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  • Folk
  • Washington, DC
  • Unranked
  • 1616

Zia Hassan

Born and raised in Washington DC, story-telling folk artist Zia Hasan has been writing, producing, and singing his own brand of folk music for nearly a decade. Many singer-songwriters aspire to play their music in stadiums to throngs of adoring fans. Zia would rather form a bond with a small group in a local bar or a coffeeshop. It makes sense. His songs are stories drawn though melody, drenched in the sound of a wooden guitar, encased in a soothing and unique voice.

Twice, his music has made the front page on TheSixtyOne.com, a community based music ranking sites (thesixtyone.com/ziahassan). Zia's 2009 debut, Grow Slow, can be purchased on Amazon MP3, iTunes, eMusic, or on Bandcamp, where you can name your own price for the record, with no mimimum.

Praise for Grow Slow:

"able to deliver songs ... that are both interesting, and accessible" - Call It Folk, music blog,

"Zia has a magical talent of putting touching and provoking lyrics to any situation. His uncanny ability to put himself in anyone else's shoes and write a song about their emotions is phenomenal." - Diane Hirschfeld

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  • Wait for Stars Really nice sound you having going. Nice vocals. Looking forward to hearing more. R.J. Wait for Stars

    12/11/2010 16:55:35

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