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  • Spanish Fork, Utah
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Music was always an obsession for Justian from laying on the floor alone with a record/Tape player combo listening to Harry Nilsson?s ?Nilsson Schmilsson? over and over or watching Peter and the Wolf ?The Disney 1946 animated short?.

Justian didn?t start his own story until asking to get the bare guitar from around the house strung at age 12 for no particular reason began his research and development as a self-taught artist with learning covers, technique, writing songs and always documenting on paper or recording through anything that would capture and using the common sense discovery of overdubbing to add new phrases or finalize mixes.

He treated music so pure and sacred rarely playing his own songs in front of anyone and didn?t sing before someone until he was 20 to a crowd of strangers at an open mic.

The solo artist name Jesture came from the second verse of his first official song he ever performed, recorded and wrote called dVine from an album entitled Quinni. ?Being nothing to you, watch me gesture, the gift or purpose, now I feel a connection.? Changing the G to a J to make Jesture seem less definable and more like a personal name/title.

In 2002 Justian was asked by Quinn Allman of The Used to be his guitar technician but turned it down immediately for various reasons. It was said later that Justian believed he wouldn?t have written his first and only album to date Quinni if he become a guitar tech.

After writing his first official songs dVine and hypocrite, music took on a whole new affect. Between 1999 and 2004 a subconscious concept album was standing out within the songs.

Yet it wasn?t until overlooking an old drawing by Quinn Steadman that he realized this concept and began organizing the songs into a story, which later became the album quinni.

The drawing Justian thought to be a premonition of his fallen friends fate, needed to be an album cover. ?I organized an album just so I could use Quinn?s artwork for the cover.?

Quinni doesn?t fit any given mold just like a description of Quinn Steadman the albums namesake and inspiration but Justian gave a loosely fitting answer as ?Avant-Garde, Baroque-Indie?. It was recorded only with a Shure sm58 microphone and a Digidesign Mbox interface, between 2003 and 2006.

Justian claimed Quinni as ?the definition of Indie: Solely Achieved.? He shared it with only a handful of people on February 28th 2006 after an open mic then officially on 04/05/06 with the local Utah county residents. It can be obtained in CD form or digital download upon personal request.

ORANGE TRUE was a project formed of Patrick Steadman on drums and Justian on guitar and voice that later became an album after too many hours of importing and sorting of almost a dozen cassette tapes with minutes here and there splice altogether. These fourteen tracks are summed up of mostly improvisational instrumentals with some structure of old and new jesture songs aside the four original OTRUE tracks. The songs prepare from 2001 and quill from 2006 each contained five edited parts to create one song.

The album description stated simply: ?Every six months to a year between 2001 & 2006 we organized a few hours in a weeks time pressed record on a tape player and created this unrehearsed material.? /signed/ justian read: mind, St. Patrick: body

OTRUE was shared with less than a handful of people and could best be described as Experimental Indie Rock.

Justian started a business in 2008 called Saintly Recordings to help promote art and offer other random artistic services. He has since changed the name to Audible He(art) to get away from the possible religious overtones people might take from the title even though he?s claimed music is his religion since high school at Spanish Fork, Utah. ?A friend once questioned me saying music couldn?t be my religion then led into the phrase ?how do you practice it?? Catching himself with a sense of silent comprehension.? ?The LLC Audible He(art) is really more of a charity and promoting mechanism.

I?ve only found a few people since 2008 that I felt were worth sacrificing my own art; time or finances through self-taught artistic labors. The only thing so far that panned out was a visual artist. I took his art and plastered it wherever I could online. I just thought it needed to be seen.? -(Visual Artist in question/Joey Rosenlof)

Since 2007 Jesture has only played around a dozen shows still carrying an Experimental-indie, Avant-garde, Singer-songwriter impression. As much as Solo Artists can simply be overlooked without accompaniment live an artist alone with their instrument is the purist form of expression and Jesture just might be unique enough to not be forgotten.

Justian has currently been writing two different story albums. The current project alias (Saint)ly Has a song singing goodbye to a dear friend and influence he never knew, yet was extraordinarily effected by his death, Roger Keith ?Syd? Barrett. Many songs from the album are written about artists and few beautiful people he never got to meet and once again songs based on a fallen friend. This friend was reached out to and warned with no success.

While (Saint)ly is a gesture to others the nameless second album in writing seems to be the complete opposite, Autobiographical, which is rare, being that his life is a peculiar unopened book.

The time period of these albums might be released in the same year like he did with Quinni and ORANGE TRUE.

With such different styles and stories as he would define them to be, at least one of these new albums will surely meet our need for innovative art.

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