bad at all. Keep the grind up! And come vote for me by clicking the love buttons next to each of my songs and i'll do the same for you :) Get back to me asap and let me know what you think of my music! Thank you, salute.

    17/05/2011 06:09:54

  • Black Vendetta hey top tunes! please have a look at mine if and when you get a mo :)

    26/07/2011 19:13:26

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