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  • Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
  • Portsmouth NH
  • Unranked
  • 1533

Jay Broyer

Jay Broyer?s brand of acoustic pop-rock plays out like the mix-tape for romantic dysfunction set to head bobbing, foot stomping grooves. You?ll want to clap your hands and sing along to Broyer?s tunes only to let the lyrics take you back to the all too familiar crossroads of relationships past.

Jay started his performing career as a frontman for various garage bands in high school. Often influenced by the 90?s rock of Weezer, Pearl Jam, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, his bands took to the stage in many local events fueling Jay?s passion to write and perform. When the eventual split of his old bands came the need to keep writing and performing stayed with him. Broyer then picked up a guitar of his own and started teaching himself at the age of 18. Writing and recording songs before he even knew what a G chord was, Jay built up quite the catalog of tunes.

It took a few years for Broyer to find his voice with the acoustic guitar and finally at the age of 22 he was writing the songs that would introduce him into the singer/songwriter fold. It was then he had found the magical world of Myspace and Jay started posting some of his bedroom demos. The response to his rough demo work was very encouraging and inspired Jay to take his songs into the studio.

Jay Broyer has since started making his mark on the Boston music scene releasing his debut EP ?The Sound of U? in 2007. Jay is making new fans at every performance, to go along with great reviews and local radio air-play of his song ?So cliche??. Jay hopes to add to his growing success with the release of his first full length album coming late 2009.


?Bostonbased singer/songwriter Jay Broyer has put quite a package together, songs with the kind of hooks, arrangements, and performances that impress.? ? Music Connection Magazine

?Jay Broyer?s music is tightly written and is both intelligent and pop-friendly.? ?? A&R Select

?As I always say a well done EP leaves you wanting more and this one does just that ? job well done!? ? CW?s Place CD Review Blog

?it?s stunning, I love this guy!?- Tony Cowell (Radio host and brother of Simon Cowell)


92.5 The River featured Homegrown artist

Ranked #4 on Music Connection Magazine?s Top 25 Demos of 2008

?So Cliché? featured on Billy Costa?s Side stage during The Top 30 countdown on Kiss 108 FM

Featured on Motion wave radio Japan as a Sparkling New artist. ?So Cliché? received air play in Japan as well as a review and feature on the motionwave.tv website.

Clear Channel Communication?s Featured unsigned artist in the Adult Contemporary Category @ www.iheartmusic.com

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  • Black Vendetta hey nice choons! have a looksie at mine if and wen u get a spare moment or two!

    30/07/2011 01:37:06

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