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  • Rock/Pop, Pop/Rock, Punk Rock, Acoustic Rock
  • Bloomington,Ca.
  • 1717th
  • 20733

J Harrison

J Harrison.I'm a Singer,Guitarist,Songwriter & I've been doing this for a long time.After some success in the 80's I began teaching.Now after a long departure from the music world (outside my house) I've decided,maybe it's time to find out if anyone is interested in what I've been doing.So with that I guess you'll hear from me soon.

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  • Rochelle My favorite place on earth! What is the new accoustical? I dont see it here?

    06/02/2014 04:30:12

  • tonyc great songs, love your singing, thumbs up . posted by tonyc

    26/03/2015 21:22:42

  • TerryNorvick Hello - you have some really great songs! Thank you very much for sharing them, I wish I had a voice like yours ;)

    15/02/2016 08:30:13

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