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Plastic Angels Of September

Hi everyone. We are a band form Eastern Europe, called Plastic Angels Of September. We were formed in 2009 and since that time we've recorded two EP-Albums called "Voices" (with tracks "Stand Back!", "Emily" and one bonus track) and the second one is called "One Second Tremble" (with tracks "Faces", "Red In Love", "Keep Rippin' The Sound", "Won't Break Me Down" and one remix). The band's staff changed often. We had 4 drummers and 3 basists. But at this moment we are all together and we have excellent people in our band. During 2010 we made around 60 gigs in Eastern Europe (Russia, The Ukraine and Belarus), This year (2012) we're about to start recording a full album and move to Europe on tour!

P.S. Forgot to say... In summer 2011 we released a new single track "Anthem". So enjoy :)

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  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    23/07/2011 02:13:51

  • Oscar Pop Heavy, aggressive, bold... take no fucking prisoners angel men! Love it... Oscar, the gones, Denver, Colorado

    16/08/2011 23:54:32

  • Plastic Angels Of September Thanx everyone!

    17/08/2011 07:12:03

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