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  • Rock/Pop, Indie Rock, Acoustic Rock
  • Tønsberg, Norway
  • Unranked
  • 3801

The Credins

The Credins are an up and coming, ambitious band from Tønsberg, Norway. Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Peter Bøttinger, vocalist and bassplayer Magnus Andrew Rømo, and drummer Stian Engenes.

The band was founded by Bøttinger and Rømo, who both were fanatic Beatleheads, in 2004. The two lads share the spotlight as frontmen and songwriters in The Credins.

Already then, their target was clear: To become the greatest rock?n?roll band of all time. Therefore, they decided to hire the best drummer in the city Stian Engenes, in 2005. The band have appeared on both British and Norwegian radio so far in their career.

In 2008 they won the two voting competitions UNG:LYD 08 and a music talent competition, this led to several concerts, among them the Sankthans festival and on the norwegian idol tour were a staggering amount of 4000 people came to watch. In february 2009 their new EP "The Secret end of the Poetry", was finally released and it immediately received great respons from the critics who predicted great success for the band. In July 2009 they released the single "All I've Ever known", presenting a fresh new rock'n'roll sound to the excitement of their fans. The latest single by The Credins "From Beyond" was released in April 2010

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  • Black Vendetta hey nice stuff! have a look at mine if u get a second or two :)

    23/07/2011 00:49:49

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