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Sounds Of The Empire

Sounds of the empire was first formed in mid 2010 when musicians Stuart Dooley (an already up and coming individual artist from South West London) and Matthew Alston (A talented electric guitarist from Maidenhead, Berkshire) decided to launch a new collaborative project.

There had always been musical chemistry between Matt and Stuart, having played together at several smaller scale live events. They began thinking about who to add to the mix of this new and unnamed project. Stuart had been gigging in London with Bassist Clark Buys and drummer Paul Dettman. Buys and Dettman knew his style, voice and felt comfortable playing with him so they were obvious choices.

After a couple practices and one or two live gigs, the chemistry was clear. Buys' solid instinctive feel on bass and Dettman's exuberance of rhythm took the sound to where it needed to be. 'Sounds Of The Empire' was born. Coincidentally all of the boys were born in South Africa, having immigrated at various ages, but bringing with them a diversity and cultural richness which no doubt influences their sound and soul.

Their 'Sound' is characterised largely by Dooley's soulful and rich voice, over-layed with uber-catchy Melodies and riffs from the electric guitar. An exciting and enjoyable act to keep an eye on!

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  • 30th
    Macmillan Cancer Support's London festival
    10:00 am
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