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  • Classic Rock, Rock, Acoustic Rock, R&B/Soul
  • Shingletown,CA 96088
  • Unranked
  • 33292

Roxx Hoffner & The Straightjackets/T.Byrd

#1 Ranked "Best New Unsigned Band/Artist"

Autumn 2012 Competition @WeLoveYourSongs.com

Thank You A.R.,P.B.,SJ,ODP,SIBGIGN,P.C. and everyone for the support!

My New Channel @GuitarCenter:




Buy the Single:"What Did I Do" http://www.youtube.com/user/RoxxHoffner

Roxx Hoffner & The Straightjackets(sibgign studios w/Stan Burns)-






Sound Engineers-

S.Burns/C.Dugan(Organ"Since You've Been Gone")

Follow us on Twitter @RoxxHoffner

Thank you for all the support!

And of course, thanks again @WeLoveYourSongs.com for being here and doing what you do! T.Byrd

Fan Comment(TY Edna King):

This is a new and upcoming artist that I would like to hear more of. Being a child of the sixties, his music brings me back to the era of the best rockin' roll on the planet.

.. a little Dylan and Lennon influence in creating a unique style. It is refreshing to hear them bring back the days when you felt like turning up the volume on the stereo. Good old rock with a facelift.

Like I said, "looking forward to more from Roxxhoffner" .

Edna King

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  • hater PEACHAY!

    14/09/2012 01:08:07

  • Marko Maric Congratulations on your win,no surprise there,you are really talented and awesome.I hope I'll hear more from you.GOOD LUCK!!!

    21/12/2012 23:34:58

  • Mr.870 Awesome

    17/08/2013 04:35:17

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