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  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • zambia
  • Unranked
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Artist Name:Choolwe.p.Milumbe


CONTACT#: +260 974 913 891 , +260 978 993594

Genre:Hip Hop,Rap and RnB

Record label:Independent

Contact Details.Choolwe.milumbe@yahoo.com

YOUNG AND STILL IN HIS TEENS Chozyung eka p stands out when compared to most of upcoming and underground rappers with a unique style that does not only Entertain but also educates and sends out a message on current affairs and issues affecting the world today.

His able to diversify his style of lyrics and verses to reach a wide audience with lyrics in his home language like Nyanja,Bemba,Tonga and other languages like lozi if helped with words he can even be able to mix all the languages in one verse.

When it comes to the international standard English aint a problem as his also able to write and rap at an international standard level.

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