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  • Industrial, Electronica/Dance, Alternative
  • Russian federation
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STEK FDD is a electronic experimental musician (real name is Mike Smirnov). Its music with guitars, electronic both tool rhythms and low atmosphere synthesizers. The project started in 2006.

Mike Smirnov beginnings the works in Ekaterinburg, have appeared joint projects and featworks with people from various countries;

In 1998 the first work has been made, since 2000 has had time to open some projects: «AveDate», «Plasta», «SoundGlasses», «STEK_Concept_Works», and joint «RED SKY FLAT» together with Axid, tracks with Dogma, Alex, mixes on BIOPSYHOZ.

Later Mike named his project - STEK FDD.

In 2006 start play in electronic-grunge band ?Sostojanie Affekta?. In a year passes in other team playing haku - ?Neorah?. Using electronic sound, NEORA?s music changed in industrial style.

STEK FDD has publish soundtracks for PC, iPhone games and TV serials.

In 2009 there is a first official single «Cure-Soundscape» on label TheTurnMeOn. It is heavy electronic indastrial-fate a track.

In November 2009 leaves a full album «HERO GENERATION» (18 tracks) on the same label. Music here from Downtempo, big beat, Instrumental to Industrial, Breakbeat, Alterantive.

Tracks from an album get on various compilations from the different countries, rotated at the international radio-stations.

In 2010 release single «March Of Strangers» and single-remix «Nine Inch Nails - Head Down [Dusthole remix]».

2010 end comes with a single exit on December, 31st, 2010 «Mineback», opening a new season, undo a new album.


- Mineback [single, 2010]

- Head Down (Dusthole remix) [remix, 2010]

- March Of Strangers [single, 2010]

- HERO GENERATION [album, 2009]

- Cure-Soundscape [single, 2009]

- Elastic Forms [remix, 2006]

Mike projects:

STEK FDD / 2009 / ELectronic Alternative Experimental project

STEK Concept Works / 2007 / concept essential and soundtracks for PC & iPhone games, TV.

NEORAH [Alternative electronic rock band] / from 2006? demo tracks, concerts

Sostojanie Affekta [rock band] / 2006 / one year feat this group for electronic sounds in Grange

Feats: Dogma, Biopsyhoz / 2005 / feat tracks, compilations

RED SKY FLAT / 2005 / Downtempo + AcidJazz project. Feat Axid

Light Electro Sessions / 2005 / Downtempo with trip-hop project

SoundGlasses / 2002 / Electronic rhythm project of DarkProgressive experience

Plasta / 2001 / Beats and bass theme project, created on Roland 303, 808

AveDate / 1999-2000 / First project, depressive downtempo

Mike Smirnov born in Russia, Ekaterinburg in 1983.

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