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  • Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
  • Singapore
  • 1781st
  • 4556

D' Nightingales & Frenz

Formed in 2008, D?Nightingales and Frenz is a band comprising doctors and nurses mostly from Gleneagles Hospital who share a passion for live music and singing. Their philosophy toward music mirrors their approach to providing medical care, which is not to dwell on past glories and to remain progressive and relevant. From casual jamming sessions as hobbyists who bonded over a shared passion for making music and singing, they have since evolved to getting paid gigs at medical conferences, corporate dinner and dance events and even collecting awards along the way, the latest being the runner-up of Live-O-Rocks, a nation-wide live band competition in July 2012.

They have been playing covers of pop and slow rock but are increasingly playing more of their self-compositions to challenge themselves.

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