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  • House, Electronica/Dance, Freestyle
  • uk
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howdo theres no rules for producing tracks ,,well not for me anyways lol ..if it sounds good ,,throw it in ..mix and match ..create some suprises down the path ...ive been doing this for best part of 20 years now ,,i dont do 3 min pop stuff ..lol i can make an intro and outro last longer :) if theres one thing thats needed to grab someone its a hook or a riff or melody that sticks in the soft spongey thing sat at the back of your eyes that you hum or whistle to till the next one comes along ...thats pretty much how i work ..so enjoy what ive done,,,ill be switching a few tracks if we can do it here ,,me being a newbie an all that ...anyhows less of this idle banter ,,im sie and youve been exotic :)

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