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PAiN AND MuZiK has be a way of life for ToRuZ and nFxus since the early 90's as they were growing up a small town outside of the Ann Arbor Mi.

Never really having much and being considered "Trailer Trash" they began to make music to lash out.

Pouring every bit of there PAiN and EMOTiON in to there words, PAiN AND MuZiK began to find there voices.

As the years ticked pass, nFxus kept getting into more and more trouble so he Bounced to the south to keep form having to spend the rest of his life in jail.

ToRuZ continued to work with Ellis and other local artists and founded the group Matchlit.

10 years slip by nFxus and ToRuZ, and with the creation of Facebook they reunite to create a POWERHOUSE group called PAiN AND MuZiK.

As if they never split ToRuZ and nFxus get right back to the PAiN AND MuZiK they grew up on and enter in the studio full time for hours a-day.

Within 3 months they bang out one of there best pieces of work nJected.

Release the smash hit MACHiNE from the album nJected, PAiN AND MuZiK are looking to the stars and leaving the "Trailer Park" in the dark.

Spread the nFection get your nJection... enjoy the MuZiK cuz life is full of PAiN.

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  • Painandmuzik plz leave comments, thanx

    02/08/2011 03:10:21

  • DBmj @ remember home - kool style

    12/11/2011 05:40:01

  • Orev Shalom You guys have a kind of a old school hip hop feel to me but its unique. You don't remind me of anyone. I like that. God bless yall keep up the good music!

    11/05/2012 22:05:51

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