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  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Roanoke, AL
  • Unranked
  • 1923


In 2009 the group was founded by two members in legacy which was Derek Watkins (Dking) Tradarius Houston (Yung B). Whom did many great artists inspire so they started to rap. They then started the group named ?4K ENT? which had only a few hits such as the single she left me for the fame and cant take nothing from me which was produced by both Derek Watkins and Tradarius Houston.

Back during the first of November 2009 is when the last three members became a part of the group which was Cody Drake (Elite) Diante Patterson (Dmoney) and Jamahrio Trammell (Moon) and that?s when they received their stage names and from then on out they rose throughout the media. During December 2009 was when the group held its official recording together in one of the group member?s downstairs basement as a group called O.K.E. ENT as O.K.E. ENT they were what producers would call new comers to the game but in 2010 was when they made their name known in their hometown and also throughout Mississippi because due to their Myspace music page that?s where most of their plays were coming from. As O.K.E. ENT they only ped two mixtapes which were called Hood Hooligans (2009) and The Come Up (2010) before the minor break-up within the group which was caused due to a diss track towards O.K.E. ENT sent by a local music group called Lost Calls for a publicity stunt and also which were only in it for the popularity. O.K.E. replied back with a diss track that ended the so-called ?lost calls? careers as rappers. As a result of the feud the group of O.K.E. ENT split up.

A few days later the group remerged as Legacy in order to put the splitting up behind them they adopted a one for all and all for one motto. Legacy then started to record in their own place which was called their studio and is currently recording in it today. They have performed at many venues including parties and high school events. They have had a song play on a local radio station. Legacy has only ped one mixtape but has ped many songs. Legacy?s first mixtape was ped recently which was called Born A Legacy (2011) and was pushed by Legacy?s fan club and street team and also by Legacy themselves throughout their hometown. Legacy as a group has recently had many hits such as Balling is a Habit D.O.A.(Dead or Alive) and On My Clock. Today Legacy is currently recording in their studio doing what they do best making beats and inspiring people to push their abilities to the limit. Legacy is produced by their very own DJ YB (streets hero). Legacy is coming straight out of Roanoke AL still trying to achieve their dream

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