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Name: D`Vah` U (D'Vahyu)

Music Artist,song writer. Servant of EL-Shadei

Founder God NATION Nig. L.t.d,CEO Peace Streams Music a subsidiary of God Nation L.T.D,Child & women rights activist,Businessman.


Received offers from TMG U.S.A, Asiatic and a few offers from Austria and France.

The call to lead God's own people in his holy city to Praise, Worship and inspire people to God has been before my mother conceived me as it is written in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 1 verses 1-3.

Despite an ugly youthful days spent on the streets of Free town Sierra Leone, Abidjan Ivory Coast where I experienced and was a victim of child slavery, child labour, child soldier, street kids, child abuse, crimes against women etc. my mission on earth remain simple TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART, declare the good news to the poor and set the captives free from from the powers of darkness for me music remain the only tool to reach out to the lost souls.

I have therefore dedicated the song "Heal the broken hearted" for the African child and mother.

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  • Crankyboy hi..are u interested in gangsta rap

    01/01/2012 06:16:53

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