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  • Sweden
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dePhaser is one of those bands you´ll probably hear more about in the future.. The past is on the other hand what shaped the band into what it is today. A melodic rock act, according to critics as well as themselves. In the late 2005 the first plans for forming a band was made. Johan and Andreas had been playing together before and knew each other since way back. Hans and Daniel had played together for a long time in their former band ?desh?. And so when their roads crossed, the four of them came to the conclusion that dePhaser has to be born. Alternating with Andreas and Hans as the lead singer, the band was never fully satisfied with the way they sounded, so when the opportunity occurred to hire Markus as the new lead singer it was an easy decision. dePhaser made their first solid recording in late 2008 at martim sound consult studios in Fredericia, Denmark. The two songs ?It?s Over Now? and ?Forgotten Words? where recorded with Tim H. Andreasen as recording engineer/technician, whose contribution should not be underestimated. Given the good results, it was an easy choice for dePhaser to return for another session in May 2009 and yet another in the early 2010. Songs as?Glorious?,?Don?t You Say?, ?Versus?, ?Say You Lose? came to life. During this period, late 2008 ? today dePhaser has performed several gigs, and is always eager to perform at venue near you.

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  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    23/07/2011 00:52:16

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