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  • Alternative, Rock
  • Northeast Ohio
  • Unranked
  • 1187

Reaction 7

Reaction 7 formed in 2007 with Frank Fogg, Chuck Trimble and Michael Fogg.

The current 2016 Reaction 7 lineup features Frank Fogg on bass, guitars, keys, and vocals, Alan Fishell on guitars, Ivan Matic on percussion and Karen Baluch on vocals.

Reaction 7 formed in 2007 to develop and release a CD for distribution and airplay based on the psychotic song arrangement of Frank Fogg, the devious guitar arrangements of Chuck Trimble and the percussive tones of Michael Fogg.

Starting with their second album, Alan Fishell joined up to add his own guitar voicings to the mix. With the release of their sixth album, Young Thing, Bobby Schroll-Bodean joined Reaction 7 as a fill-in bass player.

In 2010, Chuck Trimble left the group to pursue a solo project and was replaced by Jackson Cesa on guitar. Erik Gerard became the lead percussionist in 2010 replacing Michael Fogg.

In 2013, Chuck Trimble returned to the band to share the guitar work with Alan and Frank. Chris Celleghin took over the percussion duties, while the smooth vocals of Karen Baluch were added to Reaction 7. On the 2013 release "Old Stuf" you can also hear the vocals of Caitlin Fogg on the song "Donuts". You can hear Alicia Fogg on the song "Train Song".

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