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  • Alternative & Punk
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Unranked
  • 1442

Reverse Osmosis


(that's one full word )

We are Reverse Osmosis!

We stand for nothing and are against


We sing about everything and nothing at the

same time!

Reverse Osmosis is a punk-rock band originaly from the Caribbean Island of Aruba.

Formed by three friends in 2005,the band quickly started performing at local rock shows,

and soon managed to land a gig on a local yearly festival that is held during Easter vacations...a pretty big event taking in consideration that in Aruba "Rock" is seen as nothing but noise.

The band later separated due to personal "goal seeking" from our guitarist & then the drummer...(A.K.A. to follow studies abroad. in The Netherlands)

All the band members have kept busy individualy with music throughout the years...

Now in 2011 after a short online meeting between guitarist and bassist/vocalist, Reverse Osmosis decided to start playing together once again...

Currently working with Demo Home recordings to get out there to the potential fans of their music and Planning on their future live performances all around The Netherlands.

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