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  • Pop/Rock
  • Indonesia, Bandung
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Genres: Pop / Rock / Alternative / Universal

Management: Purna Mediawan (Manager) - Helmi F. Oemry (Commissioner)


Floor is a music group from Bandung, Indonesia which was formed on August 15th, 2010. Floor is not actually a new music group. Floor is the reincarnation of a music group that had carried the name of Bleach and who spread the music link in Bandung and Makassar, Indonesia. But because some things Bleach had a vacuum and eventually Floor emerged with the help Helmi F. Oemry (Floor's Commissioner) with one of frontman Bleach, Ngemenx (Floor's Vocalist).

Deliberately created a music group with a new name (Floor) to create a new spirit, a new commitment by the new management.

The name of Floor itself comes from the English language which means the floor. Meaning of "floor" itself is basic, which means we all start again from the bottom of the Zero. And Floor have a hope that Floor's music can be a "basic" to enrich "library" of music that exist today.

The genre of Floor itself covers a very broad (Universal Music) for each personnel influenced by various musical genres, but still remains at a red thread that called Floor's Music.

Rendy (Odhut) Drummer [Pearl Master Costum MCX], Aji (Budulz) Bassist [Ibanez GSR 180 MGT], Apoy (Eot) Guitarist [Gibson Les Paul], Sofi (Onald) Guitarist [Schecter USA Diamond Series PT], Hendy (Ngemenx) Vocalist & Acoustic Guitar [Brunswick]

Name : Floor

Established : August, 15th 2010

Genre : Universal Music

Influence : All of Our Memories

Camp : PSM 41 Bandung, Indonesia

E-Mail : floorband@gmail.com

Contact : (+62) 81220009422 (Purna)

(+62) 85722258892 (Aji)

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  • jati wihiy...mantab ciiing....!!, bimbang, dukung aku jeung satu aya keneh euy di HD urang...wakakaka...sing sukses ah....!!

    12/10/2011 08:50:50

  • floor @ oki & jefry22 : hehe hatur nuhun ah :) @ jati : wuaaah?? asli na eta lagu jadul aya keneh? hihihi.... mun hayang lengkap mah cek di http://www.reverbnation.com/floorband jat,,, insya Allah di dinya aya ti mulai satu sampe nu ayeuna aya di dieu... hehehe.... Nuhun berat bro ^^ cing sukses ge nyak :)

    12/10/2011 16:02:16

  • Suncraft Nice stuff you got here :)

    22/10/2011 11:59:42

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