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  • Hackney, London
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London indie with a filling of pure reverberated shoegaze and a sprinkling of west coast punk to make something delicious :)

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  • Skyhouse Hi, We play this fresh brand of music called “Freggae”. It is a combination of Folk Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop with other flavors added in to make a special sauce: In BIG bowl, with spoon, mix singer/songwriter acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, banjo, and electric guitars. Cock in a rock oven with high-high heat… Enjoy! S K Y H O U S E

    20/05/2012 20:53:06

  • boobie loo luv you maisie <3 - boobie loo aka abdul :D

    09/06/2012 13:59:05

  • Tweak Music Mixing Well done guys! Looking forward to mixing and mastering your music www.tweakmusicmixing.com

    21/06/2012 14:26:30

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