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  • Rap/R&B, Hip-Hop
  • Benton Harbor, MI
  • Unranked
  • 3830


Brandon Bray Moore Aka BrayMontana is a R&B/Rapper from a Small City in Michigan Called Benton Harbor. Bray Began his Solid Professional Career as an Artist 2 years ago in 2008. Bray soon began doing music as a career pathway and found it something that he enjoys doing. The Genre Bray Falls Under Is Mostly R&B and Hip-hop. Bray Also Is a songwriter he writes all of his Music. Coming from a Small City Benton Harbor, Michigan Bray has been on the Radio Numerous times, done and Won talent shows. Bray is now looking to take music to an even bigger Stage waiting for the Right call to give him an Opportunity. Brandon started Going by the Name of Bray when he was a small child given to him as a nickname and he stuck with it ever since. Bray first started off singing in the church choir when he was younger around 11-13 years old doing that bray got used to singing in front of people and getting used to all the attention. Bray is now currently 18 years old and still doing Music Now waiting for his time to Shine. The Kid Bray Has A Single Out On ITunes Called So let?s Ride through a Interscope Digital Distribution The Song is doing Great at the Moment landing His popularity on iTunes at a good 5stars. BrayMontana is Currently Unsigned. Recent Shows The Kid Bray Has Done Was a show In Goshen Indiana On May 17,2010 Where He Opened Up for Interscope/SodMG Own Soulja Boy Tell Em that was A sold out event and Bray?s first Major Show which gave him Great experience while performing in front of thousands. Bray Goal is To Land a record Deal and just show the world His talent. Music is something he loves and enjoys to do. Bray Has a Big Fan base All Through out the Michigan Indiana Area on MySpace Bray Has over 10,000 fans and over 450,000 plays and views. Bray Can Be Contacted through His Email He checks daily at thekidbray@gmail.com

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  • Black Vendetta hey top tunes! please have a look at mine if and when you get a mo :)

    26/07/2011 19:37:34

  • Orev Shalom You sound good bro! You got that hit radio sound! Good beats good swag! God bless you bro keep it up :)

    11/05/2012 14:32:20

  • Amethyst Audio Mastering Alright Bray. I'm a music producer that has just gained a mastering degree at University and now I'm looking to offer my services professionally for anyone who wants them, which includes mixing or mastering. If your interested I'll master 1 song for free, as having one of your own songs mastered is the best way to find out how it can help the sound of your own tracks.Thanks for your time

    22/01/2013 00:50:42

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