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  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Pakistan
  • 905th
  • 19573

Shoayb Khan

Shoaib Ahmed Khan (born May 12, 1991), better known by his stage name "Shoayb Khan", is an Unsigned Pakistani rapper, Lyricist and Music Producer from Hyderabad, Pakistan.He's One of the well known Hip Hop Artists from Pakistan. He rose to fame with the release of his albums *Progression (2009)*.At The Summer Of 2010 He claimed working on his upcoming Album *Still Standin (2010)* and his Third Studio Album *Resurrection* for the 2011 Release. By the time he was 13 years old,he was strongly influenced by American Rap Artist Eminem. His Rapping Techniques based up on catchy flows and a creativity to bend words into Rhymes.

On 25 April 2013 he Released his 3rd Album "Last Collapse" which received great appreciation as well as critics and it sold 750+ Copies Nationwide till June 10 2013

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  • Black Vendetta hey top tunes! please have a look at mine if and when you get a mo :)

    26/07/2011 21:14:51

  • Milos Vukomanovic Thank you so mutch :))

    10/08/2013 15:38:09

  • Marko Maric Thanks for your support,voted for your song.

    10/08/2013 18:40:02

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