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  • Alternative
  • Los Angeles
  • Unranked
  • 1963


sleeperzzZ is the newly born brainchild of Steven Vernet (Stevie Sleeper), who left his post with L.A.?s hype-band White Arrows to start a new project with a whole new twist. Vernet spent a year locked away in his silverlake studio writing and producing a new collection of songs which held true to his indie roots while also bringing to the table a whole new serving of radio-friendly electronic sound. After teaming up with vocalist Kelly Gibbons (Kelly Sleeper), the two began recording away, stirring up a sound reminiscent of 80s and 90s lo-fi, meshed with a bit of modern sounding pop which has been compared to Lorde, Grimes, Phantogram and Postal Service. the style is laced together with a slightly hip-hop influenced 808-driven beat coupled with auxiliary percussion, airy guitar work, and retro-synth fun. the dynamic comes together to create an charmingly dark, upbeat group of songs with many more one their way...

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