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  • Techno, Electronica/Dance, Trance
  • Romania
  • Unranked
  • 4341


I can't quite describe myself in a bio ... so the best thing i can say is the one i'm most sure of : I like Music , i dream about Music , i feel Music ... and i hope that should do it for now :). As an experience i can't count too many ''physical'' achievements here , because i decided to go for my dream about 5 months ago , but if the question is more ''mental'' then i can say i have a lot of it, because i've enjoyed music from the time i was like 1 years old and i always had a passion for it , so my music library contains a lot of music media , therefore i think the ''experience'' word here is a bit relative when it comes to music , in my belief if u are a true artist ... the talent is your experience and beats another's 10 years of full ''practice''

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  • The Dam Run 'n scream is really good to me...my vote for you.

    11/06/2011 09:27:52

  • Black Vendetta hey nice choons! have a looksie at mine if and wen u get a spare moment or two!

    29/07/2011 22:15:40

  • Suncraft Your stuff is good man keep it up :)

    22/10/2011 12:05:02

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