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Ciza The Journalist

Hey to all that is reading Ciza The Journalists bio!! I live in Port Elizabeth,South Africa,my employers are: " Entrepeneur ..Third World Records,and Flight Instructure!! I breathe on this planet due to my notes that flow like a waterfall off the mountain down into the rocks and sand below,that messages are blown out of a dark tunnel from the waterfall and formed in the sand below that tell tales of peoples life experiences and makes others that come upon them and tell the new beings the stories that are written in the sand and dream of far away places and ' JUST SMILE ' to be free!! My song,JUST SMILE,i wrote for a dear friend Kate Louise Morton and her group and page she created on Facebook " HAVE A HEART FOR THOSE IN WHEELCHAIRS AND WHO HAVE TO USE WALKERS!! " Kate is small person who is fighting a battle against the Universe to change the ignorance,abuse and cruelity of the disabled,people in wheelchairs,people who are pushing walkers and canes!! We all came into this world with two arms,two legs,all bleed the same color blood,Kate just wants someone to tell her what difference should it make if some have to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair,pushing a walker,disabled or a cane let her know if you have the answer and join her group and page,HAVE A HEART FOR THOSE IN WHEELCHAIRS AND WHO HAVE TO USE WALKERS!! Lets help Kate win this fight with the Universe and all come together wheels and all and JUST SMILE!!

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  • Didorion Hey Ciza Name is Didorion I'm a artist,drop by and verse my page.Happy Holiday Season. Take care,Didorion

    24/12/2010 16:01:41

  • Black Vendetta hey nice choons! have a looksie at mine if and wen u get a spare moment or two!

    29/07/2011 23:55:06

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