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  • Electro, Hip-Hop
  • South Africa
  • Unranked
  • 3447

Alwyn van Deventer

Alwyn van Deventer has produced music in just about every genre possible, but has found his love in breakbeat / downtempo electronic music. He's also experimenting with instrumental hip-hop and dubstep as a side-project and will soon release a few sneak peaks.

Alwyn is by no means a full time musician, since by day he's a digital marketing consultant, doing his 8 to 9 hours a day like everyone else. It's when he gets home that he starts putting sounds together to form the relaxing yet uplifting, hypnotic and catchy tunes.

Most of his songs have his signature breakbeat type rhythms, with some funky snares or glitch effects that seems to just fall into place seamlessly.

Be sure to check out his tracks, and keep an eye open for any new releases since he's always working on a few new melodies.


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  • Alwyn van Deventer Hi guys - would love to hear from you, and know what you think of my tracks!

    23/01/2012 09:35:58

  • Etz Chaim (alternative band) Come and listen to our songs by our band Etz Chayim on this site. Leave us a message. We want to hear what you think of our songs.

    05/01/2014 01:21:55

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